Sleep paralysis scary story.

Sleep-Paralysis scary story

From superfalls:

“I would have to say one of the scariest things that has happened to me was during sleep paralysis.

The symbolism of Baphomet

My bed is in the corner of my room. It is a loft bed so it is about five feet off of the ground. I was lying in bed, feeling like I had just woke up. lying on my back, with my arms and legs kind spread out (like a starfish). I see out of the corner of my eyes a dark figure rise up from the side of my bed off from the ground. It rose up and moved over so that it was floating directly above me.

Jeffrey dahmers life and death – the life and death of a necrophile, cannibal and serial killer

It’s face was demonic-absolutely petrifying. It’s hard to describe, but it had no eyes but a large mouth. I seem to remember it having long, thin, sharp teeth. When it was parallel to me I tried screaming-nothing came out. This has to be one of the worst feelings, when you know you are capable of doing something, anything to save yourself, but you simply can’t. You put all force into trying to let out even just the smallest noise, but nothing comes out. Then I tried to move. That was not possible either. I was completely paralyzed. I tried to scream and squirm as the creature inched closer and closer to my face, its mouth widening with each movement.

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All of the sudden I snapped and fully awoke. It was gone, it had disappeared just like that. As if nothing happened. My heart was pounding and I was still scared. I was able to shake it off and fall back asleep. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first or last time I experienced sleep paralysis, but it definitely was the most terrifying.”

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The Scariest true stories that actually happened

Scary true stories that you’ve never read or heard before. Supposedly true but whether they are or not, they’re still good. Credit to the reddit users that posted their stories.

Last updated December 31st 2019

Scary true stories

Scary true stories: The shoe in the riverbed

A few years ago, tauntauntom had just been through a rough divorce from their high school sweetheart. Their best friend had taken to distracting them by taking long road trips.

One morning, they were on their way to Carlsbad, New Mexico when they paused alongside a river dam. They were drinking cider and snacking when the pair decided to explore the dried river bed. It was obvious that they weren’t the first ones to go trekking through the riverbed. The pair could see human, canine, and feline footprints in the mud.

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Creepy prints in the

They then recall starting to feel an odd sensation, like they were being watched. Their friend caught the writer’s attention and called them over. There was a bone in the ground – what they now believe was a spinal cord. At first they thought it was a beef or pork bone on some kind.

They continued looking around the river bed when they found a strange rust colored rock sticking out from the sand. When they got closer, they realized it was a half-buried little girl’s shoe. The Reddit user stepped back and ran forward, preparing to kick the shoe. Suddenly, they heard a little girl’s voice shout “No! Don’t, please!” They looked around but didn’t see anyone besides themselves, and their friend.

True scary stories

The friend asked why they stopped and they replied “Didn’t you hear that little girl?”. Both confused, they decided to shrug it off and continued on their way. Meanwhile, the feeling that someone was watching them grew stronger. A few minutes later, they spotted another bone.

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Update scary true stories

Now, they began to get scared. The bone was clearly human. The  friend called the non-emergency police number for Carlsbad, and they reported what they saw.

One week later, they received a call from their friend that the Carlsbad Police had called to report the bones they found were indeed human.

During the investigation, the two were questioned and eventually informed that the rust-colored rock actually wasn’t a rock at all, but the shell of a pickup truck that had disappeared along with the family of three it had been carrying: a man, a woman, and their daughter. It made the Reddit user think back to the girl’s shoe sticking out of the mud, and the voice they heard. Could the little girl have spoken directly to them?

2. My paranormal experience

When zZaRagingClueZz was 16 or 17, he had just moved into the a new house with his mother and sister. He had the bedroom in the basement. About a month after moving in, he started noticing bizarre things. Hangers would sway as though there was a wind, and he often heard light, unexplainable knocks in the middle of the night. It was creepy enough to make him move all of his belongings to the spare upstairs bedroom.

Ghost girl

One day, while he played video games in the basement, a white mist shot out from behind their television, up the wall and across the ceiling. He bolted out from the basement and told his mom, who told him it was just his imagination.

Over the next few months, he started hearing knocks and seeing objects move again. Slowly, it started getting stronger. Then whispers started, then painful screams. Soon, it was happening every night without fail.

Scares at the nursing home

Swagman434 posted a scary true story and is a dietary aide at a nursing home for people with Alzheimer’s, and they have had some seriously scary encounters while working there. Their job mainly consists of  washing dishes, and they’re normally standing right next to the dishwasher which makes it difficult to hear what people are saying.

