The grey areas of sex and Cannibalism and death

The Grey Areas of Sex and Cannibalism and Death – by Dancing corpse witch.

The grey areas of sex and Cannibalism. Written by the dancing corpse witch. This is not a fictional story. This is her story of how she became, and continues to be involved in the astral realm. A link to the full article can be at the bottom of this post.

At first, I did all this because I was tasked to do it by Bel because he wanted me to learn. Then I came to do it out of necessity and desperation because stuff happened and my energy output kept increasing and I really needed more energy. I turned to vampirism, but I’m not the best at it. It takes a lot of effort, concentration and willpower for me. Moreover, because I require a LOT of energy, taking from living beings one by one is rather inefficient. So I save it for when I’m in a pinch, or when there’s a large group of living beings such that I can get a fairly high intake by leeching off them all at once.

In any case, I had to resort to other means. At first, it started with sex. Sex and orgasms give you a significant burst of energy. Hence I indulged in it all the time, both physically and astrally. Especially with my ex-FWBs – I’d mercilessly and guiltlessly drain them of everything they’ve got and it’s not uncommon for the men I used to sleep with or date to knock out almost immediately. Or get extremely sleepy – even if it was just a short 15-30 minute session. I don’t think I always did it consciously, to be honest. But that wasn’t enough either so at some point I started having undead orgies in the astral realm. That somehow turned into cannibalism.

I’m kissing somebody. Be that a sacrificial slave or some zombie corpse or even a human I’m attracted to. I get addicted to the way they respond. The feel of their tongue against mine. In extenuation, I get addicted to their taste. Soon it’s not just the taste of their kisses. But the taste of their flesh and the way they writhe against me. If I get more aggressive, they react more – and flesh, even if initially cold, warms up eventually because that’s in the nature of the act. I want them in me, I want myself in them. It’s a constant cycle of consuming and being consumed. Sex isn’t merely for the sake of physical pleasure. To presume that would be a gross oversimplification.

Sitra Ahra Gloria,

Dancing Corpse Witch

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