The best ways to spot counterfeit goods


Stay Vigilant

Updated 26th March 2020. nobody wants to be tricked into buying fake products. Almost every industry is affected by fraudulent counterfeits and the Giftware industry is no exception. Both retailers and end-consumers can be duped into buying poor quality imitations leaving them disappointed.

As well as being left out of pocket and unable to return counterfeit goods you could be stuck with an item made from potentially dangerous materials which carry real health and safety concerns. store. a legitimate seller of Nemesis Now and other manufacturers giftware.

What to Lookout For

There are some clear visual indicators which can help you identify an imitation Nemesis Now Product:

No base print detailing licensing information.


Lack of detail and poorly painted.



Unstable handles and appendages.


  • Badly sculpted with lack of detail and definition.
  • Stainless steel insert does not fit perfectly.
  • No guarantee of stainless steel insert safety testing—All of our Goblets, Chalices, Tankards and Shot Glass stainless steel inserts are tested in accordance with German Food, Articles of Daily Use and Feed Code of September 1, 2005 (LFGB), Section 30 & 31. This includes an odour and taste test as well as a test which examines the safe use of heavy metals.

Also, bear in mind that some counterfeiters use our original images—However, this is not always the case which makes them easier to identify.

Do Your Research

With third-party e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon it is especially difficult to identify the authenticity of the seller. This might require some additional research to determine their authenticity. We recommend you search for a “Seller Information” page where you can verify information such as Business Name, Business Address, Trade Register Number, VAT Number and Contact Details in a simple Google search. If the seller has little or none of this information readily available we would urge caution.

Another great way to check the legitimacy of a seller on eBay and Amazon is to check their reviews. The more positive reviews the better. However, be sure to check whether the reviewers themselves are legitimate by clicking through to their profile and checking if they have reviewed any other products from other sellers. If they have, they could well be a trustworthy voice.

In regards to other third-party e-commerce sites such as Wish, Aliexpress and Alibaba, we urge that you stay away from those sites entirely since the overwhelming majority of sellers are offering imitation products at very low prices. So, be wary of deals that appear too good to be true—because they usually are.

Report Any Suspected Fraud to Us

If you suspect someone is selling copies of Nemesis Now products at unusual prices we recommend that you contact us so that we can investigate the case and remove any fraudulent sellers from those third-party websites including social media or any other website where they operate.

You can contact us using any of the methods below—being sure to provide us with a link to the imitation item and the suspected seller:

Email: or

Telephone: (+44) 01782 596660