On numerous occasions, they have been by the dishwasher and heard someone talking to them even though they knew no one was nearby.

One night, the writer went to collect food carts in one of their units, alone. The whole time they were in the unit, they felt like they were being followed. Fearing what they might see, they never turned around. Eventually, they pulled off, pretending to use the bathroom. They waited there for about five minutes before peering into the hallway where they’d just been. There, they saw a patient they recognized. At first, this made them feel better, but soon, they realized that it was a patient who had died three days prior in a unit near the kitchen.

Ghost girl

The user also relayed a second experience they had while washing the dishes on a different day. They asked the person they were washing with if he could go into Unit A and get the food carts. The third person who normally washed with them had already left for the day, leaving the writer alone.

Suddenly, they heard a voice in their ear. They turned around, but no one was there. They even went into the hallway, but still saw nothing. As they returned to washing the dishes, it happened again. The second time, they realized it was the voice of their great-grandma who passed away seven years ago. Very spooky.

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The Face in the tree Scary Halloween story

The Face in the Tree

Gloria and her friends Sarah and Megan enjoyed riding their horses through the woods next to the riding stable. Many of the old timers at the stable warned them not to pass Black Woods at night on horseback. The haunted woods often spooked the horses – as well as the riders.


One particularly beautiful night close to Halloween, the girls rode out further than they intended. The crisp leaves crunched under the horses’ hooves, and the girls spent more time than usual exploring an unused trail.

Jeffrey Dahmers third and fourth murders: full on serial killer begins

The sunset faded, and the girls suddenly realized they would have to pass by Black Woods in pitch darkness. The horses knew the path and picked their way carefully through the woodland trail. As they came to the fork in the trail that led left past Black Woods toward the stables or right towards the road, all three horses balked and refused to turn left.

The Face in the tree Scary Halloween story Black woods

Gloria said, “Let’s dismount and walk them the last little bit. We’re almost home.”

“You go,” Sarah said. She shivered. “I want to ride towards the road and walk on the road back to the stable.”

Gloria persisted. “We’re going to get in trouble if we walk the horses on the road at night. It’s too dangerous. Besides, we’re almost back. We just have to get through Black Woods.”

Sarah and Meg had already turned their horses and headed towards the road. “Fine,” Gloria fumed. “I’ll go straight.”


She urged her horse forward. As they rounded the last turn into Black Woods, an eerie glow suddenly lit the path in front of her. Gloria urged her trembling horse forward. As she turned the last corner through Black Woods towards the riding stable, the glow became stronger and centered on a huge, lightning-struck oak tree. On the trunk of the tree a woman’s face appeared. She glowed with a white light as her lips moved.

Black Woods tree

“Tell them…,” she whispered. “Tell them I’m innocent.”

Gloria kicked her horse, but the horse needed no urging. He flew through the woods and stopped at the stable door trembling in fear.

The next day, one of the stable owners, Tommy, stopped by while Gloria groomed her horse. Tommy had heard that Gloria had ridden alone through Black Woods after dark, and so close to Halloween. As she curried her horse, Gloria worked up her courage and asked, “Tommy, why do people say we shouldn’t go into Black Woods at night?”

“Because of the Hanging Tree,” Tommy said.

“The big oak.” It was a statement from Gloria, not a question.

“The very one,” said Tommy.

The apparition’s words echoed in Gloria’s mind. “Tell them I’m innocent.” She shivered.

She never rode anywhere near Black Woods or the old Hanging Tree ever again.

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The little girl stuck on the haunted island of dolls

The haunted Island of Dolls is not a natural island, but an artificial one. It is a chinampa (sometimes referred to as a ‘floating island’). An agricultural innovation developed by the Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans in the Valley of Mexico. The Island of Dolls is located on the Teshuilo Lake, in the canals of Xochimilco. one of the 16 boroughs of Mexico City.

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Island of dolls, with a view of the dolls hanging from the trees
Island of dolls

How Was the haunted Island of Dolls Created?

The story of the Island of Dolls begins in the 1950s. At that time, there was a man by the name of Julián Santana Barrera. Who decided to live his life as a recluse. He left his wife and family and moved to the island to live in solitude.

The hut where santana lived
Santanna’s hut (badass)

While on the island, Santana Barrera alleged that he was haunted by the ghost of a little girl. That drowned in the nearby canal. He claimed to have heard the tormented cries of the girl and the sound of her footsteps in the night.

