Manchester serial killer: how I found out

For years there’s been talk about a Manchester serial killer, known as the canal pusher. To this day the police deny that this is true, but with 80 or more body’s being found in manchester’s canals. it’s certainly raised the eyebrows of the locals. Myself, being one of them.

Daily star newspaper from 2016 about the possibility that there is a serial killer in manchester called the canal pusher. With 61 deaths totaled
2016 daily star newspaper when the unusual death toll was at 61.

The reality, that there may be a Manchester serial killer, first dawned on me around 9 years ago. This is what I know.

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A few deaths no big deal.

I’m from Manchester, born and raised. There’s some rough areas, some nice areas. There’s crime, just like anywhere else. So when you hear about a body being found in the canal, you don’t really think too much about it. I mean, alot of manchester’s bars are located along the canal. it’s easy to assume the deceased was intoxicated and had a stumble into the merky water, unable to get back out and drowned. Especially with the Manchester canals not having much to keep people out.

Manchester canal side bars with people sitting out on the grass enjoying a beer
One of manchester’s waterside bars

A body found in the Manchester canals. store for, Alternative fashion and giftware

When I heard about a body being found in the canal, I was in the car with my dad heading to work. It was the first day back after the christmas break, and the news came over on the car radio. As tragic, as the news was. With it being so close to the festive period, we both, as I imagine many would, assumed it was someone having a deadly drunken fall into the waters that run through the city.

Another body found in the Manchester canals.

Manchester police searching through the Manchester canals after another body was found dead in the water
Manchester police, searching the Manchester canals after a body was found.

Skip forward exactly 12 months, another first day back to work after Christmas. The same news again, a body had been found in the Manchester canals. “didn’t that last year? ” I asked my dad. “yeah I think so” he replied. Still, no suspicions, it was just another drunken accident.

And again…

Flowers left by the canal where a body had been found.

Another year passes, another first day back at work comes. The exact same story on the radio. Now it’s starting to grab our attention. From this point on, to me, they weren’t just accidents. Three bodies being found in the Manchester canals might not be strange. But a body being found, around the same time every year, is abit weird.

Maybe Manchester has a serial killer

The next year, going back to work after the christmas holidays I was waiting for the news. It was the same story again, a body had been found in the Manchester canals.

A Heat map of the bodies being found in the Manchester canals

For whatever reason, I never looked into there being a Manchester serial killer. Maybe it didn’t really raise too many alarms, Maybe because I worked too much and forgot. I’m not sure, but anyway around 3 years ago, after I moved to Newcastle. I was telling my fiance (who is from Newcastle) about the weird murders happening every year around Christmas in Manchester.

To help explain more about what was going on. I decided to get on the old Google, and started to search about the body’s being found in the Manchester canals. I wasn’t expecting much, if anything really. But i was wrong, and it wasn’t just happening during december/January. I also wasn’t the only person suspicious that there may be a Manchester serial killer. Turned out, he or she is known as the canal pusher. I even found a great youtube video from curiosity, investigating the unusual amount of deaths. I’ll link the video below.


If the Manchester Canal Pusher is a real person. Operating within the city for the past 11 years, and potentially killing nearly 80 people. It would be safe to assume that there have been many or atleast a few. Potential victims who managed to escape the pusher’s pushing.

Even a seasoned pro like Ted Bundy fucked up and allowed some girls to escape. Later being able to identify him and ensure he was convicted. Are there any such incidents of this happening with the pusher?

Surviving the canal pusher

Newspaper article from 2018 about a man that encountered the Manchester serial killer known as the pusher and how he survived
2018 daily star newspaper article about a man surviving the pusher.

Well, yes there is. In April 2018, a cyclist was violently thrown into the canal at night. By what he deemed to be a “psychopath who… even tried to stop me getting back out. ” After almost drowning as his legs became tangled up in his bike underwater. The ‘pusher’ ran off and the cyclist managed to get to the bank and pulled himself to safety.

The Pusher was described as a white male, aged between 20-40. average height and wearing a black jacket. That pretty much describes around 30 million people in the UK, so not much help there then. But the question remains. Could this person have been THE pusher that is responsible for so many other deaths in the city?

Police were quick to dismiss the incident as completely unrelated to the other deaths in the canal. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest or link the cyclist’s account of what happened with any of the tragic events which have been recorded over the last 11 years.

But what if there isn’t a pusher…

Deansgate locks in Manchester, where the bars sit just in front of the canal. And the bridge that's used to cross over from the town centre
Deans gate locks, a popular part of manchester’s night life, right by the canal.

If there is no Manchester serial killer, no canal pusher. Then, is it scarier that all these deaths within the waters that run threw Manchester are accidents? If the numbers are correct – 80 deaths in 11 years – that’s an average of 7.27 deaths a year, or 0.60 per month.

