Alternative and Gothic artists

Anne Stokes Anne Stokes logo circular logo for Anne Stokes gothic artist in red and grey

Anne Stokes is a highly acclaimed fantasy artist whose art covers a broad range of themes from magic and enchantment to gothic and steampunk.

Anne has a fascinating career history and has designed tour merchandise for some of the biggest bands in the world including Queen and the Rolling Stones. Working as a sculptor, Anne has created jewellery for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld whilst her work as a freelance illustrator has led her to develop art for books, records and even concept art for Dungeons and Dragons.

Today Anne’s sought after designs are available on a wide variety of products including those we exclusively develop here at Something Different. Thanks to her impressive talent Anne has a huge worldwide following of fans, many of whom see her products as collectors’ items.

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Nene Thomas Nene Thomas logo the Gothic and fantasy artist from the USA

Based in Oklahoma, Nene Thomas’s career began to take off in 1994 when she was asked to contribute to a popular collectible card game called ‘Magic: The Gathering’. Nene continued working on projects such as this as a contract artist for many years before deciding to become a print artist, giving her the freedom to hone her skills and develop the kind of art she was most interested in. 

During the first decade of her career, Nene painted almost exclusively in watercolours with a touch of acrylic here or there, however in 2004 she developed a passion for digital art.

Currently Nene’s work is licensed for many different products, including our exclusive canvas wall plaques. In addition to her licensed work, Nene is also collaborating with her husband on a fantasy novel series which will feature her breathtaking art and illustrations.

Nene’s beautiful art is purchased by her fans and other fantasy enthusiasts all around the world. Known in particular for her depictions of faeries, Nene’s work is striking, ethereal and instantly recognisable. 

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Lisa Parker Lisa Parker logo the Gothic and fantasy artist

Lisa Parker has been drawing ever since she could first hold a pencil. Drawing and nature have always been her main passions in life.

Originally beginning to work with pastels, Lisa eventually moved into using the medium of watercolours before meeting the late Mick Cawston who suggested her style would be better suited to using oils.

Whilst Lisa has continued to surround herself with animals, her interest was piqued by magic and witchcraft and the true meaning behind it. Through her paintings, Lisa aims to bring a little magic and mystery to all of our lives and her spellbinding designs have developed a large and loyal legion of fans making many of her products collectibles.

Much of Lisa’s work is still inspired by animals and you’ll find cats, unicorns, owls and wolves featured in many of her paintings.

If you’re interested in seeing our growing range of Lisa Parker products you can visit our dedicated Lisa Parker page here. 

James Ryman James Ryman logo the fantasy and gothic artist

UK based artist James Ryman creates amazing Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction themed artwork and illustrations. James Ryman has been a professional artist for over 20 years and his work has been featured and used in video games, as movie concept art and of course in fantasy themed magazines, comics and books. Clients and projects James Ryman has worked for and on include Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft TCG, Warhammer Online, and Sony Online Entertainment. We love the mixture of ultra realistic and beautifully drawn figures combined with stunning fantasy, sci-fi and horror elements. 

Nemesis Now Nemesis Now logo gothic giftware and artist manufacturer and wholesale

Nemesis Now have been supplying licensed collectables, Gothic and Fantasy giftware, and Heritage gifts to retailers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for over 15 years.

Their colossal collection of alternative giftware features gothic, fantasy, historic and bizarre products from the world’s finest fantasy artists and is home to the most in-demand licensed television, film and music merchandise.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, England, their head office is the centre of everything that they do. Their team of over 40 employees work tirelessly to bring the best new products to the market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Top 10 most Goth Looking Animals in The World

Being Goth is a very dark culture atleast in the clothing aspect. Being Goth is associated with wearing black, in all varieties. Black hair, black makeup, black clothes, black home. Although there are alot of Goth sub cultures, that bring a little colour into the scene, the stereo typical Goth is known for, well, basically all black everything. So if you see an animal – that isn’t normally black – but is black, it’s right to assume it may be Goth. Just like these top 10 goth animals in the world.

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Top 10 Most Goth looking Animals In The World.

Ayam Cemani Chicken

The blackest chicken in the world, the most Goth Looking animals
Black Goth chicken

Now this chicken deffinetly wins the award for taking ‘all black everything’ too far. Not only are its feathers, beak, toes, tongue and comb black but its bones are also black. Impressive you might rightly think, but it gets better. Even the meat from the ayam cerami chicken is black, making this the most Gothic animal in the world.