Most mysterious and weird places on earth

A creepy decapitated head. Rotting on the floor

Some believe that that a girl did drown in the canal and that Santana Barrera found her body. But when he did it was too late and he was forever tormented by the fact that he couldn’t save her. But others are of the opinion that this incident never happened and that it was merely a figment of the hermit’s imagination.

A picture taken of the Mexican island

Regardless of what others thought, Santana Barrera decided to do something to appease the spirit of the girl. He decided to create the haunted island of dolls. Some accounts claim that not long after the body of the girl was found, Santana Barrera saw a doll floating in the canal. The doll may have belonged to the girl and Santana Barrera took it as a sign from the girls spirit. He fished the doll out of the water and hung it on a tree as a sign of respect to the dead girl.

The creator of the island of dolls in mexico
Santana Barrera by the canal

Why are there So Many Dolls?

Santana Barrera did not stop there and continued to collect dolls for his island. The recluse collected dolls that were floating in the canals and looked for them in the rubbish heaps near his home. Moreover, he is said to have traded with locals. In exchange for their dolls, he gave them the agricultural produce he was growing on his island. Once the dolls were obtained, he would hang them on the island’s trees. A number of dolls were also kept in his cabin.

Dolls in a tree put there by santana berrara
Wanna play

Santana Barrera displayed the dolls as he found them. He did not make any effort to clean them or to fix them up. Thus, many of the dolls are visibly damaged, some missing their heads, others a limb or two. Furthermore, exposure to the elements also caused the dolls to become disfigured over time. As a consequence, the dolls imparted a spooky aura to the island. Soon, stories were attached to these eerie dolls. For instance, some believe that the dolls were possessed by the spirits of small girls and that they come to life at night.

Living on the Island of Dolls

The bridge over the haunted canal

Santana Barrera was not afraid of the dolls and even regarded them as his protectors. In time, the unusual island attracted attention, and Santana Barrera was glad to show curious visitors around the Island of Dolls. Santana Barrera died in 2001. According to some reports, he died of a heart attack. The more common claim, however, is that he drowned in the same area where he believed the little girl had died.

2 hanging from a tree on the island of dolls
They will forever keep watch

After Santana Barrera’s death, locals decided to maintain the Island of Dolls. The island has been featured in articles and television programs, making it famous. The Island of Dolls is a tourist attraction today and those who visit the island often leave their own dolls there, which, in a way, is a continuation of Santana Barrera’s work while he was still alive.

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15 of the most Mysterious and weird places on earth

The Bermuda Triangle, is the most well known hot-spot for weirdness. With planes and ships mysteriously going missing. But its not the only place on earth with strange happenings, nor is it the only triangle for that matter. (see numbers 10, 14 and 15 on the list) These 15 mysterious and weird places on earth, will make the bermuda triangle seem like child’s play.

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I’ve compiled this list. Complete with a few of the reports of the Strange, scary, weird, unexplained and paranormal activity that has occured. So get comfy and prepare yourself for nightmares.

Leave a comment with your favourite place or any different mysterious and strange places you know of. ?

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15 mysterious and weird places on earth

#1. The devil’s sea

The devil's Sea in japan
Note the triangle!

Lests start of the mysterious and weird places on earth with a triangle

If you thought that the Bermuda Triangle is the only place in the ocean with mysteries surrounding it, you would be wrong. The devil’s sea, which is located 100 kms south of Tokyo has had its fair share of reported unusual activities as well. The Devil’s Sea gets its name from ancient legends which suggest that dragons used to live off the coast of Japan once upon a time.

Anyways, in the modern day world, there have been numerous disappearances of ships and planes just like in the Bermuda Triangle. There have been reported magnetic anomalies and even unexplained lights over the area. As usual, people are quick to explain the phenomena by saying that alien beings from outer space are responsible for this. Other theories suggest that the region is a gate for some sort of parallel universes or other dimensions!

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#2. Lake anjikuni

Inuit village in Canada more mysteries than the bermuda triangle
Deserted Inuit village

If this is true, it wins the award for the most mysterious and weird places on earth

If you like horror stories where people disappear without any explanation, then you might find this place very interesting. because this place has witnessed (if reports are to be believed) the disappearance of not just a few people but an entire village. The story dates back to November 1930, and goes like this.

The story of the missing inuits.

