Clash Royale: 10 best ways to get easy wins

Last updated 25th Feb 2020 i bet, no I’ll rephrase that. I know, for a fact, you’ve been one win off reaching that next arena. Then lost 200 trophies, in an epic tilt. I also know losing matches at clash royale, especially on ladder. Has got to be the single biggest cause of anxiety for every clash royale player in the world. I know this, because just like you, I’ve been there and done it, Alot. But now I’m not too bad at the game. I’m not a pro, but I know how to get easy wins at clash royale. Once you’ve read this post and used the tips, I know you’ll win more matches. So buckle up and get ready for your mind to be blown.

A barbarian from clash royale sitting at a bar table with elixir on his face and laughing, licking his lips and saying "just how I like it"

PRO TIP: If you want to get easy wins at clash royale. you first need to start with the basics. If you don’t play with the basics, then you’re the one that’s going to be an easy win.

There’s not a great deal to clash royale so even the pros use the basic strategies to win. it’s that simple. So in this post of awesomeness, I’ll teach you what I’ve learnt and how you can easily copy their methods.

Player profile named bizkit from clash royale, ranked in the top 10 thousand players
My current clash royale profile, I know what I’m talking about a little bit.

How to get easy wins at clash royale!

1. Deck building.

If you’re deck sucks balls, you’re not gonna win alot of matches at clash royale. There’s two ways to finding the best deck for you. You can copy one, or if you’re like me, you can make your own. Obviously I prefer the second, I’ve tinkered with my deck for 2 years but it’s allways had the same-ish components.

How to build better decks.

If you want to win like a pro at clash royale. You’re gonna need to know how to build a deck properly. Otherwise you’re going to lose a hell of alot of matches, fast. Sure you can copy a deck, but you need to understand how it’s built, to know how it works. A blueprint you can use for deck building in clash royale is as follows.

  1. Win condition. 
  2. Small spell. 
  3. Big spell. 
  4. Building or tornado. 
  5. Range attacker. 
  6. Troop. 
  7. Troop. 
  8. Troop. 
A deck from the mobile game clash royale
My current deck

I’m aware my deck doesn’t follow the rules, but it works well for me. 

If you use that blue print as a guide, your decks will be alot stronger and you’ll win more. There’s room for tweaking but the first 5 are the most important. To win like a pro at clash royale, your deck needs to be versatile. Cards that can attack ground and air are preferable, but they usually have less hit points (HP).

At least one solid ground Troop is good to have. Like a Knight, valkryie or battle healer. There’s nothing worse than having a prince, in full charge heading towards your tower, and all you’ve got is weak cards.

You can also use to help build your decks, but don’t take the results too serious. If a deck is working for you, then stick with it. 

(Pro tip: if the Prince scenario does happen, let the Prince hit your tower then put your defending card down. Sometimes you have to take damage, to make damage.)

2. Taking damage is ok!

As touched on above, that’s right, taking damage is ok. Not too much, but some damage is fine. If you’re low on elixir and a mega minion is about to hit your tower, just let it. Take the damage and save your elixir. There’s no point defending, you’re just giving your opponent more elixir.

WHY? Because your Troop is now going to cross the river and die. A complete waste of elixir, just to save your tower from one hit from the opponents card.

3. Play on your side of the arena

Playing on your side of the arena is 100% better for you. Your princess towers do quite alot of work when you’re defending, even though it doesn’t feel like it. Whenever you can, allways defend on your side. But don’t leak elixir, waiting for your opponents cards to cross the river.

PRO TIP: an example of defending on your side of the arena. Your opponent plays a mega minion at the back. All you have is a night witch.

Wait a few seconds, before playing your NW. This way, the MM will have crossed the river when the 2 meet. Your NW stays alive, killing the MM and now your opponent is forced to use more elixir to defend your NW. The opponents card will then be coming to your side of the arena. Just rinse and repeat, building up your elixir advantage. A Great way to allways win at clash royale.

4. Take your time.

There’s no rush, a good way to get easy wins at clash royale. Is to just take your time, there’s no real advantage to going first in a match (As proven above). A great way to lose a match, is by spamming all your cards in single elixir time. DON’T DO IT, don’t get forced into, falling into your opponents hands. Let them play your game, at your speed. Don’t force a push, it’s OK to have a half health Troop Cross the river, if it saves you elixir and allows you to build up your advantage, thats better for you.

5. Don’t over defend

A goblin from clash royale pumping elixir into giant glass jars that are in train carts on a conveyor belt.

