Ted bundy and his grandfather Samuel cowell

Why Ted bundy is assumed a result of incest

Updated: 06/02/2020. Ted Bundy assumed a result of incest, was first named Theodore Robert Cowell. Born on November 24, 1946, to Eleanor Louise Cowell (1924–2012, known as Louise). At the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont. Ted Bundys biological father’s identity has never been confirmed. Although His birth certificate is said to hold a salesman and Air Force veteran named Lloyd Marshall, as his Father.

Though other accounts state this father is listed as “Unknown”. Louise claimed she had been seduced by an old money war veteran. Named Jack Worthington. The King County Sheriff’s Office has worthington listed as Ted Bundys father in their files. Some of Bundy’s family members have expressed suspicions that Bundy might have been fathered by Louise’s own violent, abusive father, Samuel Cowell. but no material evidence has ever been found to support this.

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Ted bundys early years as a child

For the first three years of his life, Bundy lived in the Philadelphia home of his maternal grandparents. Samuel (1898–1983) and Eleanor Cowell (1895–1971). Who raised him as their son to avoid the social stigma that accompanied birth outside of wedlock, at that time. Family, friends, and even young Ted were told that his grandparents were his parents and that his mother was his older sister.

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He eventually discovered the truth. Although he had varied recollections of the circumstances. He told a girlfriend that a cousin showed him a copy of his birth certificate after calling him a “bastard. “ But he told biographers Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. That he found the certificate himself.

Biographer and true crime writer Ann Rule, who knew Bundy personally. Believed that he did not find out until 1969. When he located his original birth record in Vermont. Bundy expressed a lifelong resentment toward his mother for never talking to him about his real father, and for leaving him to discover his true parents for himself.

Samuel cowell

Ted bundy and his grandfather Samuel cowell
Ted Bundy and his grandfather or father Samuel Cowell.

In some interviews, Bundy spoke warmly of his grandparents and told Rule that he “identified with,” “respected,” and “clung to” his grandfather. In 1987, however, he and other family members told attorneys that Samuel Cowell was a tyrannical bully and a bigot who hated blacks, Italians, Catholics, and Jews, beat his wife, the family dog, and swung neighborhood cats by their tails.

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He once threw Louise’s younger sister Julia down a flight of stairs for oversleeping. He sometimes spoke aloud to unseen presences, and at least once flew into a violent rage when the question of Bundy’s paternity was raised.

Ted bundy and his grandmother Eleanor cowell

Bundy described his grandmother as a timid and obedient woman. Who periodically underwent electroconvulsive therapy for depression and feared to leave their house toward the end of her life. Bundy occasionally exhibited disturbing behavior, even at that early age. Julia recalled awakening one day from a nap to find herself surrounded by knives from the Cowell kitchen. The three-year-old Ted Bundy was standing by the bed, smiling.

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In 1950, Louise changed her surname from Cowell to Nelson. And at the urging of multiple family members, she left Philadelphia with her son to live with cousins Alan and Jane Scott in Tacoma, Washington.

Johnny Bundy

Ted bundy and his step father Johnny bundy
Johnny and Ted Bundy

In 1951 Louise met Johnny Culpepper Bundy (1921–2007), a hospital cook, at an adult singles night at Tacoma’s First Methodist Church. They married later that year and Johnny Bundy formally adopted Ted. Johnny and Louise conceived four children of their own, and although Johnny tried to include his adoptive son in camping trips and other family activities, Ted remained distant. He later complained to his girlfriend that Johnny wasn’t his real father. “wasn’t very bright,” and “didn’t make much money.”

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Ted bundy and his mother and step siblings
Ted bundy on the left. With his mother and step siblings

Bundy had different recollections of Tacoma when he spoke to his biographers. When he talked to Michaud and Aynesworth, he described how he roamed his neighborhood. Picking through trash barrels in search of pictures of naked women. When he spoke to Polly Nelson, he explained how he perused detective magazines. Crime novels, and true crime documentaries for stories that involved sexual violence. Particularly when the stories were illustrated with pictures of dead or maimed bodies.

In a letter to Rule, Bundy asserted that he “never, ever read fact-detective magazines. And shuddered at the thought that anyone would. The conversation with Michaud, Bundy described how he would consume large quantities of alcohol and “canvass the community” late at night. In search of undraped windows where he could observe women undressing, or “whatever else could be seen.”

Ted Bundys social life

Ted bundys high school picture 1965
Ted bundy, 1965

Bundy also varied the accounts of his social life. He told Michaud and Aynesworth. That he “chose to be alone” as an adolescent. Because he was unable to understand interpersonal relationships. Bundy claimed that he had no natural sense of how to develop friendships. “I didn’t know what made people want to be friends,” he said. “I didn’t know what underlay social interactions.” Classmates from Woodrow Wilson High School told Rule, however. That Bundy was “well known and well liked. ” there, “a medium-sized fish in a large pond.”

Downhill skiing was Bundy’s only significant athletic avocation. enthusiastically pursuing the activity, by using stolen equipment and forged lift tickets.

During high school, Bundy was arrested at least twice on suspicion of burglary and auto theft. When he reached age 18, the details of the incidents were expunged from his record. Which is customary in Washington.

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