Passport for a mummy

Passport for an Egyptian mummy WTF!!!

Yes a passport for an Egyptian mummy. Ramesses II was issued a passport in order to be able to travel to France in 1974.

Passport for a mummy

I read about this today and honestly, it was both funny and mind-blowing to me.

The Egyptologists had fears that the mummy is deteriorating and wanted to send it to France for examining. But apparently the Egyptian law didn’t allow even deceased people to leave the country without any documentation. So this became the first passport of a mummy.

Another reason is that a passport established a legal reference. It also guarantees the Egyptian right to demand the return of the mummy, if France decided to hold on to it.

The picture above is not from the actual passport. But is an illustration of what it would have looked like. All Egyptian passports issued till the late nineties, were handwritten and not computerized as the one shown above. But that is probably what a passport for an Egyptian mummy would like.

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