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Alternative and Gothic artists

Anne Stokes Anne Stokes logo circular logo for Anne Stokes gothic artist in red and grey

Anne Stokes is a highly acclaimed fantasy artist whose art covers a broad range of themes from magic and enchantment to gothic and steampunk.

Anne has a fascinating career history and has designed tour merchandise for some of the biggest bands in the world including Queen and the Rolling Stones. Working as a sculptor, Anne has created jewellery for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld whilst her work as a freelance illustrator has led her to develop art for books, records and even concept art for Dungeons and Dragons.

Today Anne’s sought after designs are available on a wide variety of products including those we exclusively develop here at Something Different. Thanks to her impressive talent Anne has a huge worldwide following of fans, many of whom see her products as collectors’ items.

If you’re interested in buying our Anne Stokes products, explore some of our current collections using this link here. 

Nene Thomas Nene Thomas logo the Gothic and fantasy artist from the USA

Based in Oklahoma, Nene Thomas’s career began to take off in 1994 when she was asked to contribute to a popular collectible card game called ‘Magic: The Gathering’. Nene continued working on projects such as this as a contract artist for many years before deciding to become a print artist, giving her the freedom to hone her skills and develop the kind of art she was most interested in. 

During the first decade of her career, Nene painted almost exclusively in watercolours with a touch of acrylic here or there, however in 2004 she developed a passion for digital art.

Currently Nene’s work is licensed for many different products, including our exclusive canvas wall plaques. In addition to her licensed work, Nene is also collaborating with her husband on a fantasy novel series which will feature her breathtaking art and illustrations.

Nene’s beautiful art is purchased by her fans and other fantasy enthusiasts all around the world. Known in particular for her depictions of faeries, Nene’s work is striking, ethereal and instantly recognisable. 

You can view our full range of Nene Thomas products by clicking here.

Lisa Parker Lisa Parker logo the Gothic and fantasy artist

Lisa Parker has been drawing ever since she could first hold a pencil. Drawing and nature have always been her main passions in life.

Originally beginning to work with pastels, Lisa eventually moved into using the medium of watercolours before meeting the late Mick Cawston who suggested her style would be better suited to using oils.

Whilst Lisa has continued to surround herself with animals, her interest was piqued by magic and witchcraft and the true meaning behind it. Through her paintings, Lisa aims to bring a little magic and mystery to all of our lives and her spellbinding designs have developed a large and loyal legion of fans making many of her products collectibles.

Much of Lisa’s work is still inspired by animals and you’ll find cats, unicorns, owls and wolves featured in many of her paintings.

If you’re interested in seeing our growing range of Lisa Parker products you can visit our dedicated Lisa Parker page here. 

James Ryman James Ryman logo the fantasy and gothic artist

UK based artist James Ryman creates amazing Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction themed artwork and illustrations. James Ryman has been a professional artist for over 20 years and his work has been featured and used in video games, as movie concept art and of course in fantasy themed magazines, comics and books. Clients and projects James Ryman has worked for and on include Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft TCG, Warhammer Online, and Sony Online Entertainment. We love the mixture of ultra realistic and beautifully drawn figures combined with stunning fantasy, sci-fi and horror elements. 

Nemesis Now Nemesis Now logo gothic giftware and artist manufacturer and wholesale

Nemesis Now have been supplying licensed collectables, Gothic and Fantasy giftware, and Heritage gifts to retailers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for over 15 years.

Their colossal collection of alternative giftware features gothic, fantasy, historic and bizarre products from the world’s finest fantasy artists and is home to the most in-demand licensed television, film and music merchandise.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, England, their head office is the centre of everything that they do. Their team of over 40 employees work tirelessly to bring the best new products to the market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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