10 new year resolutions that will save you money

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As the Christmas festivities come to an end, and you’ve eaten your self silly. Maybe even drank a little too much aswell, it’s time to start looking forward to the new year. For many, either joining or taking the time to re-visit the gym after a lengthy break, is top of the list for new year resolutions. But if you’re after something a little different, that will also put more pounds in your pocket. We’ve come up with these 10 new year resolutions that will save you money. All of them are easy but some may take a little bit of will power, anyway let’s continue to the list.

10 new year resolutions that will save you money.

1. Quit smoking

Let’s start of with the basics, quiting things that actually cost you money to do but aren’t necessarily needed. The main one being smoking, not only is it bad for your health. but the price it costs to smoke today is ridiculous. I’m an ex smoker, (I now vape) so I understand how hard it can be. Quiting smoking to many people, is the hardest new year resolution there is. If you’re going to be giving this one a go, then you’ve probably already prepared yourself for it. Good luck, you can do it though, and this new year resolution will save you money, alot of it.

Top tip: just stop completely, don’t think cutting down to one a day is quiting. Because it isn’t, no matter how much you try and convince yourself it is. If you need the nicotine, like myself, then Invest in a decent vape mod.

Some helpfull links and tips to get you started. 

  • Smok vaping starter kit, perfect for beginners and all you’ll need is liquid.
  • Joe’s juice, butterscotch custard. This is my personal favourite tasting liquid of all time. Trust me, try it. Or just jump on ebay for cheaper options.
  • Don’t forget to buy nicotine to mix with your liquid. The rule of thumb is 1 x 10ml nicotine (usually how they’re sold) per 50ml liquid. Which gives you 60ml of 3mg nicotine strength eliquid. Simple, if you want 6mg use 2 x 10ml nicotine per 50ml liquid. (these can also be bought from Joe’s juice, or even ebay).

With that said, I started on a very high strength of 38mg. Which you can’t buy anymore, since they changed the laws about 4 years ago. But in my defence, I was told I had to quit. Due to MS, which I did the same day I was told. I’m now on 3mg.

2. Quit drinking

This new year resolution is alot easier than quiting smoking. Unless you currently have a drinking problem, but if you do you’re probably not reading this anyway. So assuming you’re not an alcaholic, this is a walk in the park. You can either cut down, or quit all together. Which ever you choose, you choose it will save you money, and you’ll feel a hell of alot better this year.

3. Junk food.

Junk foods nice, very nice, but so is paying your mortgage or rent. Whether you order alot of takeaways, buy alot of snacks, eat at maccy d’s too much or do all 3. Cutting down or if you enjoy a challenge, going cold turkey on the junk, will save you money. Junk food can get a grip of your wallet, it’s easy and fast.

Thankyou chandler.

A good way to atleast make a start cutting back on the junk food, is to make sure you have good food available, just as easy.

  • Try buying more fruit, fruits an easy and healthy snack.
  • Don’t skip meals. if you’re not desperately hungry, you won’t need fast food.
  • Try food prepping, it’s not just for gym rats. Anyone can do it, but you’ll have more options to play with.
  • If all else fails, make sure your freezer has micro meals or pizzas in it. There not healthy, but they’re a dam sight cheaper than a takeaway.

4. Stop subscribing

The following can be applied to any type of subscription. but for the sake of this article, I’ve chosen TV subscriptions.

There’s loads of things we can subscribe too, try cutting some down and stick to it. Do you really need Netflix, prime, hulu, wwe network. The list of TV and film networks to subscribe to is endless. Yes they’re good but seriously do you need all of them? Make a new year resolution to only have one subscription at a time. It will save you money, start of the new year by canceling all of them bar one. Then continue the year by keeping just one or none, a month. It doesn’t have to be the same one every month.

5. Take part in the 1p challenge for £667.95

If you find saving money hard, then this is a new year resolution that will be a challenge, but it will save you money. You’ll be saving money as a new year resolution, how good is that eh. I’m currently doing this, I started 110 days ago and I’ve currently saved £61.05. Not bad for a few pennies.

Basically how it works is, you save in pennies, the amount of days that’s passed.

  • On Day 1 = £0.01p
  • Then Day 2 = £0.02p
  • Finally Day 3 = £0.03p

After 3 days you’ll of saved £0.06p. Which is not alot at all, but trust me it mounts up. I’m currently on £1+ a day, it’s starting to get serious now. But it will all be worth it, because after 365 days, I’ll of saved a total of £667.95. Very, very nice new year resolution that will save you money. if you ask me.


