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When Jeffrey Dahmer should of been caught but wasn’t

Updated 6th May 2020. Part 7 of the Jeffrey Dahmer series. One of these murders, the murder of 14 year old, Konerak Sinthasomphone, Jeffrey Dahmer should of been caught. But because of extremely bad police work he gets another lucky break. In this article Dahmer kills two more, the above mentioned Konerak and Dahmers lover, Anthony Hughes.

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WARNING: graphic content

Anthony ‘tony’ Hughes

Jeffrey dahmer victim Anthony highes

Anthony Hughes
Anthony Hughes 1959-1991

Being both deaf and mute, Anthony would not be what many people think of when they consider a Dahmer victim.

however you could not be further wrong, Anthony and Dahmer knew each other for a few weeks prior to his death. Dahmer would later go on to say that he and Anthony were in a relationship and what they had together, “was the closest he could of ever felt to another person” .

In May, 1991 Dahmer and Anthony met up as normal however Dahmer had grown paranoid, thinking Anthony was going to leave him.

He was very fond of Anthony and was not prepared to let him go, so when Anthony went to leave to go home. Dahmer gave him one final drink laced with sleeping pills.

“I wish I’d waited to see if he would come back.” 

Dahmer did not want to “loose” Anthony. So decided it was time for a new experiment

Dahmer did not want to “loose” Anthony. So decided it was time for a new experiment. Whilst Anthony was unconscious, Dahmer drilled a hole into his skull and this time injected the acid into the cranial cavity.

Jeffrey Dahmers kill kit

Jeffrey Dahmers dismemberment tools
Some of the tools used by dahmer


Sadly Hughes would never wake up from this. So to finally seal the deal Dahmer then strangled Anthony. After leaving the body in his bedroom for a few days, Dahmer would later dissolve the corpse, in his barrel of acid. Along with his next victim, who Dahmer believes saw Tony’s dead body, shortly before his own death.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

Konerak sinthasomphone

Konerak sinthasomphone
Konerak sinthasomphone 1976-1991

The 14 year old, younger brother of the 12 year old boy, Dahmer had molested in 1988. Crossed paths with Dahmer in May 1991. When he was offered money to accompany Dahmer back to his flat and have pictures of him taken naked.

At first Konerak was reluctant, but later changed his mind and went with Dahmer. Where he posed for two pictures in his underwear, before being drugged and falling unconscious.

Dahmer performed oral sex on the boy and again, tried his failed experiment of drilling a hole into the skull and pouring hydrochloric acid into the frontal lobe. He then took the boy into his bedroom, where lay naked the dead body of 31 year old Tony Hughes, who Dahmer had killed three days earlier.

Jeffrey dahmer victim

Dead body lying on the bedroom floor

Oregon vortex paranormal or an optical illusion

According to Dahmer, he believed the boy saw the body. But didnt react due to the drugs and acid. He then lay next to the unconscious Konerak drinking a few beers, before going to a bar to continue.

When on his way home with more beers in hand. Dahmer noticed Konerak sitting on the corner at the Roadside of his apartment block, talking in Lao, with three concerned young women standing around him.

Dahmer approached the trio and explained that Konerak was his friend. And started leading him off by the arm back to his flat. The three women dissuaded Dahmer and said they had already phoned the police.

This is when Dahmer should of been caught

When the police arrived Dahmer told them that Konerak was his 19 year old drunk boyfriend, and they’d had an argument. He explained that Konerak often walked out and started a scene when he was intoxicated and that there was nothing more to it.

Meanwhile the three women were trying to draw the attention of the police to Koneraks bleeding buttocks. And that he had struggled against Dahmers attempt to lead him back to his flat. The officers harshly told the women to “butt out” “shut the hell up” and “mind their own business” as the incident was “domestic”.

Most mysterious and weird places on earth, worse than the bermuda triangle

The officers then wrapped Konerak in a towel and escorted him back to Dahmers flat. Where Dahmer attempted to verify their love, by showing the officers the two Polaroid pictures, taken the evening before.

When one officer commented on the foul oddur emanating from the flat, Dahmer invited the officer in to investigate. While investigating, the officer peeked his head into the bedroom and didn’t really take a good look. If he had of done he would of seen the corpse of Tony Hughes.

Satisfied that all was well, the two offers left, telling Dahmer to “take good care” of Konerak. After the officers left Dahmer he then drugged and injected more acid into konerakd skull, which was fatal and killed the young boy.

Update Nov 19

If the police had of done a simple background check on Dahmer, they would of found that he was on parole for similar offences. Dahmer should of been caught and konerak should of lived.

The acid drum Jeffrey dahmer used to dissolve victims

Jeffrey Dahmers acid drum
Jeffrey Dahmers acid drum

The next day spent by Dahmer was devoted to dismembering and disposing of the two corpses. While retaining the skulls, to add to his collection

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