How to save money and Goth up your winter wardrobe

It’s starting to get cold, which is cause for celebration among those of us who greatly prefer layering up and leaving our leg hair to do what comes naturally. Rather than rocking the most minimalist of summer frocks. If your winter wardrobe is looking a bit patchy. Or you’re looking for an excuse to drop some cash on a new look. check out these simple tips on how to goth up your winter wardrobe on a budget with the coolest and most wearable Goth fashion. for this winter season.

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How to Goth up your winter wardrobe.

Most importantly, Invest in a few good quality pieces such as boots and a coat to keep you going for a few winters to come and then accessorise. With some basics and fun pieces that you can mix and match. Layering never goes out of fashion in Goth circles, and a few basic scarves, pairs of stockings and leggings can give you infinite variety over the colder months. without breaking the bank!


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High-waisted a-line flared trench coats are both timeless, on trend and also warm. These fitted black coats fit neatly into both Goth and alternative styling.

Gothic leather Trench coat by spiral

Available Range of warm leather trench coats.

For the boys, check out your local army surplus stores. Market stalls and second hand shops. Hook yourself up with a heavy barathea. Or serge wool coat with plenty of room underneath for all of your jumpers!


You can never have too many pairs of shit-kickers. But if you’re on the lookout to get boots for everyday wear during the winter that aren’t doc’s. You’ll probably want them to be comfortable. Waterproof and have the kind of sole that at least has a fighting chance of keeping you upright when walking on slush and ice.

Go for a platform rather than a heel, and something with a deep tread and flex in the ankle. such as military-style knee length leather boots. Or gorgeous glossy ankle length lace-ups. Shiny!

Gothic leather knee high boots

Gothic patent leather knee high boots

Leggings and stockings

Don’t piss about with sheer nylon when the weather is cold. Rock out those stripy tights and businesslike leggings to keep you warm and comfortable.

Go homemade

It is well worth investing some money in the big basics that will keep you going for several seasons without falling apart. But when it comes to accessories and smaller pieces, it’s a great idea to buy or make cheap statement pieces and customise them to suit your look.

Basic plain scarves, t shirts and shawls can be picked up on the cheap from a whole range of retailers. With just some basic blinging up with badges, brooches and fabric pens. you can transform the simplest item and make a real feature.

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