Black Goat.

Black Goat the most Goth Looking Goat in the world
Black Goth Goat

This black Goat looks like its just walked out of a slipknot concert, or been chilling with Baphomet. This Goat would of been number one on the Gothic animal list, if only it wasn’t for the amazing work done by the black af chicken.

Grammostola pulchra

Grammastola pulchra, the blackest spider in the the whole world
Black Goth Tarantula

This fury little fucker will give most people nightmares, but being Gothic isn’t normal. So every black hearted Goth would agree that this black tarantula is absolutely stunning.

Super Black pastel ball python

Super black pastel ball python snake
Black Goth Snake

Firstly, I have no idea if this picture of a black snake matches the name but they’re both black snakes, so it’ll have to do. A black snake would definitely be on the wanted list for most of the Goth community. plus whether you like snakes or not, this black gothic looking snake looks awesome. On top of that, do you know if you dream of a black snake you’re in for some good luck?

Violet carpenter Bee

The violet carpenter bee, the black bee looks very similar to the The goth moth
Black Goth Bee

The violet carpenter bee, looks extremely similar to the Gothic moth. What makes this Gothic looking animal more unique, is the fact that it was officially announced extinct in 2002, But then rediscovered in 2018. So not only is it Gothic in colour but also anti-social af too. Pretty hardcore if you ask me.

Black squirrel

Black squirrel a gothic looking aninal
Black Goth Squirrel

This Gothic looking animal is a rare species of grey squirrel, about one in 10,000 greys have a darker pigmentation causing them to be black. These squirrels deffinetly are the weirdos mister.

Black penguin

Completely Black penguin, the most Goth Looking animal in the world
Black Goth Penguin

This penguin, this very specific Goth penguin. Has national geographic puzzled, they think its had an extremely rare mutation. Dr. Allan Baker said the following:

“Well that is astonishing, I’ve never ever seen that before. It’s a one in a zillion kind of mutation somewhere. The animal has lost control of its pigmentation patterns. Presumably it’s some kind of mutation.”

Dr. Allan Baker

The Goth Penguin says:

“I was born into the Gothness, all other penguins merely adopted the Gothness.”

Black lizards

Black Goth Looking lizards
Black Goth Lizards

These lizards are black gridled lizards, not only are they keeping up their Gothic look extremely well, but they also live a solitary life in the wild, only coming out for sexy time.

Black Wasps

Black Gothic animals, the black wasp
Black Gothic Wasp

Why wear black and yellow when you can wear all black? That’s what this wasps doing.

Black Foxes

Black foxes, black goth looking fox
Black Goth Fox

The Black foxes are known as rare mythological creatures, they also look awesome af. So, mythological plus awesome is deffinetly worthy of being part of this most goth looking animals in the world list.

Final thoughts.

I’m very aware that there’s animals missing from this list, such as crows, bats etc. But do they really need to be on this list? I think not, it’d be a pretty boring list if it just had the obvious on it.

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How to smudge, when to smudge and what smudging does

What is Smudging:

Smudging – the ritual of burning sage – is done to clear a space or person of negative energies. If your home feels stale or sad, if an argument has taken place and the air still hums with anger, if an unpleasant energy lingers after a visitor. These are times to smudge. One may also smudge one’s self to banish anger, ailment, sadness or illness.

Here’s some links to our range of high quality smudge sticks, incense cones and incense sticks. 

What does smudging do:

The smoke produced from burning sage, helps to change the molecular structure of both the air and energy. Which produces a cleansing effect.

As the sense of smell is strongly linked to memory and instinct. Smudging is very effective for combating feels of anger, fear, anxiety, grief and depression.

In addition to this, smudging can help clear the air of bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores and other potential allergens to improve allergy symptoms.

How to Smudge a space:

How to perform a smudging ritual with a feather and smudge bowl

Holding your Smudge Stick (sage bundled alone or with other herbs) in your power hand, place one end over a continuous flame. You may use a candle or gas stove for this purpose. It will take a while for your smudge stick to light completely. Hold it over the flame until the entire tip of the stick is smoldering like the end of a cigar. Then extinguish the flame to let the sage smolder gently.

You may hold your smudge stick in your hand, making sweeping movements to keep the stick lit, or you may place the stick in a clay, stone, or metal bowl. Abalone shells are often used for this purpose. Should you choose to carry your smudge stick in a vessel, you must fan the smoldering tip to keep it lit.