Yes, you need to defend, but don’t over do it. (Unless it’s absolutely necessary) . Allways try and gain an elixir advantage with ur defences. Do you really need a tombstone and a log to defend a hog? NO you don’t, you just wasted 2 elixir and gave it to your opponent. BAD MOVE, over the course of a match, that 2 elixir you’re giving away every time, will become 10+ elixir in total. Over defending, is a sure fire way of losing a match.

Defend, atleast in single elixir, with the bare minimum you can. To build up your elixir advantage for double time. That’s when the real match should allways start, in your mind. It’s the best way to get easy wins in clash royale, by far.

6. Build your push from the back.

A great example of this, is the common Royal Giant deck.

Royal pain deck in clash royale
Royal pain deck

Yes RG is a great card to play at the bridge. But in single elixir, you won’t have enough elixir to support your RG. Especially, for the all important killer lightning.

It’s better in single elixir to defend. Then defend and defend. Then when you feel an opening, play your Royal Giant at the back of your king tower. This way by the time your RG gets to the river, you’ll have more than enough elixir to get your ewiz, baby d and lightning out. If needed.

Building your attack from the back allows you to generate bigger pushes. It also allows you to abandon a push, if the opponent plays a good defence. This way you won’t be vulnerable for their counter attack.

7. Counter attack efficiently

A barbarian from clash royale running alone into battle. He gets shot in the head by an arrow but carry on running

Once you’ve built up your elixir advantage and defended properly. It’s time to start doing some real damage yourself. But only play your cards in the correct order. There’s no point pushing on the counter attack if all your support troops are in front of your tank. There’s no rush to attack, wait untill your push is ready. Just keep defending and get your cycle running correctly. Otherwise it’s just a wasted push, and yes, you may have to improvise on your defence but see no.5 on the list.

If you do all the above 7 steps and practice them. You will start to get easy wins at clash royale, 100% guaranteed. Then you can move onto more advanced strategies, like perfect card placements and interactions. But for now, practice the basics and watch your trophies go up. You won’t even feel like you’re trying once you master them.

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Bonus ways to get easy wins at clash royale.

While you’re practicing the basics and starting to win everytime at clash royale. You’ll be looking to improve a little bit more. Well good news my friend, I’ve got 3 more winning ways for you.

8. Pairing cards

Pairing cards is extremely important, if you want to get easy wins at clash royale. If you haven’t got a clue about how to pair cards then don’t worry, I got ya. You know how to build a deck, we talked about it in step 1. But you need cards that work well together. A good example of this is giant skeleton and baby dragon, or lava hound and balloon. Obviously these cards work well with other cards but it’s the synergy your after between cards. It makes them so much more powerful. For a full list on this Have a look at here. but for now here’s a few pairings that work. 

  • Giant skeleton + Baby dragon
  • Lava hound + Balloon
  • Executioner + Tornado
  • Graveyard + Poison
  • X-bow + Tesla

9. Don’t tilt too hard

Tilting, also known as a losing streak. Tilting happens to everyone in clash royale, noone likes to tilt, but the worst thing you can do is continue to play. just stop playing. Put your device down, do something else. Be it an hour or a day, whatever. Then go back when you’ve had a rest and took your mind of the game. Don’t get caught up in the Clash royale trap, of trying to get back to where you was. Take the loses and build up your trophies next time. Try and use the 3 loses and your out rule, which is 3 loses and you stop playing.

10. Stick to one deck

The best way to get easy wins at clash royale is to master one deck. Once you’ve found a deck that works for you stick with it, even when you lose. If you want to win like a pro at clash royale, you’ll have to learn how to play your deck like a pro first. Learn all the interactions, and how to play your deck against different decks. One thing that’s for sure in clash royale, is that you won’t win everytime. If you do, please teach me.

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How to be a badass blood sucking vampire Goth

Updated 31/03/2020 First of all, one does not simply become, a badass blood sucking vampire Goth. Being Goth is one thing, but being the very stereotype of what a Goth is, is another. They have great responsibility, and hold the torch for the Goth image.

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Now that the important bits have been addressed let’s get into it. The vampire Goth is heavily typical of your usual vampire from the movies, the darkest creature of the night. They will go to extremes. Like getting their teeth sharpened, ouch, just the thought of it makes me cringe.

Baby chewbacca cringe

The Vampire Goth is likely to have come from the typical Goth, leaning towards finding beauty in death. Most vampire stories are about seduction in some way. The seduction of death. A Vampire typically charms their way into the life of a normal human. And then shows them a gift. All life is precious, and death is what makes it precious. Personified in folklore. 3 things you’ll need to follow to be a blood sucking vampire Goth.

[lwptoc linkColor=”#c12c2c” visitedLinkColor=””]

1. Vampire Goth Fashion

Pick a vampire horror movie, book or TV Show. Chances are, a Vampire Goth will find fashion inspiration in it.

