Jeffrey Dahmers fridge

Jeffrey Dahmer kills 11 men then eats them

Updated 6th May 2020. Part six: Jeffrey Dahmers total reaches double figures in the early 90’s. As Jeffrey dahmer kills 11 men in total. His killing spree has a slight dry spell for a few months and In this article. I’ll go through Jeffrey Dahmers ninth to eleventh victims.

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  6. Jeffrey Dahmer kills 11 men then eats them
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  11. Jeffrey Dahmers unbelievable confession you need to read
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Warning. Graphic content

Jeffrey Dahmer kills 11

David Thomas

Jeffrey dahmer victim David thomas
David Thomas 1967-1990

Three weeks after killing, dissecting and painting Ernest. He met David Thomas at a shopping mall, who he persuaded to go back to his flat for drinks. With additional money if he would pose naked for photographs.

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In a later statement to the police after his arrest, Dahmer said he wasn’t attracted to David. But was afraid he would awake from the drug laden drink angry. So, he strangled him and dismembered the body, purposely not retaining any of the remains. Dahmer did however take Polaroids of the dismemberment process and kept them instead.

Dry spell

Over the next five months between October 1990 and February 1991. Dahmer had at least five, unsuccessful attempts, at lurring men back to his flat. Which led to him confiding in his probation officer of suicidal thoughts and loneliness.

Curtis Straughter

Jeffrey dahmer victim Curtis straughter
Curtis Straughter 1973-1991

After watching 17 year old Curtis Straughter, standing at a bus stop in February 1991.he approached him and successfully lured him back to his flat, with the promise of money in exchange for nude photos and sex.

Dahmer drugged, then strangled Curtis with a leather strap. Again dismembering the body in the bathtub, while photographing the process. Keeping the hands, genitals and skull.

Errol Lindsey

Jeffrey dahmer victim errol lindsey

Errol lindsay before being murdered b
Errol lindsey 1972-1991

Two months later in April, Dahmer met Errol lindsey, who was on his way to get a key cut. He pursuaded Errol to return back to his flat. Where he gave him the drug laced drink but this time, while Errol was unconscious. He drilled a hole into his head and poured hydrochloric acid into his skull. In an experiment to render his victim to a permanent, submissive zombie like state.

However, when Errol awoke, he spoke and said “I have a headache, what time is it?”. In response Dahmer drugged him again and strangled him. He then decapitated the body keeping the skull. He also skinned the flesh from the corpse carefully, placing it in a solution of water and salt for several weeks. In the hope, that it would preserve the skin for him to keep but it became frayed and brittle, so Dahmer reluctantly had to dispose of it.

Fishy complaints

Jeffrey Dahmers fridge full of body parts
Jeffrey Dahmers fridge

Some time during 1991, Dahmers fellow apartment block residents started complaining to the manager. That there was a foul oddur emanating from Dahmers flat and could occasionally hear a chainsaw and loud banging. When the manager contacted Dahmer about the complaints, he blamed his fridge. Saying it had broken down and the food had become “spoiled”. On another occasion he said it was his tropical fish, that had recently died and he would take care of the problem.

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