Feathered fans are employed for this purpose, or you may use your power hand. Whether brandishing your smudge stick like a wand or carrying it in a vessel, you may find it helpful to blow on the tip to keep it lit. Do recall that you are waving a burning thing about the house. Be mindful of falling ash or embers if you are not using a vessel: they will fall, they may flame!

When your smudge stick is ready, you may say a prayer of blessing, or other such affirmation, and begin to walk around the room (or rooms) widdershins (counter-clockwise). You may smudge one room only, but it is advisable to smudge the entire living space. This will help you chase the negativity from room to room, and away entirely.

When walking around your space, make sure the smoke touches every single opening, every single corner. Ring your threshold, every corner in the room, under the bed, in your closet, around your windows – do not forget your drains, faucets, heating vents, radiator plugs, cable inlets, stove vent, phone jacks. Ring your furniture, smudge under the table, and behind the bookcase.

You may direct the smoke with your breath to reach hidden areas. Be thorough, and take your time. Pay attention to the way the smoke drifts. Does it linger in some places and run from others? Does it pool, or rise? Are there disturbances or even images in the smoke? Paying a sharp third eye to detail may tell you much.

How to end a smudging ritual:

How to end a smudging ritual by letting the smudge stick burn out in a smudging fire safe bowl

When you have made the full circuit around your space, return to your starting point, and re-affirm your blessing or prayer. If you have not used the entire stick, you may retain the remainder for future use.

To extinguish the stick, you will need a vessel; any vessel that cannot burn will do. Grind the smoldering tip against the vessel gently but firmly, until all embers are gone. Be sure the smudge stick is completely extinguished before disregarding it.

When it is totally unlit, do thank it for the work it has done for you, remembering that it was once a living thing. You will feel a marked difference in your living space: a sense of calm, positivity, and sanctity. Once you have cleansed your space by smudging, you may then bless it with a prayer, anointing oil, sacred water, Palo Santo, or House Blessing incense.

Remember, there is a difference between cleansing and blessing. Cleansing banishes negative energy, Blessing invokes benevolent or Divine energy.

How to smudge a person:

How to smudge a person using a smudge stick

You may smudge yourself the same way you smudge your space: let the smoke drift over every part of your body, lingering over chakras, pulse points, meridians, or lines or energy. If you have a physical manifestation of a mental state (a pain in the … neck, for instance) describe a small circle with the smudge stick over this area, and pay it special attention. You may choose to pray or chant a mantra while doing this.

Final thoughts:

Whether you need cleansing, purification, healing, or protection during meditative rituals, members of the sage family can help you. Choose the herb that calls out to you, and work with it regularly to access its deep natural wisdom.

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The best ways to spot counterfeit goods


Stay Vigilant

Updated 26th March 2020. nobody wants to be tricked into buying fake products. Almost every industry is affected by fraudulent counterfeits and the Giftware industry is no exception. Both retailers and end-consumers can be duped into buying poor quality imitations leaving them disappointed.

As well as being left out of pocket and unable to return counterfeit goods you could be stuck with an item made from potentially dangerous materials which carry real health and safety concerns. store. a legitimate seller of Nemesis Now and other manufacturers giftware.

What to Lookout For

There are some clear visual indicators which can help you identify an imitation Nemesis Now Product:

No base print detailing licensing information.


Lack of detail and poorly painted.



Unstable handles and appendages.


  • Badly sculpted with lack of detail and definition.
  • Stainless steel insert does not fit perfectly.
  • No guarantee of stainless steel insert safety testing—All of our Goblets, Chalices, Tankards and Shot Glass stainless steel inserts are tested in accordance with German Food, Articles of Daily Use and Feed Code of September 1, 2005 (LFGB), Section 30 & 31. This includes an odour and taste test as well as a test which examines the safe use of heavy metals.

Also, bear in mind that some counterfeiters use our original images—However, this is not always the case which makes them easier to identify.

Do Your Research

With third-party e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon it is especially difficult to identify the authenticity of the seller. This might require some additional research to determine their authenticity. We recommend you search for a “Seller Information” page where you can verify information such as Business Name, Business Address, Trade Register Number, VAT Number and Contact Details in a simple Google search. If the seller has little or none of this information readily available we would urge caution.

