Spiral Dark Gothic Bat Skull Figurine 19cm Ornament


  • Beautifully executed Spiral Wall Plaque.
  • Immortalising their Bat Skull art.
  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Lovingly hand-painted.

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Spiral Dark Gothic Bat Skull Figurine Ornament

Released 24/11/20

Established in 1990, Spiral has been offering up darkly Gothic, cutting edge artwork for the past 20 years. Delighting the alternative with their demonic fashion, their new partnership with Nemesis Now means that these devilish artworks can be immortalised in the finest resin, bringing them to life for you to display in your homes. Here we have their Bat Skull art transformed into a beautiful figurine. Featuring a human cranium, mutated by a colony of monstrous bats,  this piece is cast in high-quality polyresin and expertly hand-painted.