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Dating back to the inquisition and torture of the Knights Templar, this triple horned deity has the words Solve (separate) and Coagula (join together) emblazoned on its outstretched forearms. Contrary to popular belief, the Baphomet is not a symbol of the satanic or the occult, but the embodiment of opposition and contrasting ideas. It is a symbol of balance in the universe and also a fountain of knowledge and intelligence

We now stock Jewellery, from the best Gothic Jewellery Manufacturer in the World, Alchemy England. Plus Interestingly designed Kitchenware and skulls.


The skull, symbolic of death and mortality, is a well-loved ornament in households all over the world. Whether used as a quirky centrepiece or to add a dark twist to an otherwise normal space, Skulls are an amazing decorative piece. At Nemesis Now, our collection expands with each catalogue but we never forget the old favourites!

Nemesis Now Skull collection

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