1994 interview with a vampire. Tom cruise and Brad pitt

1994, interview with a vampire

The classic shirt with ruffles on it is a key component of many Vampire Goth’s wardrobe. Here a little dripping of colour can be used. Deep Purples. Blood Red. Black is also acceptable.

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Black is used virtually everywhere else with a vampire goth. Black Trousers, Skirts, Black coats and Black hats. If it’s wearable, it’ll be black.The exception being the accessories. Vampire Goths are fans of putting flowers in their hair. Okay, so black roses are sometimes used. You will also see red roses though. Or purple. Yeah, Vampire Goths have a tri-colour scheme, black being the main base.Other accessories that a Vampire Goth may use include necklaces and chains. Some will even have a choker. Maybe, like with The Fetish Goth, as a BSDM symbol. However, there is also the sexuality of the neck involved.

Jabot and Cravats are also very common accessories. Or scarfs. Many Vampire Goths will also enhance what’s around their neck with a simple accessory. A broach. Vampire Goths will have a large collection of them. Wherever they be for pinning on neckwear or coats and jackets.When makeup is put on, deep dark red hue are used. A biting area of focus for this are the lips. The only other colour you might see is blue or purple, as a mimicry of a loss of breathing. Heavy eye shadow, also in these shades, are very common.Because of the vampire influence, heavy eye shadow and light, almost white foundation is also common makeup choice. No matter the gender of the Vampire Goth.

2. Vamprie Goth Music

Vampire Goths have an easy time with their music choice. They will be fans of many other music genres, know all of the usual goth bands. But there are also loads of bands out there that cater towards Vampire Goths.

The biggest name is perhaps Blutengel (Blood Angel in English). A band that sings in both German and English. Almost all of their songs have vampiric undertones. And that’s not just an over interpretation of the lyrics. That is the way Blutengel want it. Musically, they are a darkwave, electronic style band with both male and female vocals. Aesthetically, they show and embody all of the tropes of Vampire Goth.



Similarly, with more darkwave and gothic metal, is Untoten (The Undead in English). Another band that sings in German and English. Once again, you will find lyrical content and thematic references to Vampires everywhere within an Untoten song.Moving away from electronic stylings, there is the band Theatres des Vampires. Their music is a lot more metal. yet, there is still all of the Vampire tropes on full display. All of their older stuff provides a metal heavy sound, with their newer songs dipping their toes into an electronic influence.Inkubus Sukkubus is also a player here. A British band, and more something that Pagan Goths and Hippie Goths would listen to. Inkubus Sukkubus have plenty of songs themed around vampires in their catalogue. Plus, rituals, of witchcraft, also helps the inner fire of many Vampire Goths.

Inkubus sukkubus goth band

Inkubus sukkubus

Other than these key bands, Vampire Goths will also listen to something with heavy sexual undertones. Be it erotic sexuality. Seductive Sexuality. Or Fetish Sexuality. Something that gets the blood racing is perfect.

3. Vampire Goth Interests

What books do Vampire Goths like? All Vampire Fiction. Except Twilight. Seriously. Never talk about Twilight in front of a true vampire goth. All goths tend to be nice people. But if you want to see a pissed off goth? Well, you now know how to do it. So don’t.Movie wise? Of course, vampires also feature heavily. The Lost Boys is a classic in the community. Sometimes people like it ironically. Sometimes they love it for what it is.

The cast from the lost boys

The lost boys cast

Because of the romantic nature of many vampire goths, you can also expect them to express themselves in the classic arts. Be this painting. Or writing love poetry. Or playing classical instruments and composing songs.There is also a love of life inherent in many Vampire Goths. As part of the vampire mythos is that death is a gift to life, there is a respect for living things. Despite the blood drinking, Vampire Goths are likely to be vegan. They are also likely to honour animals. Think ethically sourced taxidermy. Or ethically sourced bones collections put on loving display.You can also expect a Vampire Goth’s home to be completely decked out. Things that would not be out of place in a castle will surround you. Chandeliers. Long candlesticks. Expensive large mirrors. Entering a Vampire Goth’s home is a trip to wonderland.

And to end with the question that has probably been lurking around the corner. Yes. There are members of the scene that do live the blood sucking vampire goth lifestyle completely. It’s an interesting subculture. And not at all violent. Even if there is such a vampire community in your town, you are as likely to get hit by a meteor as to get attacked by one.

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10 new year resolutions that will save you money

Quickly before we start, be sure to Share this with family, friends and on social media. Let’s spread the love and help each other out, with these 10 new year resolutions that will save you money.

