No nut november survival guide, take a shower

No nut november survival guide

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would try this, movember is a better option in my opinion. Even fap free Febuary would be better, less days. But each to their own, there is one part of November that causes everyone who participates a good amount of stress. No Nut November, It’s been a tradition for God knows how long. if you’re one of the sad souls who’s decided to partake in the challenge, you’re in for a rough 30 days. Whether you’ve got a bet with your friends on who will last the longest. Or you’re in competition with your significant other, this article will give you all the best tips and tricks to surviving this month. Without exploding (in more ways than one).

A Dame to kill for, Nancy callahan.

No nut November survival guide

1. Cold Showers

No nut november survival guide, take a shower

Taking a cold shower is a timeless life hack for curbing your sexual appetites, and there’s solid evidence to back this up. Not only will your body be shocked by the extremely cold water. But it also brings down your body temperature and helps you cool off in even the tensest of moments. If you’re seconds away from quitting, this is a go-to for keeping your head in the game and out of your pants.

2. Exercise

No nut november survival guide, excercise

Is there anything that exercise doesn’t cure? If there is, I haven’t heard of it. If you’re having an especially hard time during this lonely month. Try going on a run or lifting some weights. It’ll not only keep your mind busy and distracted, but you’ll be too sore and tired to even think about sex.

3. Stress Relief

Japanese lego castle

This can mean many things for many people, but everyone’s got their own favorite form of stress relief that they can’t live without. However, the type that I’m talking about doesn’t include busting a nut or bean flicking. Try building micro lego, it’s pretty time consuming and can be fun. Or some aromatherapy to help center yourself and keep your cool. Maybe take up painting for November and see how creative you can get.

4. Take a dating site break

Stop sign

During these trying times, you might be tempted to scroll through dating sites longing for some other sad competitor to slide into your messages. You and I both know this will only make it worse, and we’re not here to make friends. We’re here to win. Delete the apps for the month and take the temptation away.

5. Team Up


If you’ve got friends who are also participating this month. God knows why they would be but if you do, team up with them and hold each other accountable. When one person mentions they’re going out on a date tonight, remind them that you guys are in this together and that they’ve got to be strong. Or, if you’re competing and determined to win at all costs, try sabotaging the others. You’re welcome.

Honestly, I have no idea why anyone would participate in No Nut November. Maybe it’s the pride, maybe it’s the spirit of competition, and maybe it’s because it makes December that much more fun. No matter your reasoning for participating, these five tips will help you secure a victory over No Nut November without dying. Godspeed to you all, and roll on December.

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