The disturbing way Jeffrey Dahmer killed Raymond smith and Anthony Sears

Updated 06/05/2020 This is part four of Dahmers murders, where I’ll go through Jeffrey Dahmers fifth and sixth murders. GRAPHIC IMAGES ARE SHOWN. For parts one to three just click on the links below.

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Anthony Sears, Dahmers fifth murder

Jeffrey Dahmers fifth murder victim Anthony sears
Anthony Sears 1965-1989

In March 1989, Dahmer met his next victim, Anthony Sears, in a gay bar close to closing time. Dahmer says, on that night he wasn’t looking to commit a crime but that “he just started talking to me”.

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Dahmer lured Anthony back to his grandmother’s house and they had oral sex. After that dahmer drugged and strangled Anthony. The next day Dahmer put the corpse into the bathtub. decapitated it and then proceeded to skin the corpse. Removing all the flesh from the body and destroying the bones, then disposing of it all in the bin.

On this occasion though he kept the head and genitalia, preserving them in acetone. He even took them with him when he moved house a year later.

Polaroid picture taken by Jeffrey dahmer of one of his victims
Polaroid picture taken by Jeffrey dahmer

In May 1989, he was sentenced to five years probation, one year in the House of correction with work release and required to register as a sex offender.


Jeffrey Dahmers letter of appeal for early release
Jeffrey Dahmers letter of appeal for early release

He was released on parole two months before his scheduled date and began his five years probation. After being released, he temporarily moved back in with his grandmother, before moving into his own flat in May 1990.

New home, new Dahmer

Well not quite, one week after moving house and taking Anthony Sears’ mummified remains with him, he had killed his sixth victim.


Raymond smith, Jeffrey Dahmers sixth murder

Raymond smith, Jeffrey Dahmer murder victim
Raymond Smith 1957-1990

32 year old male prostitute Raymond Smith, went back to Dahmers’ flat for sex at a price of $50. Dahmer then gave Raymond a drink laced with 7 sleeping pills and manually strangled him.

After purchasing a Polaroid camera the next day, Dahmer took pictures of the corpse in sexual positions. When he was done, he then put the body in the bathtub. dismembered the limbs and head from the torso and began to boil the legs, arms and genitalia in a steel kettle with soilex. So he could easily remove the flesh from the bones in his sink.


He then dissolved the skeleton in a tub of acid, keeping the skull. Which he spary painted and kept in a metal filing cabinet, on a black towel, next to the mummified skull of Anthony Sears.

One week later, Dahmer lured another potential victim back to his flat. But he accidently mixed up the drinks and ended up druging himself. When he woke up, he discovered his potential victim had stolen $300, various items of clothes and a watch. Dahmer later reported that he had been robbed to his parole officer.

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