Top 10 most Goth Looking Animals in The World

Being Goth is a very dark culture atleast in the clothing aspect. Being Goth is associated with wearing black, in all varieties. Black hair, black makeup, black clothes, black home. Although there are alot of Goth sub cultures, that bring a little colour into the scene, the stereo typical Goth is known for, well, basically all black everything. So if you see an animal – that isn’t normally black – but is black, it’s right to assume it may be Goth. Just like these top 10 goth animals in the world.

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Top 10 Most Goth looking Animals In The World.

Ayam Cemani Chicken

The blackest chicken in the world, the most Goth Looking animals
Black Goth chicken

Now this chicken deffinetly wins the award for taking ‘all black everything’ too far. Not only are its feathers, beak, toes, tongue and comb black but its bones are also black. Impressive you might rightly think, but it gets better. Even the meat from the ayam cerami chicken is black, making this the most Gothic animal in the world.

Black Goat.

Black Goat the most Goth Looking Goat in the world
Black Goth Goat

This black Goat looks like its just walked out of a slipknot concert, or been chilling with Baphomet. This Goat would of been number one on the Gothic animal list, if only it wasn’t for the amazing work done by the black af chicken.

Grammostola pulchra

Grammastola pulchra, the blackest spider in the the whole world
Black Goth Tarantula

This fury little fucker will give most people nightmares, but being Gothic isn’t normal. So every black hearted Goth would agree that this black tarantula is absolutely stunning.

Super Black pastel ball python

Super black pastel ball python snake
Black Goth Snake

Firstly, I have no idea if this picture of a black snake matches the name but they’re both black snakes, so it’ll have to do. A black snake would definitely be on the wanted list for most of the Goth community. plus whether you like snakes or not, this black gothic looking snake looks awesome. On top of that, do you know if you dream of a black snake you’re in for some good luck?

Violet carpenter Bee

The violet carpenter bee, the black bee looks very similar to the The goth moth
Black Goth Bee

The violet carpenter bee, looks extremely similar to the Gothic moth. What makes this Gothic looking animal more unique, is the fact that it was officially announced extinct in 2002, But then rediscovered in 2018. So not only is it Gothic in colour but also anti-social af too. Pretty hardcore if you ask me.

Black squirrel

Black squirrel a gothic looking aninal
Black Goth Squirrel

This Gothic looking animal is a rare species of grey squirrel, about one in 10,000 greys have a darker pigmentation causing them to be black. These squirrels deffinetly are the weirdos mister.

Black penguin

Completely Black penguin, the most Goth Looking animal in the world
Black Goth Penguin

This penguin, this very specific Goth penguin. Has national geographic puzzled, they think its had an extremely rare mutation. Dr. Allan Baker said the following:

“Well that is astonishing, I’ve never ever seen that before. It’s a one in a zillion kind of mutation somewhere. The animal has lost control of its pigmentation patterns. Presumably it’s some kind of mutation.”

Dr. Allan Baker

The Goth Penguin says:

“I was born into the Gothness, all other penguins merely adopted the Gothness.”

Black lizards

Black Goth Looking lizards
Black Goth Lizards

These lizards are black gridled lizards, not only are they keeping up their Gothic look extremely well, but they also live a solitary life in the wild, only coming out for sexy time.

Black Wasps

Black Gothic animals, the black wasp
Black Gothic Wasp

Why wear black and yellow when you can wear all black? That’s what this wasps doing.

Black Foxes

Black foxes, black goth looking fox
Black Goth Fox

The Black foxes are known as rare mythological creatures, they also look awesome af. So, mythological plus awesome is deffinetly worthy of being part of this most goth looking animals in the world list.

Final thoughts.

I’m very aware that there’s animals missing from this list, such as crows, bats etc. But do they really need to be on this list? I think not, it’d be a pretty boring list if it just had the obvious on it.

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