Jeffrey dahmer arrested for child abuse mug shot

Jeffrey Dahmers killing continues with Edward smith

Updated 06/05/2020 Part five, Jeffrey Dahmers killing continues with Two more murders before a slight dry spell. For parts one to four use the links below.

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Jeffrey Dahmers killing continues

One week later, Dahmer lured another potential victim back to his flat. But he accidently mixed up the drinks and ended up druging himself. When he woke up, he discovered his potential victim had stolen $300, various items of clothes and a watch. Dahmer later reported that he had been robbed to his parole officer.

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Edward Smith

Jeffrey dahmer victim Edward smith
Edward Smith 1963-1990

An aqcuaitance of Dahmer named Edward Smith, was drugged and strangled in June 1990. However on this occasion, to try and better preserve the skull. After removing the flesh from the skeleton, Dahmer decided he would try to freeze the remains for several months. The freezing didn’t have the desired effect and the skeleton, but not the skull, was dissolved in acid.

Dahmer tried to dry the skull by placing it in the oven but this would unknowingly make the skull explode, destroying every last part of Edward Smith. Later speaking to the police he would explain how he felt “rotten” not being able to keep any of Edwards remains.

“It was my way of remembering their appearance, their physical beauty. I also wanted to keep them… if I couldn’t keep them there with me whole, I at least could keep their skeletons.”
Jeffrey dahmer 1993.

Ernest miller

Jeffrey dahmer victim Ernest miller
Ernest miller 1968-1990

Three months later Dahmer met 22 year old Ernest Miller. Who he paid $50 to accompany him back to his flat and listen to his stomach and heart. When Dahmer tried to perform oral sex, Ernest replied” that will cost you extra”.

So, Dahmer then gave Ernest a drink laced with sleeping pills, however at the time he only had two pills left. Which obviously isn’t enough to put a man to sleep, therefore he killed Ernest by slashing his kneck. With the same knife he used to dismember and dissect his previous victims corpses’.

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After a few minutes, when Ernest had bled to death. Dahmer then put the corpse in the bathtub and began to dismember the body, while kissing and talking to the severed head.

He then put the heart, biceps, flesh and head into his fridge for later consumption. While boiling the rest, into a jelly like substance using soilex. Again to easily remove the flesh from the bones.

This time he wanted to try a different way to preserve the skeleton. He soaked the bones in a light bleach for 24 hours and left them to dry for a week on a cloth. Removing the severed head from the fridge, he stripped the flesh from the skull and proceeded to paint it and coat with enamel.

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