5 Ghosts caught on camera with terrifying true stories

Everybody, whether you beleive or not. Is intrigued by the after life. These 5 Ghost photos with true stories, may further your belief or get you wondering.


The Tulip Staircase

As with many ghost photographs, the famous Tulip Staircase Ghost photo was taken by supposedly someone who had no idea they had captured anything unusual until the image was developed. Rev. Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman from British Columbia. He was visiting the Queen’s House at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, in 1966. This was when he snapped a picture of an interesting spiral staircase. known as the Tulip Staircase.

Hardy returned home and had his pictures developed. When he was showing them off a friend asked who was on the staircase. Surprised, Hardy said that he had no idea, and that there had been no one there when he took the photo. The image has been examined by experts, including some from Kodak. These professionals have confirmed that it has not been tampered with. The identity of the ghost, if that’s indeed what it is, remains unclear. Though some have speculated that it’s a maid who supposedly died on the stairs over 300 years ago.

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Some people, whether alive or dead, hate to miss a photo opportunity. Freddie Jackson, a mechanic in the Royal Air Force during World War I, was killed by an airplane propeller around 1919. On the day of Jackson’s funeral, a group photo was taken of his squadron. Which had served aboard the HMS Daedalus. Jackson, so the story goes, did not want to be left out of the photo, even after death, and his face can be seen behind the fourth airman from the left in the back row. The photo was not made public until 1975, when it was revealed by retired RAF officer Victor Goddard, who had been in Jackson’s squadron. Many of the details of this much-repeated story, however, have been called into question. Along with the photo’s legitimacy.

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The girl in the fire ghost picture

A man named Tony O’Rahilly captured this image of a mysterious girl. She looks to be standing amongst the flames, as Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England burned to the ground in 1995. The intense heat of the flames prompted some to argue that no living thing could stand so close and exhibit such composure. Leading to the conclusion that the girl must be a supernatural entity. Some town residents assumed the ghost was that of Jane Churn (sometimes spelled Churm). A girl who in 1677 accidentally set fire to her home and much of the town and is believed to haunt the area. O’Rahilly submitted the photo to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. Who in turn consulted the former head of the Royal Photographic Society, both of whom said it hadn’t been tampered with. Others, however, have since debunked the photo as a hoax.


Waverly Hills sanitarium ghost sighting

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, an abandoned tuberculosis hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Its seen its fair share of sickness and death during its years of operation in the first half of the 20th century. It has since gained a reputation as one of America’s most haunted sites and a destination for ghost-hunters. This image was captured in the sanatorium’s crumbling halls in 2006. Some say the figure resembles Mary Lee. A nurse who hung herself in the hospital after being impregnated by a doctor who later wanted nothing to do with her.


The back seat ghost picture

Mrs. Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother one day in 1959. She had brought along her camera to take photographs of the gravesite. After snapping a few shots of her mother’s gravestone, she took an impromptu photo of her husband, who was waiting alone in the car. At least the Chinnerys thought he was alone.

When the film was developed, the couple was more than surprised to see a figure wearing glasses sitting in the back seat of the car. Mrs. Chinnery immediately recognized the image of her mother – the woman whose grave they had visited on that day. A photographic expert who examined the print determined that the image of the woman was neither a reflection nor a double exposure. “I stake my reputation on the fact that the picture is genuine,” he testified.

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