About us!

Killergiftsonline.com was started in 2019 by me, Aiden (Hi) and alot of support from my fiance Barney.

The website originally started off as a blog, then transitioned into a women’s alternative and Gothic clothing store, but our passion has allways been about the Gothich aesthetic and weird, unusual oddities.

So now, while we still sell a small range of clothes, killergiftsonline.com is a proud Nemesis Now stockist UK.

Our little (but growing) corner of the interweb. Where you can find all sorts of alternative and Gothic Giftware, AT AFFORDABLE prices, because being weird should’nt be expensive.

Have fun looking around and dont be afraid to contact me anytime,i’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

thankyou for visting and stay safe.

Aiden & Barney

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