The most evil comic character, the batman who laughs

Most evil comic character – The batman who laughs

Have you ever wondered, who’s the most evil comic character? Maybe the punisher? He kills people. What about the joker, he’s a well known bad guy but quite easily handled by Batman. Well, they are pretty unforgiving but meet this guy.

Who is the most evil comic character?

This right here? You see this?


This is The Batman Who Laughs.

  • Place of origin – Earth 22.
  • Abillities – genius level intellect, peak human physical condition, skilled martial artist, utilizes hightech equipment and weapons.
  • Alter ego – Bruce Wayne.
  • Team affiliates – Dark knights of the dark multiuniverse, legion of doom.

You got that right! Batman’s genius and Joker’s madness, all in one.

“To win you need to adapt, and to adapt, you need to be able to laugh away all the restraints. Everything holding you back. You see… a Batman who laughs… is a Batman who always wins.” 

The Batman who laughs

I think the Batman Who Laughs is by far, worse and more twisted than anything the Joker has ever hoped to be. Infected by the Joker (essentially merging with him), in his universe he:

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  1. Killed the Bat Family.
  2. Turned his own son and other kids into his twisted, Robin-themed dogs of war.
  3. Forced Supergirl to kill her own family before dying, herself.
  4. Killed the entire Justice League.
  5. Blinded Superman’s son.
  6. Told Superman he would force him to kill his family, too.
  7. Made Superman promise his wife and son it will be alright, knowing full well it won’t be.
  8. He basically destroyed the world.

In other universes:

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  1. He went on to recruit other twisted versions of Batman. Then lead them to our universe, unleashing them upon the world.
  2. Suggested they all may not only be Batman’s fears, but also his darkest desires.

The acts are heinous in and of themselves. But the fact that they were committed by none other than the Caped Crusader. makes them far, far darker than anything a traditional villain could do. In the end, Joker won!

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The most evil comic character, the batman who laughs

Origin of the Batman who laughs

While little is detailed about the life of the Batman of Earth -22 before becoming The Batman Who Laughs. it’s likely that it followed much the same path as his original counterpart, but his world was always destined to die as part of the Dark Multiverse.

One day, Batman was drugged and captured by the Joker. Who went on to destroy Gotham City. The Clown Prince of Crime killed Batman’s entire rogue’s gallery. Murdered Jim Gordon by dissolving him with acid, set the city alight by blowing up various buildings.

Most mysterious and weird places on earth, worse than the bermuda triangle

Death of the joker and the merge with Batman

Death of the joker

Then had his goons line up families so he could kill the parents and infected their children with Joker toxin. All in front of Batman. Having had enough and sure that the Joker had earned to die. The Caped Crusader eventually managed to break free of his bonds in a murderous rage and brutally beat the Joker before snapping his neck, killing him. Upon the Joker’s death, A nano-toxin began to exit from the villain’s mouth. Which Batman accidentally breathed in.

Two days later, Batman explained to Superman that the reason Joker went so far was that he was dying from the chemicals that transformed him many years ago.

However, although Joker succeeded in making him break his “one rule”. Batman refused to let that turn him into a monster like the clown wanted. With the GCPD and Arkham Asylum in ruins, Superman had the “Jokerized” children quarantined at S.T.A.R. Labs. While Batman returned to the Batcave to begin running some tests. Superman mentions how one of the children nearly tore a doctor’s throat out, and then Batman laughs, surprising both of them.

Jeffrey Dahmers first murder: the unfortunate hitch hiker Steven Mark Hicks

Death of the Bat family

Death of the bat family by the batman who laughs

Three days later, the whole Bat Family besides Robin were in the Batcave going through some very vigorous training. Nightwing knew that something was troubling Batman and the Dark Knight revealed that he was exposed to a new strain of nanotoxin. That had been inside the Joker’s heart and was released when Joker was killed.

The toxin slowly rewrote Bruce’s mind to become more like the Joker’s and create the perfect fusion of the two. A Batman with Bruce Wayne’s orderly mind and the Joker’s madness, which led the Bat Family to deduce they were training to fight Batman.

However, Batman claimed that the real reason why he brought them to the cave. Was that they would be the first to notice the symptoms and warn the other heroes. Which is something he cannot allow to happen. Bruce then reveals a pair of machine guns before shooting the Bat Family dead.

Death of the justice league

Death of the justice league

One week later, Batman had killed the entire Justice League aboard the Watchtower with confiscated weaponry of the League’s enemies. Stolen from the Watchtower’s vault except for Superman and his family.

Batman told the Man of Steel that he intended to use all the weapons they have confiscated over the years. Against the world just because he wants to since he no longer feels he has to hold himself back anymore.

Superman responded that the world would rise up to stop him. But this claim just added to Batman’s amusement. The Bat then revealed his new family of Jokerized Robins, among which was his son Damian Wayne. Before exposing Superman to a strain of Black Kryptonite. Claiming to have done the same thing to Supergirl previously, causing him and his son Jon to kill Lois Lane in a berserk state. Before dying themselves as part of the side effects.

Central multiverse, and the meeting of the two most evil comic characters

Barbatos, batman who laughs meets him

Eventually, the world fell to Batman after he brought down all manner of opposing forces. Ranging from armies to gods.

Bruce believed he could not sink any lower until he met Barbados. Who showed him the nature of the Dark Multiverse and the existence of the central Multiverse above it.

Batman was then tasked by Barbatos to locate his counterparts on other Earths. To form a group of Dark Knights, which he will lead as The Batman Who Laughs, and aid in the deity’s conquest of the central Multiverse.

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