Another great way to check the legitimacy of a seller on eBay and Amazon is to check their reviews. The more positive reviews the better. However, be sure to check whether the reviewers themselves are legitimate by clicking through to their profile and checking if they have reviewed any other products from other sellers. If they have, they could well be a trustworthy voice.

In regards to other third-party e-commerce sites such as Wish, Aliexpress and Alibaba, we urge that you stay away from those sites entirely since the overwhelming majority of sellers are offering imitation products at very low prices. So, be wary of deals that appear too good to be true—because they usually are.

Report Any Suspected Fraud to Us

If you suspect someone is selling copies of Nemesis Now products at unusual prices we recommend that you contact us so that we can investigate the case and remove any fraudulent sellers from those third-party websites including social media or any other website where they operate.

You can contact us using any of the methods below—being sure to provide us with a link to the imitation item and the suspected seller:

Email: or

Telephone: (+44) 01782 596660

Jeffrey Dahmers childhood home where he committed his first murder

So, Some would say that the house you grow up in plays a part in shaping who you are as a person. But if that’s the case for Jeffrey Dahmers childhood home. 4480 W Bath Road in Akron, Ohio. There must be something seriously disturbing going on with this property.

The outside of the house Jeffrey dahmer grew up in as a child and the home he killed Steven Mark hicks in
Jeffrey Dahmers childhood home

What appears to be an ordinary, suburban ranch was once home to serial murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.

Dahmer murdered his first victim, Steven Hicks, in this very house back in 1978 before scattering Hicks’ remains around the property.

The living room of Jeffrey dahmers childhood home and the place he killed Steven Mark hicks
The interior of Jeffrey dahmers parent house when he was a child

Dahmer later moved to Wisconsin where he murdered 16 more victims over the course of the next 13 years.

The wooded home boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms across the 2,170 square feet of space where one can disturbingly imagine a young Dahmer playing and running around.

But perhaps we saved the most disturbing piece for last — the home was recently available for rent during this year’s Republican National Convention at a rate of $8,000 per week.

Howard Hanna, the official housing provider for the convention, made sure to add a line about the house being a former home to an infamous killer in their listing before the convention.

The kitchen inside the house Jeffrey dahmer grew up in and the house where he killed Steven Mark hicks

The home last sold in December 2005 for $244,500 to Chris Butler, founder of the band “The Waitresses”.

It’s estimated to be worth around $264,555

Related articles about Jeffrey Dahmer. 

If you found this article about Jeffrey Dahmers childhood home interesting. Try reading more about Jeffrey Dahmer with the links below.

Manchester serial killer: how I found out

For years there’s been talk about a Manchester serial killer, known as the canal pusher. To this day the police deny that this is true, but with 80 or more body’s being found in manchester’s canals. it’s certainly raised the eyebrows of the locals. Myself, being one of them.

Daily star newspaper from 2016 about the possibility that there is a serial killer in manchester called the canal pusher. With 61 deaths totaled
2016 daily star newspaper when the unusual death toll was at 61.

The reality, that there may be a Manchester serial killer, first dawned on me around 9 years ago. This is what I know.

If you’re a fan of Jeffrey dahmer you need to read this

A few deaths no big deal.

I’m from Manchester, born and raised. There’s some rough areas, some nice areas. There’s crime, just like anywhere else. So when you hear about a body being found in the canal, you don’t really think too much about it. I mean, alot of manchester’s bars are located along the canal. it’s easy to assume the deceased was intoxicated and had a stumble into the merky water, unable to get back out and drowned. Especially with the Manchester canals not having much to keep people out.

Manchester canal side bars with people sitting out on the grass enjoying a beer
One of manchester’s waterside bars

A body found in the Manchester canals. store for, Alternative fashion and giftware

When I heard about a body being found in the canal, I was in the car with my dad heading to work. It was the first day back after the christmas break, and the news came over on the car radio. As tragic, as the news was. With it being so close to the festive period, we both, as I imagine many would, assumed it was someone having a deadly drunken fall into the waters that run through the city.

Another body found in the Manchester canals.

Manchester police searching through the Manchester canals after another body was found dead in the water
Manchester police, searching the Manchester canals after a body was found.

Skip forward exactly 12 months, another first day back to work after Christmas. The same news again, a body had been found in the Manchester canals. “didn’t that last year? ” I asked my dad. “yeah I think so” he replied. Still, no suspicions, it was just another drunken accident.