A handy chart you can use, to track your progress.

6. £1 challenge for £1,378,00

No, calm down, this isn’t save a pound a day like the 1p challenge, thank god. Although that would be impressive for the average Joe to do, it’s not ideal. The £1 challenge is very similar to the penny challenge. but instead you increase by weeks. So week 1 you save £1, and week 52 you save £52. This challenge will save you more money, and it is easier to track. But harder to complete.

By week 52 this new year resolution will of saved you a tidy £1,378,00. A fantastic lump sum at the end of the year.

7. Get paid to lose weight

If you want to lose abit of weight, why not do it in a way that will save you money. Losing weight is a popular new year resolution, but it’s not the most enjoyable. However, Healthywage is a site that really does pay you to lose weight, Kind of.

10 new year resolutions that will save you money, lose weight and earn
Healthywage is 100% legit, check it out here.

On the easy to use healthywage website, you do the following.

  1. Choose the amount in pounds you want to lose.
  2. You pick the amount of months you want to lose the weight in.
  3. Choose the amount you want to bet per month.
  4. You then fill in your details. gender, current weight, height, and why you want to lose weight.
  5. Healthywage will then calculate how much you could win, the amount you profit and the percentage of return your investment brings you.

Pretty cool eh. Think of it as a high interest savings account, with a catch. A great way to spend the new year.

8. Make the most of cashback

If you’re after new year resolutions that will save you money, then cashback has to be on the list. There’s many, many ways that you can save money by receiving cashback from purchases. But to keep this as simple as possible I’ll just talk about online purchases. Have you ever heard of Quidco? If you have then start using it. If you haven’t then carry on reading.

  1. Sign up on Quidco
  2. Browse online as you usually would, then find something you want to buy. (Boogeymanparadise.com store)
  3. The important part, log in to Quidco, find the store your buying from and buy the item.
  4. Receive cashback on your purchase.

It’s really that easy, but you can go one step better. If you have a credit card that provides you with cashback on purchases, then double up. To Make it even better wait untill the item you’re after is on sale and you’re laughing. A new year resolution that will save you money, and make you feel like you’re part of oceans 11.

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9. Learn a new skill

While this new year revolution may not instantly save you money. It will save you money, in the long run. Now, I’m not talking about learning an extravagant skill. that requires a couple of years to master, no. Just taking the time to learn basic DIY skills, such as simple tiling. For a splash back wall in your kitchen, this one easy skill, will save you money at some point in your life. There’s basic plastering techniques that you could learn.

Become your own handy man this new year, there’s a reason why tradesman earn so much money. These jobs need doing, but save yourself a couple of hundred here and there. Learn the basics to help yourself out.

10. Start selling

We all have bits and bobs we don’t need or use, some people are hoarders. But the one thing we all have in common is we can profit from this. Make a new year resolution that will save you money, by selling your junk. Your junk is someone else’s wanted item. Yes it’s easier to put stuff in the bin, or the take it to the tip. It’s only getting in your way at home anyway. But atleast try and get some money from it first. Set a time limit on how long your willing to put an item up for sale. If it sells great, you just saved yourself some money. If it doesn’t, atleast you tried.

Try these usefull selling platforms:

  • Ebay
  • Depop
  • Vinted
  • Shpock
  • Gumtree

Final thoughts.

Whatever it is you decide to do this year, make sure its one of the new year resolutions that will save you money. Be smarter than the next guy or girl.

Good luck and happy new year. Be sure to Share this with your family, friends and on social media. Let’s get try and get everyone richer this year.

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  1. You’ve just reminded me, I owe my 1p saving plan a few days worth of deposits, oops. It’s deffinetly worth doing.
    the weight loss one is a cracker too, it’s been backed by alot of big names aswell.
    Happy new year to you aswell, hope you get a good holiday.

  2. Excellent post on new year resolutions. I don’t drink or smoke so I guess I am already saving.
    I attracted to making money with weight loss, will definitely check that one out.
    I really like your savings plan grid, I reckon I could do that. I want to save for a holiday.
    Happy New Year 2020?

  3. Beggar! I don’t drink or smoke! Not fair, unfair-disadvantage. And lose weight? So much harder since exercise is much harder……….and you want me to give up?what!? Fast food? I don’t eat out much as is. See what I can do. Cheers,H

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