Scary true stories

The Scariest true stories that actually happened

Scary true stories that you’ve never read or heard before. Supposedly true but whether they are or not, they’re still good. Credit to the reddit users that posted their stories.

Last updated December 31st 2019

Scary true stories

Scary true stories: The shoe in the riverbed

A few years ago, tauntauntom had just been through a rough divorce from their high school sweetheart. Their best friend had taken to distracting them by taking long road trips.

One morning, they were on their way to Carlsbad, New Mexico when they paused alongside a river dam. They were drinking cider and snacking when the pair decided to explore the dried river bed. It was obvious that they weren’t the first ones to go trekking through the riverbed. The pair could see human, canine, and feline footprints in the mud.

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Creepy prints in the

They then recall starting to feel an odd sensation, like they were being watched. Their friend caught the writer’s attention and called them over. There was a bone in the ground – what they now believe was a spinal cord. At first they thought it was a beef or pork bone on some kind.

They continued looking around the river bed when they found a strange rust colored rock sticking out from the sand. When they got closer, they realized it was a half-buried little girl’s shoe. The Reddit user stepped back and ran forward, preparing to kick the shoe. Suddenly, they heard a little girl’s voice shout “No! Don’t, please!” They looked around but didn’t see anyone besides themselves, and their friend.

True scary stories

The friend asked why they stopped and they replied “Didn’t you hear that little girl?”. Both confused, they decided to shrug it off and continued on their way. Meanwhile, the feeling that someone was watching them grew stronger. A few minutes later, they spotted another bone.

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Update scary true stories

Now, they began to get scared. The bone was clearly human. The  friend called the non-emergency police number for Carlsbad, and they reported what they saw.

One week later, they received a call from their friend that the Carlsbad Police had called to report the bones they found were indeed human.

During the investigation, the two were questioned and eventually informed that the rust-colored rock actually wasn’t a rock at all, but the shell of a pickup truck that had disappeared along with the family of three it had been carrying: a man, a woman, and their daughter. It made the Reddit user think back to the girl’s shoe sticking out of the mud, and the voice they heard. Could the little girl have spoken directly to them?

2. My paranormal experience

When zZaRagingClueZz was 16 or 17, he had just moved into the a new house with his mother and sister. He had the bedroom in the basement. About a month after moving in, he started noticing bizarre things. Hangers would sway as though there was a wind, and he often heard light, unexplainable knocks in the middle of the night. It was creepy enough to make him move all of his belongings to the spare upstairs bedroom.

Ghost girl

One day, while he played video games in the basement, a white mist shot out from behind their television, up the wall and across the ceiling. He bolted out from the basement and told his mom, who told him it was just his imagination.

Over the next few months, he started hearing knocks and seeing objects move again. Slowly, it started getting stronger. Then whispers started, then painful screams. Soon, it was happening every night without fail.

Scares at the nursing home

Swagman434 posted a scary true story and is a dietary aide at a nursing home for people with Alzheimer’s, and they have had some seriously scary encounters while working there. Their job mainly consists of  washing dishes, and they’re normally standing right next to the dishwasher which makes it difficult to hear what people are saying.

On numerous occasions, they have been by the dishwasher and heard someone talking to them even though they knew no one was nearby.

One night, the writer went to collect food carts in one of their units, alone. The whole time they were in the unit, they felt like they were being followed. Fearing what they might see, they never turned around. Eventually, they pulled off, pretending to use the bathroom. They waited there for about five minutes before peering into the hallway where they’d just been. There, they saw a patient they recognized. At first, this made them feel better, but soon, they realized that it was a patient who had died three days prior in a unit near the kitchen.

Ghost girl

The user also relayed a second experience they had while washing the dishes on a different day. They asked the person they were washing with if he could go into Unit A and get the food carts. The third person who normally washed with them had already left for the day, leaving the writer alone.

Suddenly, they heard a voice in their ear. They turned around, but no one was there. They even went into the hallway, but still saw nothing. As they returned to washing the dishes, it happened again. The second time, they realized it was the voice of their great-grandma who passed away seven years ago. Very spooky.

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