And again…

Flowers left by the canal where a body had been found.

Another year passes, another first day back at work comes. The exact same story on the radio. Now it’s starting to grab our attention. From this point on, to me, they weren’t just accidents. Three bodies being found in the Manchester canals might not be strange. But a body being found, around the same time every year, is abit weird.

Maybe Manchester has a serial killer

The next year, going back to work after the christmas holidays I was waiting for the news. It was the same story again, a body had been found in the Manchester canals.

A Heat map of the bodies being found in the Manchester canals

For whatever reason, I never looked into there being a Manchester serial killer. Maybe it didn’t really raise too many alarms, Maybe because I worked too much and forgot. I’m not sure, but anyway around 3 years ago, after I moved to Newcastle. I was telling my fiance (who is from Newcastle) about the weird murders happening every year around Christmas in Manchester.

To help explain more about what was going on. I decided to get on the old Google, and started to search about the body’s being found in the Manchester canals. I wasn’t expecting much, if anything really. But i was wrong, and it wasn’t just happening during december/January. I also wasn’t the only person suspicious that there may be a Manchester serial killer. Turned out, he or she is known as the canal pusher. I even found a great youtube video from curiosity, investigating the unusual amount of deaths. I’ll link the video below.


If the Manchester Canal Pusher is a real person. Operating within the city for the past 11 years, and potentially killing nearly 80 people. It would be safe to assume that there have been many or atleast a few. Potential victims who managed to escape the pusher’s pushing.

Even a seasoned pro like Ted Bundy fucked up and allowed some girls to escape. Later being able to identify him and ensure he was convicted. Are there any such incidents of this happening with the pusher?

Surviving the canal pusher

Newspaper article from 2018 about a man that encountered the Manchester serial killer known as the pusher and how he survived
2018 daily star newspaper article about a man surviving the pusher.

Well, yes there is. In April 2018, a cyclist was violently thrown into the canal at night. By what he deemed to be a “psychopath who… even tried to stop me getting back out. ” After almost drowning as his legs became tangled up in his bike underwater. The ‘pusher’ ran off and the cyclist managed to get to the bank and pulled himself to safety.

The Pusher was described as a white male, aged between 20-40. average height and wearing a black jacket. That pretty much describes around 30 million people in the UK, so not much help there then. But the question remains. Could this person have been THE pusher that is responsible for so many other deaths in the city?

Police were quick to dismiss the incident as completely unrelated to the other deaths in the canal. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest or link the cyclist’s account of what happened with any of the tragic events which have been recorded over the last 11 years.

But what if there isn’t a pusher…

Deansgate locks in Manchester, where the bars sit just in front of the canal. And the bridge that's used to cross over from the town centre
Deans gate locks, a popular part of manchester’s night life, right by the canal.

If there is no Manchester serial killer, no canal pusher. Then, is it scarier that all these deaths within the waters that run threw Manchester are accidents? If the numbers are correct – 80 deaths in 11 years – that’s an average of 7.27 deaths a year, or 0.60 per month.

Now I’m not a body count analyst, nor am I a crime investigator. But surely, these numbers need something doing about them, canal pusher or no pusher.

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How to dismember a person like Jeffrey Dahmer

First things first, this is not a tutorial on how to dismember a person. This is just an explanation of how dismemberment is done, and what it is. Most of the serial killers I’ve written about – Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy being the most commonly known names. Have dismembered their victims, but what isn’t explained. Is how the dismemberment process happens. So, I thought it would be a good idea to explain, how to dismember a person like a serial killer. (I’m not dexter)

Dismemberment: meaning in the Cambridge English dictionary.

To cut, tear or pull the arms and legs off the body of a deadperson or animal.

Why serial killers dismember their victims.

A Polaroid taken by Jeffrey dahmer.

The main reason why serial killers dismember victims, is simply to dispose of the evidence. In a more convenient way than carrying a whole dead body around. Depending on the person it can be quite a heavy object to move around, and not ideal for the average person to carry.

There’s also rigor mortis to think about. Which usually sets in around 2 hours after the deceased has passed away. Rigor mortis, from the Latin for “stiffness of death” is the rigidity that develops in a body after death. It can last anywhere between 8 to 12 hours and still has effects upto 18 hours after this.

So, once a serial killer has murdered a victim, they’re then left with a stiff dead body for the best part of 2 days. Leaving them with the question “how the hell, do I get rid of this”.