There was a person named Joe Labelle who was seeking shelter for a night in a village he knew existed there. But upon arrival he noticed that it seemed abandoned. It was as if the whole village with a population of 2,000 just disappeared.

He had always received a warm welcome from the villagers, now he could see no one around. So then checked each and every hut and found food supplies and provisions. He also found the clothes of the villagers in their houses. Even their rifles were stashed along the sides of the door.

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He even saw pots filled with food hanging on long cold fires. The kayaks were also in place outside the houses. There were no footprints on the snow that would have given a clue to where the Inuits had gone.

Updated December 2019

Shocked Labelle went to the nearest telegraph office and he sent a message to the Canadian Mountain Police. The Police arrived and searched the village thoroughly.

Later what they found was horrifying. Every grave in the village’s burial ground was empty. Slightly further from the village they found seven sled dogs that had been starved to death and were buried under the snow.

Inuits of other villages reported seeing a blue light which later faded in the darkness. Many investigations were done. The research revealed that the village was probably deserted about two months before Joe had discovered it empty. No one knew or found any trace of the Inuits.

#3. Area 51

Warning sign to the entrance of area 51
What most people see of area 51

mysterious and weird places on earth.

This place is not strange because of supernatural unexplained phenomena but due to the secrecy that has come to be associated with the place. It is believed that the this place was home to the alien beings captured in the infamous Roswell UFO crash in 1947. Several people have since come out saying that they have worked inside Area 51 with alien technology, and that they have technology centuries advanced than what we have in the mainstream use.

In fact, it’s stranger that the US government has always denied, or rather never acknowledged the existence of Area 51. it was Barack Obama who became the first president to acknowledge it in 2014 and that too was in an off hand comment. People have reported all sorts of crazy things like strange lights, sounds, strangely shaped crafts, and so on.

#4. South Atlantic anomaly

South atlantic anomaly
Even the diagrams weird

This mysterious and weird places on earth effects space

The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). Is a region in the Atlantic Ocean, around 300 kms off the coast of Brazil. Where the Earth’s Inner Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to the Earth’s surface. This is also sometimes called the Bermuda Triangle in space. This is the cause of several anomalies in the area as experienced by satellites, astronomers and spacecrafts.

NASA satellite have to go into safe mode when crossing this region as the levels of radiation is so high that it could damage them. Even the International Space Station requires extra shielding to deal with the radiation in this region.

NASA once reported that a modern laptop had completely stopped working when a Space Shuttle flight passed through this region!

#5. Sargasso Sea

Fish gathering under a sarugassum mat. Totally weird
Fish gathering under a sargassum mat

This mysterious and weird places on earth, is also kind of disgusting

The only “sea” without shores. The Sargasso Sea is a region in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean that is surrounded by ocean currents. These currents deposit marine plants and garbage into the Sargasso Sea. Causing it to be full of Sargassum, a genus of dense, brown, invasive seaweed. Because of the seaweed buildup and the isolation created by the currents, the sea remains eerily warm and calm. Despite being surrounded by the freezing and choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

This eerie calmness contributes to the area’s mystery. As several ships have been found drifting crewless through its peaceful waters. In 1840, the French merchant ship Rosalie sailed through the Sargasso Sea and was later discovered with its sails set but without any crew members on board.

In an effort to explain the mysterious disappearances, nineteenth-century lore told of the Sargasso Sea’s carnivorous seaweed, which was believed to devour sailors whole, leaving only the ship.

#6. Superstition mountains

Strange and creepy places on earth. Superstion mountains
Nothing weird here ?

As per the legend in 1800s. A German immigrant named Jacob Walts discovered a gold mine inside the mountains. But did not discuss the whereabouts of that mine with anyone. Until his deathbed, Upon which he may or may not have told a single person the secret.

Although the mine has never been found, despite many expeditions.
It is believed that the spirits of people who’ve lost their lives in these expeditions, still haunt the mountains.

It is also believed that the mine is protected by creatures called Tuar-Tums. (“Little People”). That live below the mountains in caves and tunnels. (Not strange and creepy at all!) Some Apaches believed that the entrance to hell is located inside the mountains.

The legends and lore of the Superstition Mountains can be experienced at the Superstition Mountain Museum, on the Apache Trail. Where artifacts of the Lost Dutchman are on display.

#7. The door to another world

Crater in the northern desert, mysterious and weird places on earth
The gateway to hell?