Now I’m not a body count analyst, nor am I a crime investigator. But surely, these numbers need something doing about them, canal pusher or no pusher.

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How not to go shopping in Manchester

On the 13th December, Friday the 13th to be exact. Me and the better half traveled down, or across to Manchester from Newcastle, by train. To see the Manchester Christmas markets and a shopping trip weekend. That journey on paper takes 2 and a half hours. But in reality it’s more like 5. I’m use to these long journeys, however my fiance isn’t. Turns out she’s not a fan. Which I should of prepared for, I take full responsibility for the headache she gave me on the journey. I made sure we was better prepared for the trip back, with colouring books, pens, food and a travel pillow. No I’m not engaged to a 12yr old my fiance is 31.

Colouring in a frozen 2 poster
Colouring in a frozen 2 poster, happy fiance

Arriving in manchester

With the train we had booked, we should of made it into Manchester with about an hour to spare before the Christmas markets closed. However 2 hours into the journey, the train got delayed by 30 minutes. So that messed up that plan, we did however make time to get into primark. 15 minutes before they closed at 9pm. Which pleased my 12yr old. 31 Yr old fiance, who somehow managed to purchase quite abit of stuff, and that was just items picked up from the que.

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We then headed on over to the hotel, motel one royal exchange. Which was in a perfect location for what we had planned. The markets at Albert Hall are just to the left of it and the Arndale centre to the right. The room in the hotel was just what we needed. It had a bed and a bathroom, nothing fancy but still really nice.

Motel one standard double room
Motel one standard double room

With us both starving from not eating much all day, we went for a walk to see what we could find. At 10pm there wasn’t many options, so we decided to go to burger King. Which happens to be right next to primark. Neither of us drink alcahol, so being the only sober customers in BK, it was easy to get served. After eating our meals we went back to motel one and called it a night.

Shopping in Manchester

Central perk manchester

The big shopping day had arrived, we both woke up at 7am and got ready to be in primark for 8am when it opened. I would highly advise getting there for that time as no-one is around, it’s great. Central perk, the friends cafe was open so we had a couple of coffees before starting the primark haul my fiance had planned. Not much was bought really, they had plenty of plaid shirts, we bought one. Kinda cool as it’s a zip up multi coloured plaid shirt. I think it was £8, not a bad price. The total price for the 2 hour haul only came to £150 surprisingly, after the cheap shopping haul we decided to eat.

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We ended up in the arndale centre nandos which again was empty, I thought it was closed. We were just extremely early, it must of opened at 11am. If you’re interested I had half a medium spice chicken, spicy rice and corn on the cob. My fiance had half a plain chicken, nandos salty chips and coleslaw. Both were awesome as allways, can’t beat abit nandos.

After that that we headed over to build a bear and got a sloth Teddy made, with a matching miniature sloth. My fiance has a weird sloth fetish, and seen on youtube that they now do sloths, thanks to loey lane.

Killing time

My dad, who we were meeting that day. Had us booked in a restaurant for 4pm so the next few hours were spent walking around the arndale centre at looking at different ships. I recommend visiting simply iconic, that place is a fan boy/girls dream. Especially if you like signed merchandise, in the entrance they have del boys three wheeler. Although I’m not sure if it was the real one, it still looked cool.

Simply iconic manchester arndale centre
Simply iconic manchester arndale centre

I thought I’d show my lady the arndale indoor market, really cheap stuff. You could end up spending a fortune on studded gothic style ankle boots,there was so many to choose from and all of them were pretty inexpensive. But we didn’t buy any instead my fiance got her bridge repierced which looks great. So the tattooist in the arndale centre market is good for piercings, £20 with bar included.

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Time to meet Dad

Time really did fly by walking around all day, which isn’t advisable in Dr marten boots, So sore. But we met my Dad and his missus and went for a curry at zook, which was really nice food, I had buttered chicken. 10/10 not spicy and very tasty.

Manchester piccadilly Gardens at chritmas
Manchester piccadilly Gardens at christmas

Christmas Market time, I’ll never know why I allways head to Albert Hall for the markets. Its so extremely busy, you literally can’t move, it’s not enjoyable. So after finally getting out the huge crowd we went to the smaller markets which was alot better, there still wasn’t alot of stuff bought, if anything. Walking around already and getting up early we was both tired so we went back and went to sleep.

Going back home

Forgetting it was Sunday and the shops don’t start opening till 11 we got woke up early. Trying to make the most of the final few hours we had. We still didn’t get much done, we had a coffee in Costa, walked around Manchester back streets for abit, then ended up back in primark for 11. I bought a beanie and we got our 13yr old daughter a load of friends clothing, she’s obsessed and her birthdays in January.

Then it was time to go home, not much of a Manchester shopping trip really. It was a nice day away with the Mrs. But to go shopping in Manchester you need more than one day. If we ever decide to try again, which I don’t think will be via train, we’ll be staying longer and buying more.

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