Krampus origins the evil version of Santa claus

Why Krampus is coming to get you this year

why watch out when Santa Claus comes to town? Because Krampus is coming to get you.

Terryfying traditional Christmas legends.

Historically Krampus comes around December 5th, tagging along with Saint Nick. He’s the evil version of Santa Claus. The demonic entity that the Catholic Church tried to banish celebration of in the 12th century. Because of his resemblance to the Devil but failed. Krampus has since emerged as a favourite Demon of the festive holidays. 

Tenacious Demon 13.3cm horned red skull ornament.

Krampus is coming to get you

Zozo the Ouija board Demon.

While santa claus is here to hand out gifts to the nice children, and lumps of coal to the naughty. Krampus is here to make you dissappear. He takes the naughty children and sometimes parents. So he can either torture them, eat them or maybe even both.

The power of Demons – demonic power according to the Bible.

The evil counterpart to santa claus

What is The BoogeyMan

When Krampus is coming to get you, he is aided by various demonic creatures. These demonic creatures include his unholy masked elves that are referred to as his “helpers”.

The symbolism of Baphomet.

Perhaps you’ll be the next, perhaps Krampus is coming to get YOU. After all, the horrible haunt could very well be watching you.

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