Located in the northern desert region of Turkmenistan. The Door refers to a mysterious crater that appeared more than 40 years ago.

Though some speculate that a drilling accident caused the crater to appear. No one is sure why it has caught on fire. Turkmenistan holds the sixth largest reserve of natural gas in the world, explaining how such a place could still be on fire to this day.

However, what originally caused the fire, especially because the land is so barren, is a complete mystery to scientists. Many of the locals believe that this could be a doorway itself, referring to the fire as eternal flames from below.

#8. Great pyramids of giza

Great pyramids of giza with camels walking past, mysterious and weird places on earth
Who actually built these

The Great Pyramids are a well-known set of ancient pyramids located in Egypt. Although these structures are well known throughout the world, many people do not realize how much work would have been needed to create such magnificent structures.

Being built over 2000 years ago, the technology for such creations is a scientific anomaly for such times. With thousands of stones used for each pyramid, and each stone weighing over 2 tons, the advanced technology to create such magnificent structures seem to be lost on modern-day archaeologists. How were such amazing giant pyramids able to be produced way back then? We may never know.

#9. Island of the dolls

2 dolls from the island of dolls. Mysterious place
Creepy af island

Weirder than the bermuda triangle, or any kind of triangle by far

Island of the Dolls is a remote island off the coast of Mexico. Its name hails from all the creepy and mysterious dolls that hang off the trees grown on the island. The urban legend states that the dolls are there to honor the soul of a young girl.

However, some claim paranormal events take place nightly on the island, causing no humans to inhabit the island. Some say that the dolls will move on their own, heads will spin and limbs will move at the most random of times. What is causing such things are unknown, but to this day the citizens of Mexico stay away from the deserted island.

Read more about the haunted island of dolls, an eerie tribute, here.

#10. The michigan triangle

Lake michigan triangle
Triangles ?

The Michigan Triangle, similar to the bermuda triangle. Is an area on Lake Michigan in which planes and boats often mysteriously disappear. What makes this place much scarier than the Bermuda Triangle is the realization of how close this area is to land and civilization.

It does not lie in the middle of an ocean like the bermuda triangle, but rather in a high traffic area that is still able to remain a mystery for centuries now. What continuously causes people and their boats or aircraft to vanish with the blink of an eye? How have such phenomena not been witnessed or understood yet?

2 cases from the michigan triangle.

Captain Donner: On April 28, 1937, Captain George R. Donner of the O.M. McFarland was on his way from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Port Washington, Wisconsin, and had to pass through the triangle. As the story goes, he was exhausted and retired to his cabin, leaving the second mate to wake him when they neared their destination. About three hours later, when the second mate went to do so, Donner was not in his cabin. Nor was he in the galley. An exhaustive search of the ship was conducted, but he was never found.

Flight 2501: On June 23, 1950, Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 was on its way from New York to Minneapolis at the hands of experienced pilot Robert C. Lind, and was carrying 58 passengers. Due to bad weather, when the flight was near Chicago it changed course and turned over Lake Michigan. Around midnight, Lind requested permission to drop altitude from 3500 ft to 2500 ft, without ever specifying a reason. His request was denied, and that was the last communication Flight 2501 ever had. It’s last known position was supposedly within the Michigan Triangle.

#11. The oregon vortex

Oregon vortex house of mystery
He’s not leaning, he’s stood up straight

What Native Americans have referred to as “forbidden ground”, the Oregon Vortex is known for its strange perceptual and visual phenomena. This area found in northern Oregon forests, is a circular area in which people feel an increased perception of vertigo.

For some unknown reason, people are drawn towards the magnetic North in this area, causing feelings of dizziness and imbalance. This area causes people to not be able to stand straight and people will appear in different sizes. Often, animals such as horses will refuse to enter the area. This phenomenon has perplexed citizens for over 90 years.

#12. The lost city of Atlantis

Lost city of atlantis
Taking a wet room too far

If no one on earth knows of the exact location, do we still count it as a ‘mysterious place on earth’? Many are convinced that there was once a really peaceful utopia that sank deep into the waters, earning it the name The Lost City Of Atlantis. Feeding speculation, Google earth had a data glitch that created a grid-like pattern on the ocean floor (but has since been deleted)– which was then concluded as the lost streets of Atlantis. Coincidence? That’s for you to decide.

#13. San Luis valley

San luis valley ufo sighting
Who’s watching who?

