Scary stories for Halloween ?

The best pumpkin ever made, scary stories for halloween
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Two short Scary stories to get you in the mood for Halloween. ?

The licking dog

A young girl named Lisa often had to spend time alone at home at night, as her parents worked late. They bought her a dog to keep her company and protect her.

One night Lisa was awakened by a dripping sound. She got up and went to the kitchen to make sure the tap was off. As she was getting back into the bed she stuck her hand under the bed, and the dog licked it.

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The dripping sound continued, so she went to the bathroom and made sure the tap was turned off there, too. She went back to her bedroom and stuck her hand under the bed, and the dog licked it again.

But the dripping continued, so she went outside and turned off all the faucets out there. She came back to bed, stuck her hand under it, and the dog licked it again.

The dripping continued: drip, drip, drip. This time she listened and located the source of the dripping it was coming from her closet! She opened the closet door, and there found her poor dog hanging upside down with its neck cut. Written on the inside of the closet door was, “Humans can lick too!”

Bride in the trunk

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young couple, both 18, decided they would get married after they finished high school. The father of the bride lived in Palm Beach in a mansion and was able to afford a big wedding for them.

To make a long story short, they got married and the wedding was beautiful.

After the wedding, they had a big reception in an old building and everyone got fairly drunk. When there were only about twenty people left, the groom decided that they should play hide-and-seek.

Everyone agreed and the groom was “it.” While he covered his eyes, they all found hiding spots.

After about twenty minutes everyone had been found except the bride. The guests looked everywhere and tore the whole place apart looking for her.

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A few hours later the groom was furious, thinking the bride was playing a terrible trick on him. Eventually, everyone went home.

A few weeks later the groom, having filed a missing persons report, gave up looking for her. Heartbroken, he tried to go on with his life.

Three years later a little old woman was cleaning up the old building, where the reception had been held. She happened to be in the attic and noticed an old trunk. So dusted it off, and, out of curiosity, opened it.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, ran out of the building, and called the police.

Apparently, the bride had decided to hide in the trunk for the game of hide-and-seek. When she sat down, the lid fell, knocking her unconscious and locking her inside. She suffocated after a day or so.

When the old woman found her, she was rotting, her mouth hanging open in the shape of a scream.

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