Jeffrey Dahmers altar drawing

Jeffrey Dahmers unbelievable confession you need to read

Updated 6th may 2020 Part 10. Jeffrey Dahmers confession to the police after his arrest was extremely in depth. He gave details of every murder victim, how he killed them and much more. The first 9 articles can be found below.

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Jeffrey Dahmers confession

Beginning in the early hours of July 23, 1991. Dahmer was questioned by Detective Patrick Kennedy about the murders he had committed and the evidence found at his apartment. Over the following two weeks, Kennedy and, later, Detective Patrick Murphy conducted numerous interviews with Dahmer. Which combined to a total of 60 hours. Dahmer waived his right to lawyer throughout the interrogation, adding.

“I created this horror and it only makes sense I put an end to it.” 

Jeffrey Dahmer 1991

Jeffrey Dahmers confession included all 17 murders. Admitting that he mostly rendered his victims unconscious, before killing them. He also let the police know that, some had died from the effects of boiling water or acid injected into their brain.

Jeffrey Dahmers human skull collection found in apartment 213


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With no memory of killing Tuomi. Dahmer couldn’t say if Tuomi was unconscious or not when beaten to death. Dahmer did conclude from the bruising to Tuomis chest however. That there was a good chance he had tried to rip Tuomis heart out after killing him. Almost all the murders Dahmer committed after moving into his flat had involved a ritual of posing the victims’ bodies in suggestive positions. Typically with the chest thrust outwards, prior to dismemberment.

Jeffrey Dahmers unseen polaroids:


Jeffrey Dahmers unseen polaroids

Jeffrey Dahmers unseen polaroids

Jeffrey Dahmers unseen polaroids


Unseen Jeffrey dahmer polaroids

Unseen Jeffrey dahmer polaroids

Jeffrey dahmer polaroids of dead bodies

Jeffrey dahmer polaroids

Jeffrey Dahmers polaroid poses

Jeffrey Dahmers confession

In Jeffrey Dahmers confession, he admitted to performing necrophilia with several of his victims’ bodies. Including performing sexual acts with the heads, as he dismembered their bodies in his bathtub. Having noted that much of the blood pooled inside his victims’ chest after death. He explained, he would first remove their internal organs. Then suspended the torso so the blood drained into his bathtub. Before dicing any organs he did not wish to retain and stripping the flesh from the body.

Jeffrey Dahmers unseen polaroids


The bones he wished to dispose of were pulverized or acidified, with the Soilex and bleach solutions. Used to aid in the preservation of the skeletons and skulls he wished to keep. In addition, he confessed to having consumed the hearts, livers, biceps, and portions of thighs of several victims he killed within the previous year.

The inside of Jeffrey dahmers fridge which was full of human meat


Describing the increase in his rate of killing in the two months prior to his arrest, he stated he had been “completely swept along” with his compulsion to kill, adding.

“It was an incessant and never-ending desire to be with someone at whatever cost. Someone good looking, really nice looking. It just filled my thoughts all day long.”

When asked as to why he had preserved a total of seven skulls and the entire skeletons of two victims. Dahmer stated, he had been in the process of constructing a private altar of victims’ skulls. Which he had intended to display on the black table located in his living room. The same table he had photographed the bodies of many of his victims.


This display of skulls was to be adorned at each side with the complete skeletons of Ernest Miller and Oliver Lacy. The four severed heads found in his kitchen were to be removed of all flesh and used in this altar. As was the skull of at least one future victim.

Incense sticks were to be placed at each end of the black table. Above which Dahmer intended to place a large blue lamp with extending blue globe lights. The entire construction was to be placed before a window covered with a black, opaque shower curtain. in front of which Dahmer intended to sit in a black leather chair.

When asked in a November 18, 1991 interview who the altar was dedicated to, Dahmer replied: “Myself … It was a place where I could feel at home.” He further described his intended altar as a “place for meditation,” from where he believed he could draw a sense of power. Adding, “If this [his arrest] had happened six months later, that’s what they would have found.”

Jeffrey Dahmers altar drawing

Jeffrey Dahmers altar
Jeffrey Dahmers drawing of the altar he intended to create


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