Clash Royale: 10 best ways to get easy wins

Last updated 25th Feb 2020 i bet, no I’ll rephrase that. I know, for a fact, you’ve been one win off reaching that next arena. Then lost 200 trophies, in an epic tilt. I also know losing matches at clash royale, especially on ladder. Has got to be the single biggest cause of anxiety for every clash royale player in the world. I know this, because just like you, I’ve been there and done it, Alot. But now I’m not too bad at the game. I’m not a pro, but I know how to get easy wins at clash royale. Once you’ve read this post and used the tips, I know you’ll win more matches. So buckle up and get ready for your mind to be blown.

A barbarian from clash royale sitting at a bar table with elixir on his face and laughing, licking his lips and saying "just how I like it"

PRO TIP: If you want to get easy wins at clash royale. you first need to start with the basics. If you don’t play with the basics, then you’re the one that’s going to be an easy win.

There’s not a great deal to clash royale so even the pros use the basic strategies to win. it’s that simple. So in this post of awesomeness, I’ll teach you what I’ve learnt and how you can easily copy their methods.

Player profile named bizkit from clash royale, ranked in the top 10 thousand players
My current clash royale profile, I know what I’m talking about a little bit.

How to get easy wins at clash royale!

1. Deck building.

If you’re deck sucks balls, you’re not gonna win alot of matches at clash royale. There’s two ways to finding the best deck for you. You can copy one, or if you’re like me, you can make your own. Obviously I prefer the second, I’ve tinkered with my deck for 2 years but it’s allways had the same-ish components.

How to build better decks.

If you want to win like a pro at clash royale. You’re gonna need to know how to build a deck properly. Otherwise you’re going to lose a hell of alot of matches, fast. Sure you can copy a deck, but you need to understand how it’s built, to know how it works. A blueprint you can use for deck building in clash royale is as follows.

  1. Win condition. 
  2. Small spell. 
  3. Big spell. 
  4. Building or tornado. 
  5. Range attacker. 
  6. Troop. 
  7. Troop. 
  8. Troop. 
A deck from the mobile game clash royale
My current deck

I’m aware my deck doesn’t follow the rules, but it works well for me. 

If you use that blue print as a guide, your decks will be alot stronger and you’ll win more. There’s room for tweaking but the first 5 are the most important. To win like a pro at clash royale, your deck needs to be versatile. Cards that can attack ground and air are preferable, but they usually have less hit points (HP).

At least one solid ground Troop is good to have. Like a Knight, valkryie or battle healer. There’s nothing worse than having a prince, in full charge heading towards your tower, and all you’ve got is weak cards.

You can also use to help build your decks, but don’t take the results too serious. If a deck is working for you, then stick with it. 

(Pro tip: if the Prince scenario does happen, let the Prince hit your tower then put your defending card down. Sometimes you have to take damage, to make damage.)

2. Taking damage is ok!

As touched on above, that’s right, taking damage is ok. Not too much, but some damage is fine. If you’re low on elixir and a mega minion is about to hit your tower, just let it. Take the damage and save your elixir. There’s no point defending, you’re just giving your opponent more elixir.

WHY? Because your Troop is now going to cross the river and die. A complete waste of elixir, just to save your tower from one hit from the opponents card.

3. Play on your side of the arena

Playing on your side of the arena is 100% better for you. Your princess towers do quite alot of work when you’re defending, even though it doesn’t feel like it. Whenever you can, allways defend on your side. But don’t leak elixir, waiting for your opponents cards to cross the river.

PRO TIP: an example of defending on your side of the arena. Your opponent plays a mega minion at the back. All you have is a night witch.

Wait a few seconds, before playing your NW. This way, the MM will have crossed the river when the 2 meet. Your NW stays alive, killing the MM and now your opponent is forced to use more elixir to defend your NW. The opponents card will then be coming to your side of the arena. Just rinse and repeat, building up your elixir advantage. A Great way to allways win at clash royale.

