different types of goths, trad goth

14 different types of goths – which one are you?

Updated 1st May 2020. For newcomers or people unfamiliar with Goth life, you’ll be surprised to know there are different types of Goths. Too many to present here. So we have a list of 14 Goth types. Goths are commonly known for wearing dark clothing, dark hair and paleskin and to a “regular” human, a bit odd. Although this is all true, its just one part of the Goth culture. A stereotype, if you will.

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Goths on Goths

Goths hate fools. If a goth approaches you and asks what exactly your whole shtick is, you’d better be prepared with an answer. You’re wearing all black, but your penny loafers are oxblood? Your eyes are rimmed with eyeliner, but your face has a pretty rosy flush to it? Why is that 30 Seconds to Mars wrist cuff on the same person wearing acid-wash dad jeans? Get it together — are you a goth or not? Do you even know what kind of goth you are? A health goth? A Hot Topic goth? A cyber goth? Come on. Learn the Goth sub cultures and find out which Goth type you are.

14 Different types of Goths.

What kind of Goth are you? To define your own style, it is always important to find out the kind of Goth that you are. Generally, there are different types of Goths in the world. Each type has its own unique fashion subtype and aesthetic appeal. Some love dark, spooky dressing styles while others embrace modern molds with mysterious twists and some elements of eerie darkness. Some of the different types of Goths are.


Trad Goth

different types of goths, trad goth

also know as the Rivethead Goth sub culture. These are the original Goths, steering straight from the 1980s. They have big hair, fishnets, leather jackets and piercings. They also listen to (popular then) punk music.

Cyber Goth

different types of goth the cyber goth


The complete opposite to a traditional Goth. Cyber Goths wear loud neon clothing and hair colours. Usually with dreadlocks or something similar. Think borderlands but more neon. 

Romantic Goth

different types of goths, the romantic goth


one of the classic goth types, alongside The Traditional Goth. The Romantic Goth is one of those that media has taken for stereotypes. We’ve all seen a TV show featuring a goth creating poetry and love letters.

Fetish Goth.

fetish goth dani divine


Fetish Goths have a wide range of sexy bondage-related clothes available to choose from.  Tattoos, piercings and other forms of body modification are also popular among this type.  And they quite possibly all have a set of handcuffs, mask/gag and some sort of spanking implement in their bedside table.

Vampire Goth.

gothic subculture the vampire goth


These goths aim to replicate vampire-like features. Normally, vampire goths wear dark hair, dark makeup, have beautifully shaped, sometimes pointed, nails. and may have tattoos and piercings to complement the look. And, let’s not forget the teeth.

Bubble Goth

different types of goths the bubble goth sub culture


Bubble Goth is a newer type of Goth created by the Estonian pop singer, Kerli Koiv. She aims to “make the beautiful, creepy and the creepy, beautiful”, something that “takes light and dark and puts them together”

Lolita Goth

Lolita goth dress


The Lolita fashion subculture originally emerged from Japan, but it has become so much more. Lolita Goths have taken the Lolita style and given it a dark twist. It’s similar to Romantic/Victorian Goth but is for a much younger audience. It’s common to see Lolita Goths carrying beautiful and elaborate parasols, dolls and stuffed animals. Their hair is often done up and a fine petticoat doesn’t go amiss.

Industrial Goth.

Industrial goth trousers


Industrial goths love all things heavy, metallic and well…industrial. You’ll see a lot of spikes, studs, chains and buckles on their attire and jewellery. They also love all things military and can often be seen in leather, denim, vinyl and canvas. In some ways they’re similar in fashion to Cyber Goths in that they reflect a futuristic appearance, however, the Industrial Goth prefers a much more monochromatic palette.

Tribal Goth

tribal goth sub culture


Tribal Goth. … (Also properly known as Goth Bellydancers.) These Goths came about around the time bellydancing became popular in the U.S.A. They instantly found a way to cleverly throw Gothic flair onto hipskirts and jewelry and create a new aesthetic of bone and wood accessories, as would a “tribal” person.

Hippie Goth

different types of goth the hippie goth


Many of those in this subculture are pacifists, promoting peace and acceptance amongst man. Many are vegetarians or vegans, and many fight for animal rights, the environment and equality.
Some are interested in New Age or Pagan religions, which have a strong emphasis on caring for nature and often use the earth itself as a figure for worship (a Mother Earth/Mother Goddess sort of concept).

Medieval Goth.

Medieval goth

Naturally, Medieval Goths have an enormous sense of history, and may also be found in museums, castles, churches and ancient monuments. When they go to cemeteries, they actually look at the names and dates on the gravestones. When they get married, they have medieval-themed weddings and live in a house filled with pre-Raphaelite prints and gargoyles.

Fairy Goth.

Fairy goth


Fairy goths are a mix between Romantic goths and Medieval goths and they usually love fantasy. They don’t love the “usual” fantasy characters like werewolves, vampires, or witches. They love more mystical themes and ethereal creatures like fairies and spirits of the forests

Pastel Goth.

Pastel goth


Pastel Goth is Creepy, mixed with Cute things. Such as eye balls and purple bat wings. Black mixed with pink and purple. Studded collars mixed with cat ears. Basically, it’s goth mixed with pastel colors but with a hint of grunge.

Glam Goths

Glam Goths look the part, maybe even so much so, that they are the best looking aesthetically of all Goth sub subcultures. They wear all the make up, listen to the music and have the fu attitude nailed down. But underneath all this they lack the true commitment of being Goth and are recognised as posers by the Goth community.

There are many, many more different types of Goths. There’ll be a further update to this post in the future. But for now check out the store and Goth up.

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