The last four victims of Jeffrey dahmer – Jeffrey Dahmers final murder

Updated 6th May 2020. Part 8 of the series. Dahmers last four victims, brings an end to his killing spree and posts on his murders. But not to the series. After Jeffrey Dahmers final murder,  he attempts to kill one more, fails and gets arrested. Which leads us to what was found in his apartment, Dahmers confession, the trial, prison time and finally Dahmers death.

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Warning: Graphic content

Dahmers last four victims

Matt Turner

Matt Turner Jeffrey dahmer victim

Matt turner
Matt Turner 1970-1991

The next month in June 1991,Dahmer travel to Chicago. Where he met 20 year old Matt Turner at a bus stop. Dahmer explained to Matt that he was a professional photographer and should travel to Milwaukee for a photo shoot.

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Accepting the offer. Matt visited Dahmer at his flat in Milwaukee, expecting a photo shoot but instead he was drugged, strangled and dismembered.

Dahmer put the internal organs, genitalia and head into separate bags then placed them in the freezer for later consumption.

Jeremiah Weinberger

Jeffrey dahmer victim jeremiah Weinberger

Jeremiah Weinberger
Jeremiah Weinberger 1967-1991

Five days after meeting Matt Turner, Dahmer encountered 23 year old Jeremiah Weinberger, in a bar while still in Chicago.

Dahmer pursuaded Jermiah to return with him back to Milwaukee, promising to spend the weekend together. Which they did, having a good time. Jeremiah decided it was time to leave after after a couple days but Dahmer didn’t want him to go.

So, Dahmer offered him one more drink before he left. Which was drugged in the usual way, once the 23 year old was unconscious Dahmer drilled a hole into his skull. But this time he tried a new method, by injecting boiling water into the cavity.

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Surprisingly Jeremiah woke up soon after, so Dahmer once again drugged and injected boiling water into the brain. Which sent Jeremiah into coma, Dahmers new method had worked, to some extent, but two days later Jeremiah died.

Dahmer then dismembered the corpse, taking pictures of the process. Like the last victim, his head and organs went into the freezer and his body into the acid.

Oliver Lacy

Jeffrey dahmer victim Oliver lacy

Jeffrey Dahmers last four victims
Oliver lacy 1967-1991

In July 1991 Dahmer met 24 year old Oliver Lacy, who was standing by a street corner. After a brief discussion, Oliver was lured back to Dahmers flat, on the promise of money for nude photos.

After a long period of sexual activity, Dahmer drugged Oliver but on this occasion he wanted to try a prolong the time his victim was alive. With unsuccessful attempts at doing this, using chloroform. Dahmer phoned his workplace requesting a day off, which was granted. He then killed Oliver by strangulation.

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After killing Oliver, Dahmer then had anal sex with the corpse. After this he took more photos of the body, in various positions that he wasn’t able to do before killing him.

Jeffrey dahmer polaroids


During the dismemberment process the bicep was fried on a skillet and partially eaten. which Dahmer said “tasted like beef”. The heart was preserved in a freezer for later consumption.

The severed head was placed in a refrigerator, found by the police on the day of his arrest.

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Jeffrey Dahmers final murder

Joseph Bradehoft

Jeffrey dahmer victim Joseph bradehoft

Jeffrey Dahmers final murder
Joseph bradehoft 1966-1991

Four days after initially being granted a day off from work, Dahmer was later fired. He then started watching exorcist 3 continuously before finding his 17th and final victim, 25 year old Joseph Bradehoft.

Finding Joseph at a bus stop, with a crate of beers under his arm was too appealing for Dahmer to ignore. Joseph was lured back to Dahmers flat, under the usual lie of money for photos.

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Joseph was killed by strangulation after being drugged by Dahmer. Once Joseph was dead, Dahmer dismembered the body but not all of it, leaving the head in place. He then put the deceased body of Joseph on his bed, with a sheet covering it and left it for two days.

After Two days, Dahmer removed the sheets and he discovered the head was already rotting with maggots. He then severed the head from the body, cleaned it and put it in the fridge.

Disposing of the torso in the acid tank, which still held the remains of  two recent victims.

Pre-warning: the next post is the most graphic, with crime scene photos, and more of Dahmers Polaroids.

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