How serial killers dismember their victims

How to dismember a person using these tools by Jeffrey dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmers disposal kit.

Jeffrey Dahmer – most notoriously known for dismembering and eating his victims. – with experience in the dismemberment process. Would first behead his victim and then hang them upside down over his bathtub. This would allow most of the blood to drain from the corpse, and create less of a mess during the dismembering of the limbs.

After the draining was complete. Jeffrey dahmer would then start removing the arms by cutting them off, with one of his many tools. Then do the same to the victims’ legs. Keeping any parts of the flesh, he fancied eating later, in his freezer.

Once the dismemberment was complete, Dahmer would start removing the flesh from the bone. (He wanted to keep the bones, for a shrine he was building.) after removing the flesh, he would then dissolve it in an acid solution. Until it became a jelly like substance, then dispose of it down the toilet.

Jeffrey Dahmers acid drum, just chilling in the corner of his bedroom.

Once the bones and the skull were clean of flesh, Dahmer would take great care in preserving them. Past failed attempts had taught him that if he didn’t, the bones would become too brittle and need destroying. Which was not suitable for his shrine.

Jeffrey Dahmers drawing of the shrine he had planned.


Although this may not be a ‘how to’ on dismembering a person. It is an insight, into how or maybe even why serial killers dismember their victims.

To summarise how dismemberment and disposal is done.

  1. The Killing of a victim.
  2. Behead the corpse. (gotta keep it clean)
  3. Let the blood drain.
  4. Remove the arms and legs.
  5. Keep parts you want to eat. If applicable.
  6. Remove the flesh from the bones.
  7. Dissolve the flesh in acid.
  8. Dispose of the liquid, once complete.
  9. Destroy the bones.

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Clash Royale: 10 best ways to get easy wins

Last updated 25th Feb 2020 i bet, no I’ll rephrase that. I know, for a fact, you’ve been one win off reaching that next arena. Then lost 200 trophies, in an epic tilt. I also know losing matches at clash royale, especially on ladder. Has got to be the single biggest cause of anxiety for every clash royale player in the world. I know this, because just like you, I’ve been there and done it, Alot. But now I’m not too bad at the game. I’m not a pro, but I know how to get easy wins at clash royale. Once you’ve read this post and used the tips, I know you’ll win more matches. So buckle up and get ready for your mind to be blown.

A barbarian from clash royale sitting at a bar table with elixir on his face and laughing, licking his lips and saying "just how I like it"

PRO TIP: If you want to get easy wins at clash royale. you first need to start with the basics. If you don’t play with the basics, then you’re the one that’s going to be an easy win.

There’s not a great deal to clash royale so even the pros use the basic strategies to win. it’s that simple. So in this post of awesomeness, I’ll teach you what I’ve learnt and how you can easily copy their methods.

Player profile named bizkit from clash royale, ranked in the top 10 thousand players
My current clash royale profile, I know what I’m talking about a little bit.

How to get easy wins at clash royale!

1. Deck building.

If you’re deck sucks balls, you’re not gonna win alot of matches at clash royale. There’s two ways to finding the best deck for you. You can copy one, or if you’re like me, you can make your own. Obviously I prefer the second, I’ve tinkered with my deck for 2 years but it’s allways had the same-ish components.

How to build better decks.

If you want to win like a pro at clash royale. You’re gonna need to know how to build a deck properly. Otherwise you’re going to lose a hell of alot of matches, fast. Sure you can copy a deck, but you need to understand how it’s built, to know how it works. A blueprint you can use for deck building in clash royale is as follows.

  1. Win condition. 
  2. Small spell. 
  3. Big spell. 
  4. Building or tornado. 
  5. Range attacker. 
  6. Troop. 
  7. Troop. 
  8. Troop. 
A deck from the mobile game clash royale
My current deck

I’m aware my deck doesn’t follow the rules, but it works well for me. 

If you use that blue print as a guide, your decks will be alot stronger and you’ll win more. There’s room for tweaking but the first 5 are the most important. To win like a pro at clash royale, your deck needs to be versatile. Cards that can attack ground and air are preferable, but they usually have less hit points (HP).

At least one solid ground Troop is good to have. Like a Knight, valkryie or battle healer. There’s nothing worse than having a prince, in full charge heading towards your tower, and all you’ve got is weak cards.

You can also use to help build your decks, but don’t take the results too serious. If a deck is working for you, then stick with it. 

