Saws and other tools Jeffrey dahmer used to dismember his victims

This is how Jeffrey Dahmer was caught – police find Jeffrey Dahmers polaroids

Jeffrey Dahmers house of horror

Updated 06/05/2020 No more killing, but what the police find in Jeffrey Dahmers house of horror is arguably the worst of all time. When the police finally arrest Dahmer they find Heads, skulls, skeletons and more remains. Very Graphic content follows.

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Tracy Edwards

Jeffrey dahmer Tracy edwards

Tracy edwards
Tracy edwards

Ironically, the one that escaped death, was arrested 20 years later for murder charges of his own.

This story doesn’t end in tragedy, although Dahmer would probably have argued that it does, at least for him anyway.

The day after killing Joseph in 1991. Dahmer approached three men offering them $100 if they would go with him to his flat. For beers, company and naked photos. Only one of the three men accepted the offer 32 year old, Tracy Edwards. store, start your own skull collection like Jeffrey Dahmer.

When Tracy first entered the flat he couldn’t help but notice the foul oddur and many containers of hydrochloric acid. Which Dahmer said was there due to him cleaning bricks.

The two had short meaningless conversation, before Dahmer asked Tracy to “look at my tropical fish”. When Tracy turned his head to get a look, Dahmer slapped a pair of handcuffs on one of Tracy’s wrists.

Tracy, confused asked “what’s happening? ” as Dahmer unsuccessfully, attempted to cuff both his wrists together. Dahmer then asked Tracy to the bedroom, to take naked pictures.

Upon entering the bedroom, Tracy noticed posters of naked men on the walls and the T.V was playing exorcist 3. He also saw a blue, 57 gallon drum in the corner of the bedroom, which had the same foul oddur that he had noticed earlier.

The acid drum Jeffrey dahmer used to dissolve victims


An introduction to Ted Bundy – the very definition of heartless evil

Dahmer then pulled out a knife, the same one used to carve his previous victims. And told Tracy that he intended to take naked photos of him. To play along with Dahmer, Tracy started to unbutton his shirt. He said he would continue if Dahmer would put the knife away and remove the handcuff.

Dahmer then turned his attention to the T.V and started slowly rocking back and fourth, muttering a chant.

Dahmer focused back on Tracy. Placing his head onto Tracys chest and while listening to his heartbeat, With the knife pressing against the intended victim, he said that he was going to eat his heart.

In a panic, Tracy kept telling Dahmer “I’m your friend, you dont need to do this. I’m not going to run away”. While having every intention of escaping through a window, or the unlocked front door, at the first possible opportunity.

Gaining some trust from Dahmer. When Tracy used the toilet he asked if they could move into the living room for beers, where there was air conditioning.

Dahmer agreed to the request and they moved into the living room. Planning his escape, Tracy was keeping a close eye on Dahmer, waiting for him to have a momentary lapse of concentration.

How Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested

As soon as Tracy saw his window of opportunity, he asked to use the toilet again and when he stood up from the couch. -Making sure Dahmer didn’t have anymore handcuffs in hand- punched Dahmer in the face and ran straight for the unlocked front door.

After the five hour, terryfying ordeal. At 11:30pm Tracy had finally escaped, luckily for Tracy there was two police officers on the corner of the street named Rolf Mueller and Robert Rauth. He immediately ran towards them, flagging them down, in an hysterical panic.

Noticing the handcuffs, the police officers asked about them. Tracy started explaining the story, saying some “freak” had attacked him and kept him hostage for five hours.

The officers tried their keys to get the handcuff off, but their keys weren’t a match. Meaning they weren’t police issue handcuffs, this added some credibility to Tracy’s elaborate story. So the officers went with Tracy back to Dahmers property.

Arriving at the property, Dahmer welcomed the trio inside and confirmed, he was the one that placed the handcuff on Tracy’s wrist.

Jeffrey dahmer draw full of polaroids


Tracy suddenly shouted “the knifes in the bedroom, he pulled it out on me in there”. Dahmer didn’t respond to this comment. Instead he told officer Mueller, that the key to the handcuffs were in a draw in the bedroom. As Mueller went to retrieve the key, Dahmer attempted to put himself in front, to get the key himself. Officer Rauth then told Dahmer to “back off”.

While in the bedroom, Mueller noted that there was indeed a knife below the bed, he also saw an open draw. When he looked through the draw for the key, he found Jeffrey Dahmers Polaroids. Which were of human bodies, all in different stages of dismemberment. To his shock, he also noticed that the room he was standing in, was the same room as the pictures. Mueller then took the pictures to show rauth, uttering “these are for real”.

Unseen Jeffrey dahmer polaroids


Dahmer saw that the officers had his Polaroid pictures and started to fight them, in an attempt to escape. However the two officers quickly overpowered him, Cuffed his hands behind his back and called in for backup. At this point Mueller opened the refrigerator and found the severed head of a black male on the bottom shelf. Dahmer pinned to floor by Rauth, then turned his head to look at the officers and said. “for what I did, I should be dead”.

Jeffrey Dahmers fridge

Severed heads in Jeffrey Dahmers

Dahmers house of horror

Jeffrey Dahmers apartment floor plan

Plan of the apartment

Upon Dahmers arrest, a more detailed search of the apartment, conducted by the Criminal Investigation Bureau. Revealed the true house of horrors, which Dahmer had created.

Jeffrey Dahmers kitchen and the knives he used to kill

The kitchen appliances used

The Bureau found, a total of four severed heads in Dahmer’s kitchen. A total of seven skulls. Some painted and some bleached were found in Dahmer’s bedroom and inside a closet. In addition, investigators discovered, collected blood drippings on a tray at the bottom of Dahmer’s refrigerator. Plus two human hearts and a portion of arm muscle. each wrapped inside plastic bags upon the shelves. In Dahmer’s freezer, investigators discovered an entire torso, plus a bag of human organs and flesh stuck to the ice at the bottom.

Police evidence at Jeffrey Dahmers apartment

Evidence from Dahmers apartment

In more parts of the flat, investigators found two complete skeletons, a pair of severed hands. Two severed and preserved penises, a mummified scalp and inside the 57 gallon drum. They found a further three torsos, dissolving in the acid solution. Last but not least, a total of 74 Polaroid pictures, documenting the dismemberment of the body parts found.

“It was more like dismantling someone’s museum than an actual crime scene.”

Chief medical examiner

Unseen Jeffrey dahmer polaroids

Jeffrey dahmer polaroids of dead bodies

Jeffrey dahmer polaroid

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