As the Christmas festivities come to an end, and you’ve eaten your self silly. Maybe even drank a little too much aswell, it’s time to start looking forward to the new year. For many, either joining or taking the time to re-visit the gym after a lengthy break, is top of the list for new year resolutions. But if you’re after something a little different, that will also put more pounds in your pocket. We’ve come up with these 10 new year resolutions that will save you money. All of them are easy but some may take a little bit of will power, anyway let’s continue to the list.

10 new year resolutions that will save you money.

1. Quit smoking

Let’s start of with the basics, quiting things that actually cost you money to do but aren’t necessarily needed. The main one being smoking, not only is it bad for your health. but the price it costs to smoke today is ridiculous. I’m an ex smoker, (I now vape) so I understand how hard it can be. Quiting smoking to many people, is the hardest new year resolution there is. If you’re going to be giving this one a go, then you’ve probably already prepared yourself for it. Good luck, you can do it though, and this new year resolution will save you money, alot of it.

Top tip: just stop completely, don’t think cutting down to one a day is quiting. Because it isn’t, no matter how much you try and convince yourself it is. If you need the nicotine, like myself, then Invest in a decent vape mod.

Some helpfull links and tips to get you started. 

  • Smok vaping starter kit, perfect for beginners and all you’ll need is liquid.
  • Joe’s juice, butterscotch custard. This is my personal favourite tasting liquid of all time. Trust me, try it. Or just jump on ebay for cheaper options.
  • Don’t forget to buy nicotine to mix with your liquid. The rule of thumb is 1 x 10ml nicotine (usually how they’re sold) per 50ml liquid. Which gives you 60ml of 3mg nicotine strength eliquid. Simple, if you want 6mg use 2 x 10ml nicotine per 50ml liquid. (these can also be bought from Joe’s juice, or even ebay).

With that said, I started on a very high strength of 38mg. Which you can’t buy anymore, since they changed the laws about 4 years ago. But in my defence, I was told I had to quit. Due to MS, which I did the same day I was told. I’m now on 3mg.

2. Quit drinking

This new year resolution is alot easier than quiting smoking. Unless you currently have a drinking problem, but if you do you’re probably not reading this anyway. So assuming you’re not an alcaholic, this is a walk in the park. You can either cut down, or quit all together. Which ever you choose, you choose it will save you money, and you’ll feel a hell of alot better this year.

3. Junk food.

Junk foods nice, very nice, but so is paying your mortgage or rent. Whether you order alot of takeaways, buy alot of snacks, eat at maccy d’s too much or do all 3. Cutting down or if you enjoy a challenge, going cold turkey on the junk, will save you money. Junk food can get a grip of your wallet, it’s easy and fast.

Thankyou chandler.

A good way to atleast make a start cutting back on the junk food, is to make sure you have good food available, just as easy.

  • Try buying more fruit, fruits an easy and healthy snack.
  • Don’t skip meals. if you’re not desperately hungry, you won’t need fast food.
  • Try food prepping, it’s not just for gym rats. Anyone can do it, but you’ll have more options to play with.
  • If all else fails, make sure your freezer has micro meals or pizzas in it. There not healthy, but they’re a dam sight cheaper than a takeaway.

4. Stop subscribing

The following can be applied to any type of subscription. but for the sake of this article, I’ve chosen TV subscriptions.

There’s loads of things we can subscribe too, try cutting some down and stick to it. Do you really need Netflix, prime, hulu, wwe network. The list of TV and film networks to subscribe to is endless. Yes they’re good but seriously do you need all of them? Make a new year resolution to only have one subscription at a time. It will save you money, start of the new year by canceling all of them bar one. Then continue the year by keeping just one or none, a month. It doesn’t have to be the same one every month.

5. Take part in the 1p challenge for £667.95

If you find saving money hard, then this is a new year resolution that will be a challenge, but it will save you money. You’ll be saving money as a new year resolution, how good is that eh. I’m currently doing this, I started 110 days ago and I’ve currently saved £61.05. Not bad for a few pennies.

Basically how it works is, you save in pennies, the amount of days that’s passed.

  • On Day 1 = £0.01p
  • Then Day 2 = £0.02p
  • Finally Day 3 = £0.03p

After 3 days you’ll of saved £0.06p. Which is not alot at all, but trust me it mounts up. I’m currently on £1+ a day, it’s starting to get serious now. But it will all be worth it, because after 365 days, I’ll of saved a total of £667.95. Very, very nice new year resolution that will save you money. if you ask me.


A handy chart you can use, to track your progress.