San Luis Valley, in southern Colorado, is an area high in inexplicable phenomena including UFO sightings and hundreds of unexplained farm animal mutilations.

UFO sightings are so common that a woman named Judy Messoline has even set up a UFO watchtower on her property, which has witnessed over 50 UFO sightings since 2000 alone. Some of these are observed by dozens of people at a time.

For the UFO skeptics out there, far more chilling are the tales of animal mutilations from the region. They began in 1967, with a horse named Snippy. Snippy was found one morning with her brain missing, and her neck bones completely cleaned.

Since then, hundreds if not thousands of inexplicable animal mutilations have occurred in the region. Sharing several things in common. Firstly, There is never a trace of blood around the animals, and secondly, the animals are all damaged with precise cuts. Distinctly not the work of predators. Finally, all of the mutilations happen overnight to otherwise healthy creatures.

Investigations into the incidents haven’t wielded any results, yet they continue to this day. Some farmers report seeing strange lights in the sky the nights before finding a carcass, leading some to believe that extraterrestrials are involved.

Though it’s hard to imagine aliens caring so much about farm animals in Colorado, the alternative isn’t much more appealing—that humans are the so-called “Phantom Surgeons of the Plains”. Personally, I’d rather it was aliens.

#14. Bennington triangle

Aerial view of bennington triangle
Yet another triangle ?

The site of 5 mysterious and unsolved disappearances between 1945 to 1950, the Bennington Triangle is definitely not on your vacation destinations list. This one doesn’t quite beat the bermuda triangle, just on the short time span.

Middie Rivers, 75 years old, was out leading a group of hunters on November 12, 1945. On their way back, he got ahead of his group and was never seen again. Only a single rifle shell found in a stream was recovered as evidence.

Two on the same date, curious

Paula Welden, an 18 year old from Bennington College, went out hiking on December 1, 1946 and never returned. Fast forward exactly three years later (on the exact same date), James E. Tetford meets the same fate. During a bus ride home, he mysteriously vanishes leaving his luggage on the bus.

Eight year old Paul Jepson disappeared on October 12, 1950, while his mother was busy feeding the pigs. Despite having a highly visible red jacket, none of the search parties formed were able to find the boy.

The last disappearance was a woman named Frieda Langer. On October 28, 1950, she was hiking with her cousin on Glastenbury Mountain when she slipped in a stream. She decided to go back quickly and change her clothes, and, if you’ve been paying attention so far, you’ll surmise that she was never seen again. Well, not exactly—she’s the only victim whose body was ever recovered, though it was only found on May 12, 1951 (about 6 months later), in an area that had been thoroughly searched after her disappearance. The body was in such a mangled shape that no cause of death could be determined.

With so many bizarre disappearances left unsolved, accompanied by a million and one theories, the sign is very clear – stay away from triangles!

#15. Bridgewater triangle

The IT house looking creepy as ever
Even the IT house wouldn’t be out of place

No, seriously—stay away from triangles. Especially this one. The Bridgewater Triangle, an area of about 200 square miles in Southeastern Massachusetts just south of Boston. It’s like an all you can eat buffet of the supernatural. Yum yum

Among other things, the area has been subject to numerous cryptozoological sightings. Since the 1970’s there have been several reports of tall, hairy, ape-like creatures roaming the swamp.

There have also been numerous sightings of Thunderbirds, giant Pterodactyl-like creatures that have been seen fighting in midair. In 1976 there was a report of a man who saw a giant, ghostly, red-eyed dog rip the throats out of two of his ponies.

Besides these cryptids, there have been numerous reports of mutilated animals (mainly cows and calves) in the region. Some credit these mutilations to satanic cults, but no one has come forward and no one even knows where the animals came from.

As if all this weren’t enough, the Bridgewater Triangle is a hotbed of UFO sightings, dating all the way back to 1760, when a “sphere of fire” was reportedly seen hovering over New England.

Since then there have been numerous sightings of unexplained objects in the sky—including mysterious black helicopters. One from 1976 describes two UFOs landing along Route 44 near the city of Taunton, and another from 1994 recounts a strange triangular object with red and white lights seen by a Bridgewater Law Enforcement Officer.

In 1908 on Halloween night, two undertakers who were traveling to Bridgewater noticed in the sky what looked like a “giant lantern”. They watched it for almost 40 minutes before it disappeared.

The Bermuda triangle isn’t looking so bad anymore, is it? There’s deffinetly more mysterious and weird places on earth, just don’t visit them.

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