4. Take your time.

There’s no rush, a good way to get easy wins at clash royale. Is to just take your time, there’s no real advantage to going first in a match (As proven above). A great way to lose a match, is by spamming all your cards in single elixir time. DON’T DO IT, don’t get forced into, falling into your opponents hands. Let them play your game, at your speed. Don’t force a push, it’s OK to have a half health Troop Cross the river, if it saves you elixir and allows you to build up your advantage, thats better for you.

5. Don’t over defend

A goblin from clash royale pumping elixir into giant glass jars that are in train carts on a conveyor belt.

Yes, you need to defend, but don’t over do it. (Unless it’s absolutely necessary) . Allways try and gain an elixir advantage with ur defences. Do you really need a tombstone and a log to defend a hog? NO you don’t, you just wasted 2 elixir and gave it to your opponent. BAD MOVE, over the course of a match, that 2 elixir you’re giving away every time, will become 10+ elixir in total. Over defending, is a sure fire way of losing a match.

Defend, atleast in single elixir, with the bare minimum you can. To build up your elixir advantage for double time. That’s when the real match should allways start, in your mind. It’s the best way to get easy wins in clash royale, by far.

6. Build your push from the back.

A great example of this, is the common Royal Giant deck.

Royal pain deck in clash royale
Royal pain deck

Yes RG is a great card to play at the bridge. But in single elixir, you won’t have enough elixir to support your RG. Especially, for the all important killer lightning.

It’s better in single elixir to defend. Then defend and defend. Then when you feel an opening, play your Royal Giant at the back of your king tower. This way by the time your RG gets to the river, you’ll have more than enough elixir to get your ewiz, baby d and lightning out. If needed.

Building your attack from the back allows you to generate bigger pushes. It also allows you to abandon a push, if the opponent plays a good defence. This way you won’t be vulnerable for their counter attack.

7. Counter attack efficiently

A barbarian from clash royale running alone into battle. He gets shot in the head by an arrow but carry on running

Once you’ve built up your elixir advantage and defended properly. It’s time to start doing some real damage yourself. But only play your cards in the correct order. There’s no point pushing on the counter attack if all your support troops are in front of your tank. There’s no rush to attack, wait untill your push is ready. Just keep defending and get your cycle running correctly. Otherwise it’s just a wasted push, and yes, you may have to improvise on your defence but see no.5 on the list.

If you do all the above 7 steps and practice them. You will start to get easy wins at clash royale, 100% guaranteed. Then you can move onto more advanced strategies, like perfect card placements and interactions. But for now, practice the basics and watch your trophies go up. You won’t even feel like you’re trying once you master them.

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Bonus ways to get easy wins at clash royale.

While you’re practicing the basics and starting to win everytime at clash royale. You’ll be looking to improve a little bit more. Well good news my friend, I’ve got 3 more winning ways for you.

8. Pairing cards

Pairing cards is extremely important, if you want to get easy wins at clash royale. If you haven’t got a clue about how to pair cards then don’t worry, I got ya. You know how to build a deck, we talked about it in step 1. But you need cards that work well together. A good example of this is giant skeleton and baby dragon, or lava hound and balloon. Obviously these cards work well with other cards but it’s the synergy your after between cards. It makes them so much more powerful. For a full list on this Have a look at here. but for now here’s a few pairings that work. 

  • Giant skeleton + Baby dragon
  • Lava hound + Balloon
  • Executioner + Tornado
  • Graveyard + Poison
  • X-bow + Tesla

9. Don’t tilt too hard

Tilting, also known as a losing streak. Tilting happens to everyone in clash royale, noone likes to tilt, but the worst thing you can do is continue to play. just stop playing. Put your device down, do something else. Be it an hour or a day, whatever. Then go back when you’ve had a rest and took your mind of the game. Don’t get caught up in the Clash royale trap, of trying to get back to where you was. Take the loses and build up your trophies next time. Try and use the 3 loses and your out rule, which is 3 loses and you stop playing.

10. Stick to one deck

The best way to get easy wins at clash royale is to master one deck. Once you’ve found a deck that works for you stick with it, even when you lose. If you want to win like a pro at clash royale, you’ll have to learn how to play your deck like a pro first. Learn all the interactions, and how to play your deck against different decks. One thing that’s for sure in clash royale, is that you won’t win everytime. If you do, please teach me.

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