6. £1 challenge for £1,378,00

No, calm down, this isn’t save a pound a day like the 1p challenge, thank god. Although that would be impressive for the average Joe to do, it’s not ideal. The £1 challenge is very similar to the penny challenge. but instead you increase by weeks. So week 1 you save £1, and week 52 you save £52. This challenge will save you more money, and it is easier to track. But harder to complete.

By week 52 this new year resolution will of saved you a tidy £1,378,00. A fantastic lump sum at the end of the year.

7. Get paid to lose weight

If you want to lose abit of weight, why not do it in a way that will save you money. Losing weight is a popular new year resolution, but it’s not the most enjoyable. However, Healthywage is a site that really does pay you to lose weight, Kind of.

10 new year resolutions that will save you money, lose weight and earn
Healthywage is 100% legit, check it out here.

On the easy to use healthywage website, you do the following.

  1. Choose the amount in pounds you want to lose.
  2. You pick the amount of months you want to lose the weight in.
  3. Choose the amount you want to bet per month.
  4. You then fill in your details. gender, current weight, height, and why you want to lose weight.
  5. Healthywage will then calculate how much you could win, the amount you profit and the percentage of return your investment brings you.

Pretty cool eh. Think of it as a high interest savings account, with a catch. A great way to spend the new year.

8. Make the most of cashback

If you’re after new year resolutions that will save you money, then cashback has to be on the list. There’s many, many ways that you can save money by receiving cashback from purchases. But to keep this as simple as possible I’ll just talk about online purchases. Have you ever heard of Quidco? If you have then start using it. If you haven’t then carry on reading.

  1. Sign up on Quidco
  2. Browse online as you usually would, then find something you want to buy. ( store)
  3. The important part, log in to Quidco, find the store your buying from and buy the item.
  4. Receive cashback on your purchase.

It’s really that easy, but you can go one step better. If you have a credit card that provides you with cashback on purchases, then double up. To Make it even better wait untill the item you’re after is on sale and you’re laughing. A new year resolution that will save you money, and make you feel like you’re part of oceans 11.

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9. Learn a new skill

While this new year revolution may not instantly save you money. It will save you money, in the long run. Now, I’m not talking about learning an extravagant skill. that requires a couple of years to master, no. Just taking the time to learn basic DIY skills, such as simple tiling. For a splash back wall in your kitchen, this one easy skill, will save you money at some point in your life. There’s basic plastering techniques that you could learn.

Become your own handy man this new year, there’s a reason why tradesman earn so much money. These jobs need doing, but save yourself a couple of hundred here and there. Learn the basics to help yourself out.

10. Start selling

We all have bits and bobs we don’t need or use, some people are hoarders. But the one thing we all have in common is we can profit from this. Make a new year resolution that will save you money, by selling your junk. Your junk is someone else’s wanted item. Yes it’s easier to put stuff in the bin, or the take it to the tip. It’s only getting in your way at home anyway. But atleast try and get some money from it first. Set a time limit on how long your willing to put an item up for sale. If it sells great, you just saved yourself some money. If it doesn’t, atleast you tried.

Try these usefull selling platforms:

  • Ebay
  • Depop
  • Vinted
  • Shpock
  • Gumtree

Final thoughts.

Whatever it is you decide to do this year, make sure its one of the new year resolutions that will save you money. Be smarter than the next guy or girl.

Good luck and happy new year. Be sure to Share this with your family, friends and on social media. Let’s get try and get everyone richer this year.

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Make Xmas your happy Gothmas this year

Being a Goth at Christmas is tough. But make Xmas your happy gothmas this year, Tis the season to be melancholy… 

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You’ve just navigated past that horrible post-Halloween point. Where everyone else is blathering on about mulled wine and bonfire night. When all you really want to do is fling open your (sizeable) dressing box, slap on dark Christmas make up and festoon yourself in all manner of ghostly garb. Halloween is your Christmas, and whilst you get all the excitement about the festive season, you’re feeling a little bit, well, melancholy about the whole darn thing. Don’t. There’s plenty of festive fun for you, my dear little ghoul. At Christmas or Xmas (because the X looks like a cross, and you like those, don’t you?) You’ve just got to know how to find it.

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Have a happy gothmas this year

You can take part in the festive jumper trend too – sort of…

Screw the bells, ignore the tinsel there are Christmas jumpers just for you now, Gothling. Buy them, wear them and revel in the darkness and terror that your jumper brings to those around you. But be different, just use an ordinary Christmas jumper. Ideally with Rudolph on, and take a permanent marker and some scissors to sever his cute little head. Add leftover fake blood from Halloween for effect and you’re finished just like our furry friend. I bet his nose isn’t looking quite so shiny and bright now it’s turned putrid green and rotted off. (Too far?)