(Pro tip: if the Prince scenario does happen, let the Prince hit your tower then put your defending card down. Sometimes you have to take damage, to make damage.)

2. Taking damage is ok!

As touched on above, that’s right, taking damage is ok. Not too much, but some damage is fine. If you’re low on elixir and a mega minion is about to hit your tower, just let it. Take the damage and save your elixir. There’s no point defending, you’re just giving your opponent more elixir.

WHY? Because your Troop is now going to cross the river and die. A complete waste of elixir, just to save your tower from one hit from the opponents card.

3. Play on your side of the arena

Playing on your side of the arena is 100% better for you. Your princess towers do quite alot of work when you’re defending, even though it doesn’t feel like it. Whenever you can, allways defend on your side. But don’t leak elixir, waiting for your opponents cards to cross the river.

PRO TIP: an example of defending on your side of the arena. Your opponent plays a mega minion at the back. All you have is a night witch.

Wait a few seconds, before playing your NW. This way, the MM will have crossed the river when the 2 meet. Your NW stays alive, killing the MM and now your opponent is forced to use more elixir to defend your NW. The opponents card will then be coming to your side of the arena. Just rinse and repeat, building up your elixir advantage. A Great way to allways win at clash royale.

4. Take your time.

There’s no rush, a good way to get easy wins at clash royale. Is to just take your time, there’s no real advantage to going first in a match (As proven above). A great way to lose a match, is by spamming all your cards in single elixir time. DON’T DO IT, don’t get forced into, falling into your opponents hands. Let them play your game, at your speed. Don’t force a push, it’s OK to have a half health Troop Cross the river, if it saves you elixir and allows you to build up your advantage, thats better for you.

5. Don’t over defend

A goblin from clash royale pumping elixir into giant glass jars that are in train carts on a conveyor belt.

Yes, you need to defend, but don’t over do it. (Unless it’s absolutely necessary) . Allways try and gain an elixir advantage with ur defences. Do you really need a tombstone and a log to defend a hog? NO you don’t, you just wasted 2 elixir and gave it to your opponent. BAD MOVE, over the course of a match, that 2 elixir you’re giving away every time, will become 10+ elixir in total. Over defending, is a sure fire way of losing a match.

Defend, atleast in single elixir, with the bare minimum you can. To build up your elixir advantage for double time. That’s when the real match should allways start, in your mind. It’s the best way to get easy wins in clash royale, by far.

6. Build your push from the back.

A great example of this, is the common Royal Giant deck.

Royal pain deck in clash royale
Royal pain deck

Yes RG is a great card to play at the bridge. But in single elixir, you won’t have enough elixir to support your RG. Especially, for the all important killer lightning.

It’s better in single elixir to defend. Then defend and defend. Then when you feel an opening, play your Royal Giant at the back of your king tower. This way by the time your RG gets to the river, you’ll have more than enough elixir to get your ewiz, baby d and lightning out. If needed.

Building your attack from the back allows you to generate bigger pushes. It also allows you to abandon a push, if the opponent plays a good defence. This way you won’t be vulnerable for their counter attack.

7. Counter attack efficiently

A barbarian from clash royale running alone into battle. He gets shot in the head by an arrow but carry on running

Once you’ve built up your elixir advantage and defended properly. It’s time to start doing some real damage yourself. But only play your cards in the correct order. There’s no point pushing on the counter attack if all your support troops are in front of your tank. There’s no rush to attack, wait untill your push is ready. Just keep defending and get your cycle running correctly. Otherwise it’s just a wasted push, and yes, you may have to improvise on your defence but see no.5 on the list.

If you do all the above 7 steps and practice them. You will start to get easy wins at clash royale, 100% guaranteed. Then you can move onto more advanced strategies, like perfect card placements and interactions. But for now, practice the basics and watch your trophies go up. You won’t even feel like you’re trying once you master them.

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Bonus ways to get easy wins at clash royale.

While you’re practicing the basics and starting to win everytime at clash royale. You’ll be looking to improve a little bit more. Well good news my friend, I’ve got 3 more winning ways for you.

8. Pairing cards

Pairing cards is extremely important, if you want to get easy wins at clash royale. If you haven’t got a clue about how to pair cards then don’t worry, I got ya. You know how to build a deck, we talked about it in step 1. But you need cards that work well together. A good example of this is giant skeleton and baby dragon, or lava hound and balloon. Obviously these cards work well with other cards but it’s the synergy your after between cards. It makes them so much more powerful. For a full list on this Have a look at here. but for now here’s a few pairings that work. 

