Cyber goth girls a few Goth jokes

Funny goth jokes that will make you laugh

A few Goth jokes I’ve found while browsing the Internet. Some are good and some aren’t but they’ll make even the most goth smile.

A few Goth jokes

I’m so Goth I don’t paint my nails black–I bash them with a hammer.

I’m so Goth people touch me and they BECOME Goth. They say, “Oh no, now I’m Goth!”

Goth #1: I’m so Goth I got a tattoo of Celtic knot work starting at the top of my head, winding all the way down my body, and trailing five feet behind me on the floor.

Goth #2: I’m so Goth I AM a tattoo.

Goth #3: I’m so Goth I pierced all my tattoos.

I’m so Goth I think electrical tape is a fashion accessory.

Goth #1: I’m so Goth I wonder if my dog’s collar would look better on me.

Goth #2: I’m so Goth I KNOW my dog’s collar looks better on me.

Goth #3: I’m so Goth I stole my dog’s collar.

I’m so Goth I ate a Happy Meal . . . because I like to live dangerously.

I’m so Goth nobody understands me, especially when I say, “the boom boom like shockalocka!!! . . . flibbaflobba!!!”

I’m so Goth I punched a care bear.

I’m so Goth, when I smile people ask me what’s wrong.

I’m so Goth I listen to The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus simultaneously at midnight in a graveyard sitting in a pentagram surrounded by candles . . . and oh, there’s a full moon . . . and then I die. And then I come back to life. And then I die again . . . tragically *sob*.

Goth: I’m so Goth, when I’m sleeping people come and check my pulse.

I’m so Goth the people at the suicide hotline have asked me to stop calling.

I’m so Goth, Robert Smith asked ME for my autograph.

I’m so Goth I got a 12-pack of absinthe.

I’m so Goth I don’t eat gummy bears, I eat “gloomy bears.”

I’m so Goth I make Happy Meals cry.

I’m so Goth I spend hours deciding what shade of black to wear.

I’m so Goth I shower with bleach instead of soap.

I’m so Goth I have a fishnet umbrella.

I’m so Goth that bats hang little plastic me’s from their ceiling.

I’m so Goth all I do is sit around and talk about how Goth I am.

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