The scary truth about the BoogeyMan

The Bogeyman. also spelled as Bogieman, Boogeyman or Boogieman. Is an imaginary being used by adults to scare children into behaving. It has no specific appearance and conception of it can vary drastically from household to household within the same community.

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What is the boogeyman

The Bogeyman is a formless being. It can take any shape the storyteller wishes. Though it tends to be a grotesque humanoid. With a tendency to hide under beds, in closets and other dark places.

Who is The boogeyman

In many cases, he has no set appearance in the minds of adults or children. But is simply a non-existing embodiment of terror. Many parents will tell their children, that if they misbehave then the boogeyman will get them.

Scary true stories.

His punishments are said to vary from mischievious pranks. Such as pulling hair, biting toes or shaking beds (akin to a poltergeist.) Or more malevolent behavior. Such as manifesting as horrible creatures to scare the child. Even going as far as kidnapping the child and taking them away to his shadowy realm to an undisclosed fate. Though he is often said to eat children.

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Bogeymen may target a specific mischief. Such as one that punishes children who suck their thumbs or misbehavior in general. In some cases the bogeyman is a nickname for the Devil. The Bogeyman is related to many similiar beings, who, together, form an entire villain type in themselves. However, he is definitely the most infamous of them all and is especially prominent in Western cultures.


Even to this day some people will use the Bogeyman to scare children into good behavior. Though it is becoming less popular due to negative effects it can bring to some children.

Welcome to the boogey man paradise. Don’t call it a comeback, because it never went away.

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