Rudolph the dead nose reindeer, have a happy gothmas
Rudolph the dead nose reindeer

You can enjoy the best film ever made, over and over again.

Happy Jack Skellington nightmare before christmas
Happy Jack skellington

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is the quintessential Goth film. For most of us, TNBC (shortened because we refer to it so often). Was the catalyst that lead us down that path of darkness. We sat as children watching creepy Jack Skellington leap from Halloween town to Christmas town. As our little souls turned black with misanthropic glee. The other kids hid their eyes in horror from what was supposed to be a children’s film. Skellington himself is the perfect metaphor for any Goth wishing to actively partake in Christmas. You can jump between the two, in all manner of spooky joy. But you’ll always come back to the dark side. Always. You’re bound to it eternally. And if you’re not, the rest of us will track you down and haunt you.

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Have a Happy gothmas this year, dear gothlings.

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Layering clothes for winter: how to do it

Many women are afraid to layer their clothes for fear of looking bigger than they actually are. While logic would lead one to believe that this claim is true. If you’ve mastered the art of layering this couldn’t be further from the truth. A perfectly layered look will compliment your curves and create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette. If your Goth, layering is pretty simple because you won’t need to worry about colours too much. The accessories are the part for you, but layering is still important, especially if you want to stay warm and not look thrumpy. Alternative clothing is great for layering, it’s a chance to try out so many different options. With the 5 steps to layering clothes for winter, you’ll be able to keep warm but still look good.

[lwptoc numeration=”none” numerationSuffix=”none” colorScheme=”light” backgroundColor=”#ffffff” borderColor=”” titleColor=”#000000″ linkColor=”#000000″]


Joey from friends wearing all of chandler's clothes, layering clothes done wr
Joey hasn’t quite mastered layering yet

The 5 Secrets to layering clothes for winter

#1 the foundation

2 in 1 gothic rock mesh vest top layering clothes for winter
£11.99 2 in 1 goth rock mesh top

Start with a basic, lightweight top. I suggest a solid, something neutral, or striped.

Tip: Keep the under-layers more fitted to keep your shape looking slim.

#2 the warmth

Hooded crop Top with chains, secrets to layering clothes for winter
£11.99 also available in black and red

Add another layer such as a soft cardigan or sweater. If you’re into colour, this can be a great opportunity to mix in a bold pullover to give your outfit more intrigue and depth.

Tip: If you’re concerned about your waistline, try to top off your look with something belted.

#3 The coat

Women's thin trench coat perfect for layering clothes for winter
From £14.99 black Hooded trench coat

Then add a jacket or coat. Again, I suggest a basic color. Camel, black, navy, or even olive green.

Tip: Length and proportion is key when layering. A good trench coat is allways a safe option.

#4 The winter warmers

Double use snood used for layering clothes
£4.99 double use snood

Next, add a scarf. It’s like the frosting on a cupcake. A must!

Tip: Play with texture. It’s best to incorporate a mix of materials when layering clothes for winter. If you use all of the same fabrics, you’re look will come off as heavy and dowdy (which can add the appearance of unwanted weight as well).

#5 The accessories

Jewelery collection from 1.99
TtFrom £1.99

Sprinkle on your accessories (bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces).

Tip: if they can’t be seen what’s the point in wearing them, try a Choker or Layered necklace.

Things to remember when layering clothes for winter

  • Layering is best achieved when you keep your look to one or two colour families.
  • A nice mix of texture is essential for layering.
  • Proportion is everything when it comes to layering.
  • Any more than one big item and you’re venturing into unflattering territory.
  • Mastering the art of layering takes time and practice. play around with different layered looks all the time until you find something that works.

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How not to go shopping in Manchester

On the 13th December, Friday the 13th to be exact. Me and the better half traveled down, or across to Manchester from Newcastle, by train. To see the Manchester Christmas markets and a shopping trip weekend. That journey on paper takes 2 and a half hours. But in reality it’s more like 5. I’m use to these long journeys, however my fiance isn’t. Turns out she’s not a fan. Which I should of prepared for, I take full responsibility for the headache she gave me on the journey. I made sure we was better prepared for the trip back, with colouring books, pens, food and a travel pillow. No I’m not engaged to a 12yr old my fiance is 31.

Colouring in a frozen 2 poster
Colouring in a frozen 2 poster, happy fiance

Arriving in manchester

With the train we had booked, we should of made it into Manchester with about an hour to spare before the Christmas markets closed. However 2 hours into the journey, the train got delayed by 30 minutes. So that messed up that plan, we did however make time to get into primark. 15 minutes before they closed at 9pm. Which pleased my 12yr old. 31 Yr old fiance, who somehow managed to purchase quite abit of stuff, and that was just items picked up from the que.

