How to dismember a person like Jeffrey Dahmer

First things first, this is not a tutorial on how to dismember a person. This is just an explanation of how dismemberment is done, and what it is. Most of the serial killers I’ve written about – Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy being the most commonly known names. Have dismembered their victims, but what isn’t explained. Is how the dismemberment process happens. So, I thought it would be a good idea to explain, how to dismember a person like a serial killer. (I’m not dexter)

Dismemberment: meaning in the Cambridge English dictionary.

To cut, tear or pull the arms and legs off the body of a deadperson or animal.

Why serial killers dismember their victims.

A Polaroid taken by Jeffrey dahmer.

The main reason why serial killers dismember victims, is simply to dispose of the evidence. In a more convenient way than carrying a whole dead body around. Depending on the person it can be quite a heavy object to move around, and not ideal for the average person to carry.

There’s also rigor mortis to think about. Which usually sets in around 2 hours after the deceased has passed away. Rigor mortis, from the Latin for “stiffness of death” is the rigidity that develops in a body after death. It can last anywhere between 8 to 12 hours and still has effects upto 18 hours after this.

So, once a serial killer has murdered a victim, they’re then left with a stiff dead body for the best part of 2 days. Leaving them with the question “how the hell, do I get rid of this”.

How serial killers dismember their victims

How to dismember a person using these tools by Jeffrey dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmers disposal kit.

Jeffrey Dahmer – most notoriously known for dismembering and eating his victims. – with experience in the dismemberment process. Would first behead his victim and then hang them upside down over his bathtub. This would allow most of the blood to drain from the corpse, and create less of a mess during the dismembering of the limbs.

After the draining was complete. Jeffrey dahmer would then start removing the arms by cutting them off, with one of his many tools. Then do the same to the victims’ legs. Keeping any parts of the flesh, he fancied eating later, in his freezer.

Once the dismemberment was complete, Dahmer would start removing the flesh from the bone. (He wanted to keep the bones, for a shrine he was building.) after removing the flesh, he would then dissolve it in an acid solution. Until it became a jelly like substance, then dispose of it down the toilet.

Jeffrey Dahmers acid drum, just chilling in the corner of his bedroom.

Once the bones and the skull were clean of flesh, Dahmer would take great care in preserving them. Past failed attempts had taught him that if he didn’t, the bones would become too brittle and need destroying. Which was not suitable for his shrine.

Jeffrey Dahmers drawing of the shrine he had planned.


Although this may not be a ‘how to’ on dismembering a person. It is an insight, into how or maybe even why serial killers dismember their victims.

To summarise how dismemberment and disposal is done.

  1. The Killing of a victim.
  2. Behead the corpse. (gotta keep it clean)
  3. Let the blood drain.
  4. Remove the arms and legs.
  5. Keep parts you want to eat. If applicable.
  6. Remove the flesh from the bones.
  7. Dissolve the flesh in acid.
  8. Dispose of the liquid, once complete.
  9. Destroy the bones.

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