  • Giant skeleton + Baby dragon
  • Lava hound + Balloon
  • Executioner + Tornado
  • Graveyard + Poison
  • X-bow + Tesla

9. Don’t tilt too hard

Tilting, also known as a losing streak. Tilting happens to everyone in clash royale, noone likes to tilt, but the worst thing you can do is continue to play. just stop playing. Put your device down, do something else. Be it an hour or a day, whatever. Then go back when you’ve had a rest and took your mind of the game. Don’t get caught up in the Clash royale trap, of trying to get back to where you was. Take the loses and build up your trophies next time. Try and use the 3 loses and your out rule, which is 3 loses and you stop playing.

10. Stick to one deck

The best way to get easy wins at clash royale is to master one deck. Once you’ve found a deck that works for you stick with it, even when you lose. If you want to win like a pro at clash royale, you’ll have to learn how to play your deck like a pro first. Learn all the interactions, and how to play your deck against different decks. One thing that’s for sure in clash royale, is that you won’t win everytime. If you do, please teach me.

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Fresh crop of haircuts for the new year 2020

It’s a whole new decade and that means it’s time for some new hair. Every year a fresh crop of haircuts becomes, for lack of a better word, trendy. This doesn’t mean they’re completely new and you’ve never seen them before. Just like hair-color trends, some of these styles have been “in” at one time or another, and some (most) never really went “out” at all. But it seems like all of a sudden, certain cuts are everywhere — on celebrities, street style stars, and Instagram babes, especially.

Don’t worry, though; not all the cuts that stylists predict will be huge this year require a major transformation. While a pixie or short bangs might be a bold move if your hair is already long, just trimming off a few inches of length can often make a big difference in your look. With some simple blunt ends or shaggy layers, you’ll be on your way to nailing at least one of 2020’s hottest haircuts.

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If you’re trying to switch up your look this season, bookmark this page because you’re going to want to show it to your stylist. Photos help them understand exactly what you’re going for, even if the final ‘do will need to be tailored to your unique hair texture, face shape, and lifestyle. Now, go forth and get inspired by some of the dopest haircuts you’ll see all year long.

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The grey areas of sex and Cannibalism and death

The Grey Areas of Sex and Cannibalism and Death – by Dancing corpse witch.

The grey areas of sex and Cannibalism. Written by the dancing corpse witch. This is not a fictional story. This is her story of how she became, and continues to be involved in the astral realm. A link to the full article can be at the bottom of this post.

At first, I did all this because I was tasked to do it by Bel because he wanted me to learn. Then I came to do it out of necessity and desperation because stuff happened and my energy output kept increasing and I really needed more energy. I turned to vampirism, but I’m not the best at it. It takes a lot of effort, concentration and willpower for me. Moreover, because I require a LOT of energy, taking from living beings one by one is rather inefficient. So I save it for when I’m in a pinch, or when there’s a large group of living beings such that I can get a fairly high intake by leeching off them all at once.

In any case, I had to resort to other means. At first, it started with sex. Sex and orgasms give you a significant burst of energy. Hence I indulged in it all the time, both physically and astrally. Especially with my ex-FWBs – I’d mercilessly and guiltlessly drain them of everything they’ve got and it’s not uncommon for the men I used to sleep with or date to knock out almost immediately. Or get extremely sleepy – even if it was just a short 15-30 minute session. I don’t think I always did it consciously, to be honest. But that wasn’t enough either so at some point I started having undead orgies in the astral realm. That somehow turned into cannibalism.

I’m kissing somebody. Be that a sacrificial slave or some zombie corpse or even a human I’m attracted to. I get addicted to the way they respond. The feel of their tongue against mine. In extenuation, I get addicted to their taste. Soon it’s not just the taste of their kisses. But the taste of their flesh and the way they writhe against me. If I get more aggressive, they react more – and flesh, even if initially cold, warms up eventually because that’s in the nature of the act. I want them in me, I want myself in them. It’s a constant cycle of consuming and being consumed. Sex isn’t merely for the sake of physical pleasure. To presume that would be a gross oversimplification.

Sitra Ahra Gloria,

Dancing Corpse Witch

Read the full article here, by Dancing corpse witch.

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