What is alternative fashion? Do you really know

What is Alternative fashion? The short answer is, fashion that, at least at one time, stood apart from mainstream commercial fashion. Alternative fashion includes the fashions of specific subcultures. Such as emo, scene, goth subculture. Hip hop, heavy metal fashion, cyberpunk, and Lolita fashion.

What is alternative fashion?

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However, it is not limited to these. In general, alternative, or ‘alt’, fashion does not conform to widely popular style trends. Of the times that have widespread popularity. It may exhibit itself as a fringe style. Extremely attention-grabbing and more artistic than practical. But it can also develop from anti-fashion sentiments that focus on simplistic utilitarian drives. (e.g.: grunge fashion, which was largely based around comfort and availability).

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IIt’s not new

Alternative fashion is often considered a modern concept. However the concept of subculture it is often related to, have existed for centuries. Many forms of alternative fashion gain attention. And even notoriety, through their relationship to individuals or groups that are seen as socially undesirable. Even though these types of behaviors may not be common among those involved in alternative fashion.

For instance, greasers of the 1950s were associated with street gangs and random acts of juvenile violence. Hippies of the 1960s (along with ravers of the 1980–90s) with promiscuity, anti-establishment agendas and, especially, drug use. Those sporting hip hop style in the 1980s-now are known for the selling of drugs and other criminal behavior.

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The most headline-grabbing event in recent years related to alternative fashion. was the wave of anti-Gothic policies and commentary that flooded through common culture in the wake of the Columbine High School massacre.

The crime, perpetrated by two young men dressed in black trench coats. Who were known to be fans of heavy, dark themed music. Was immediately associated with the Gothic subculture in the media. Despite the teens’ lack of any concrete affiliation with the dress or musical style usually given to this label.

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Policies were passed in schools across the country. Banning dress styles and items associated with the Gothic subculture. Many individuals who dressed in any way related to Gothic style. Whether or not they associated with this subculture, were targets of fear, anger and suspicion. 

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The subculture as a whole, though extremely diverse in religious and social beliefs. Was pigeonholed by the media as a dangerous influence on children.

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