Sleep paralysis scary story.

Sleep-Paralysis scary story

From superfalls:

“I would have to say one of the scariest things that has happened to me was during sleep paralysis.

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My bed is in the corner of my room. It is a loft bed so it is about five feet off of the ground. I was lying in bed, feeling like I had just woke up. lying on my back, with my arms and legs kind spread out (like a starfish). I see out of the corner of my eyes a dark figure rise up from the side of my bed off from the ground. It rose up and moved over so that it was floating directly above me.

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It’s face was demonic-absolutely petrifying. It’s hard to describe, but it had no eyes but a large mouth. I seem to remember it having long, thin, sharp teeth. When it was parallel to me I tried screaming-nothing came out. This has to be one of the worst feelings, when you know you are capable of doing something, anything to save yourself, but you simply can’t. You put all force into trying to let out even just the smallest noise, but nothing comes out. Then I tried to move. That was not possible either. I was completely paralyzed. I tried to scream and squirm as the creature inched closer and closer to my face, its mouth widening with each movement.

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All of the sudden I snapped and fully awoke. It was gone, it had disappeared just like that. As if nothing happened. My heart was pounding and I was still scared. I was able to shake it off and fall back asleep. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first or last time I experienced sleep paralysis, but it definitely was the most terrifying.”

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