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We then headed on over to the hotel, motel one royal exchange. Which was in a perfect location for what we had planned. The markets at Albert Hall are just to the left of it and the Arndale centre to the right. The room in the hotel was just what we needed. It had a bed and a bathroom, nothing fancy but still really nice.

Motel one standard double room
Motel one standard double room

With us both starving from not eating much all day, we went for a walk to see what we could find. At 10pm there wasn’t many options, so we decided to go to burger King. Which happens to be right next to primark. Neither of us drink alcahol, so being the only sober customers in BK, it was easy to get served. After eating our meals we went back to motel one and called it a night.

Shopping in Manchester

Central perk manchester

The big shopping day had arrived, we both woke up at 7am and got ready to be in primark for 8am when it opened. I would highly advise getting there for that time as no-one is around, it’s great. Central perk, the friends cafe was open so we had a couple of coffees before starting the primark haul my fiance had planned. Not much was bought really, they had plenty of plaid shirts, we bought one. Kinda cool as it’s a zip up multi coloured plaid shirt. I think it was £8, not a bad price. The total price for the 2 hour haul only came to £150 surprisingly, after the cheap shopping haul we decided to eat.

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We ended up in the arndale centre nandos which again was empty, I thought it was closed. We were just extremely early, it must of opened at 11am. If you’re interested I had half a medium spice chicken, spicy rice and corn on the cob. My fiance had half a plain chicken, nandos salty chips and coleslaw. Both were awesome as allways, can’t beat abit nandos.

After that that we headed over to build a bear and got a sloth Teddy made, with a matching miniature sloth. My fiance has a weird sloth fetish, and seen on youtube that they now do sloths, thanks to loey lane.

Killing time

My dad, who we were meeting that day. Had us booked in a restaurant for 4pm so the next few hours were spent walking around the arndale centre at looking at different ships. I recommend visiting simply iconic, that place is a fan boy/girls dream. Especially if you like signed merchandise, in the entrance they have del boys three wheeler. Although I’m not sure if it was the real one, it still looked cool.

Simply iconic manchester arndale centre
Simply iconic manchester arndale centre

I thought I’d show my lady the arndale indoor market, really cheap stuff. You could end up spending a fortune on studded gothic style ankle boots,there was so many to choose from and all of them were pretty inexpensive. But we didn’t buy any instead my fiance got her bridge repierced which looks great. So the tattooist in the arndale centre market is good for piercings, £20 with bar included.

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Time to meet Dad

Time really did fly by walking around all day, which isn’t advisable in Dr marten boots, So sore. But we met my Dad and his missus and went for a curry at zook, which was really nice food, I had buttered chicken. 10/10 not spicy and very tasty.

Manchester piccadilly Gardens at chritmas
Manchester piccadilly Gardens at christmas

Christmas Market time, I’ll never know why I allways head to Albert Hall for the markets. Its so extremely busy, you literally can’t move, it’s not enjoyable. So after finally getting out the huge crowd we went to the smaller markets which was alot better, there still wasn’t alot of stuff bought, if anything. Walking around already and getting up early we was both tired so we went back and went to sleep.

Going back home

Forgetting it was Sunday and the shops don’t start opening till 11 we got woke up early. Trying to make the most of the final few hours we had. We still didn’t get much done, we had a coffee in Costa, walked around Manchester back streets for abit, then ended up back in primark for 11. I bought a beanie and we got our 13yr old daughter a load of friends clothing, she’s obsessed and her birthdays in January.

Then it was time to go home, not much of a Manchester shopping trip really. It was a nice day away with the Mrs. But to go shopping in Manchester you need more than one day. If we ever decide to try again, which I don’t think will be via train, we’ll be staying longer and buying more.

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20 Easy ways to save money on Gothic clothing

Updated Jan 25th 2020. Buying clothes, we all need to do it but it can get expensive. Especially if you or your fashion sense is of the alternative or gothic nature. The most obvious way to save money on Gothic clothing, is to go for the cheapest items. That does work, but is it the best way to make your money stretch as far as it can? I’m going to share some tips for buying quality alternative clothing on a budget. Some you may already know of but others you may not. Either way this article will put more money in your pocket and get you wearing the clothes you want. Yes that includes the expensive boots you’ve had your eye on for a while. Or the coat, that’s just out of your price range. Buying alternative clothing on a budget, does not mean you need to buy cheap. Let’s find out how this can be done. 

