The best way to make money on GTA 5 online quick and easy

I keep seeing the question “what’s the best way to make money on GTA 5 ” so I thought I’d make a post about it.

Last updated 27th December 2019

There’s alot ways to make money on GTA but the most profitable by far is import/export but we’ll get into that later on. Firstly your going to need money to start up an import/export business, I’ll give you a quick rundown on how this can be done.

First thing you want to do to make money on GTA 5.

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  • Play the 2x money modes.

Every week rockstar release a new set of money making opportunities by offering 2x money either on game modes or missions. Play them, it can get you $100’000 to $200’000 with every matc.

  • Sell high end cars

Some cars in GTA are worth upto $18’000. Steal them and then sell them. This can only be done once a day in game. 45 minutes.

  • Buy an MC business.

Once you have enough money from the first two points. You can start up an MC business. Firstly buy an MC then you have access to buy a business. The most profitable one being cocaine. Set your business up and continue with points 1 and 2 while you wait for your product to fill up.

Best way to make money on GTA 5. import/export.

By now you should have enough money to start thinking about import/export. Buy an Office. If your lucky you can get them in the weekly deals for $500’000 usually but that bits out of our hands. From there you can buy a warehouse, the cheapest one will do and then start collecting vehicles to sell.

How to properly fill your warehouse.

This is time consuming but worth it. Fill your garage up with 10 low and 10 medium end cars. Once you’ve done this every car you steal will be high end. ?

Buy a bunker.

While your busy with import/export you can also have a bunker filling up product to make an extra £160’000 every hour. Don’t bother stealing for your bunker just buy. You’ll make more money faster by stealing the cars than you would spending time stealing product for your bunker.

And finally never sell in a populated lobby, everyone will try and destroy your product. For no reason what so ever.

How to empty a lobby on xbox one.

Once your in a populated lobby on GTA, go to the xbox settings > network > network settings > test NAT type. Then return to GTA and the lobby should empty. Then your free to do whatever you want with no stress. I know ways to clear a lobby on other platforms but because I’ve not tested them I’m not list them.

In an empty lobby, when you sell the cars theres 4 waves of attacks. So park up somewhere get out and kill them. Then continue on your merry way.

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