What is alternative fashion? Do you really know

What is Alternative fashion? The short answer is, fashion that, at least at one time, stood apart from mainstream commercial fashion. Alternative fashion includes the fashions of specific subcultures. Such as emo, scene, goth subculture. Hip hop, heavy metal fashion, cyberpunk, and Lolita fashion.

What is alternative fashion?

Alternative fashion and giftware at

However, it is not limited to these. In general, alternative, or ‘alt’, fashion does not conform to widely popular style trends. Of the times that have widespread popularity. It may exhibit itself as a fringe style. Extremely attention-grabbing and more artistic than practical. But it can also develop from anti-fashion sentiments that focus on simplistic utilitarian drives. (e.g.: grunge fashion, which was largely based around comfort and availability).

Goth up your winter wardrobe on a budget.

IIt’s not new

Alternative fashion is often considered a modern concept. However the concept of subculture it is often related to, have existed for centuries. Many forms of alternative fashion gain attention. And even notoriety, through their relationship to individuals or groups that are seen as socially undesirable. Even though these types of behaviors may not be common among those involved in alternative fashion.

For instance, greasers of the 1950s were associated with street gangs and random acts of juvenile violence. Hippies of the 1960s (along with ravers of the 1980–90s) with promiscuity, anti-establishment agendas and, especially, drug use. Those sporting hip hop style in the 1980s-now are known for the selling of drugs and other criminal behavior.

Goth on a budget with these 4 tips

The most headline-grabbing event in recent years related to alternative fashion. was the wave of anti-Gothic policies and commentary that flooded through common culture in the wake of the Columbine High School massacre.

The crime, perpetrated by two young men dressed in black trench coats. Who were known to be fans of heavy, dark themed music. Was immediately associated with the Gothic subculture in the media. Despite the teens’ lack of any concrete affiliation with the dress or musical style usually given to this label.

Gothic Trench Coat, what is alternative fashion
DEATH BONES – Gothic Trench Coat PU-Leather with Full Zip £89.99

Policies were passed in schools across the country. Banning dress styles and items associated with the Gothic subculture. Many individuals who dressed in any way related to Gothic style. Whether or not they associated with this subculture, were targets of fear, anger and suspicion. 

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The subculture as a whole, though extremely diverse in religious and social beliefs. Was pigeonholed by the media as a dangerous influence on children.

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Goth on a budget: 4 easy ways to do it

So if you like to dress Goth, you’ll of noticed it can be very expensive. Especially the big items like a decent pair of boots, or a coat that matches your dark desires. Now we all know you don’t necessarily need to dress to the nines to be Goth. But it’s nice to have a little bit of a spend on some decent gear every now and then. But that can’t be done consistently unless your Richard branson or any other millionaire. However, if you’re still waiting for your Lotto numbers to come up. Don’t get all Cinderella about it. There’s plenty of ways to Goth on a budget, by shopping outside of the box, and making some simple customisations to everyday pieces of clothing.

In This article I’m going to give you four tips I’ve learnt about how to get Goth on a budget, with these four tips, you can save serious money.

Alternative fashion and giftware at

Goth on a budget with these four tips.

#1 Look out for freebies

Firstly allways do this, who doesn’t like free stuff? Also many online retailers offer sale items on the cheap, and sometimes run special offers for signing up to their mailing lists or back-linking to their site from your own website or blog.

You can sign up to here.

#2 High street shopping

If you’ve never been to a charity shop, why? The places are everywhere and they’re cheap. You can get some good quality stuff in those little treasure troves. Deffinetly worth checking out.

Gothic mid length coat
From £14.99 with free worldwide p&p

Look out for big items such as boots and coats particularly, and also, look at military surplus stores for the same. Particularly for long woollen coats and army-style boots. 

Goth on a budget
£18.99 with free p&p worldwide

#3 Customise!

There is an absolute fucktonne of different ways to customise items of clothing to Goth them up a bit. such as by investing in some black clothes dye to revive or re-colour worn out jeans, or simply ripping up your old jeans that are already starting to fall apart at the knees.

Badges, large safety pins and iron-on patches can all help to cover flaws in clothes and add a bit of depth and interest to your look. As can fabric pens and decals that will allow you to design your own one of a kind items for just a few quid too. 

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Use old clothes as patches, like an old and tired tartan shirt, rip it up and sow it on to some jeans. 

Lace borders can be hand-sewn onto even the plainest of tops or skirts with ease, turning a plain black shirt into a Victoriana-style delight.

#4 Market Barter

Market stalls, small independent shops and the like will be no stranger to people bartering for their wares. So it’s worth a try, even if you get knocked back. Larger stores and big brands are unlikely to give you anything, but smaller shops may well knock a couple of quid off or throw in the odd freebie now and then. So don’t be afraid to ask.

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