Why is reddit so toxic with a toxic community

Why is reddit so toxic: my experience there

Update 1/04/2020   I know for a fact, just the title of this post on reddit would get not just one, but many, complete, absolute up their own behind redditers. Commenting saying something similar to the following. “Reddit isn’t the worst place on earth. It’s not even a place, it’s just a website. You’ve posted this on the wrong sub reddit, Mods help”. Followed by an array of down votes and more negative comments. It’s safe to say I’m not a fan of the reddit community. But why oh why is reddit so toxic.

Why is reddit so toxic

I spent just over a month as a reddit user, Ive since deleted it, and I’ll never be using it again. I imagine these reddit users to be very lonely and had bad 3xperiences in life. These bad experiences (that could be still happening today) people have had. Has then made them become a recluse. But luckily for them the internet has more than porn for them, it has reddit. A place to rebel and fight back at the world, it also gives them a slight, tiny, little bit of insignificant power. There’s also the anonymity, to be able to post negativity on whatever the hell they feel like.

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I’ve not had one good experience on reddit, (although I’m sure they can be had) . Granted I was new and a few of my posts would be in the wrong sub, which there seems to be a million of. But oh my God, to the toxic reddit user, that’s a sin. I would never advise anyone to post on the wrong sub reddit. Especially if you don’t want to lose your sanity.

Know that I’m not an aggressive person, I’m pretty chill really, kinda moody at times but funny with it. But omfg, the toxic reddit community brought the worst out in me. So instead of wasting my time getting angry, I just deleted it.

Examples of the toxic community

Why is reddit so toxic with a toxic community

Bare in mind I’m going of memory with this, I don’t have reddit as a reference for exact quotes. I’ll start of with one of my first posts, which was, to be fair, in the wrong sub reddit but not malicious in anyway.

I thought reddit would be a good way to promote my blog and store. So I was looking for a sub reddit that this could be done on. I read the rules on a few sub reddit and noticed straight away that self advertising was not permitted.

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I then carried on looking and found another sub reddit. Which allows the self advertisement of stores. So I thought I’d try my luck in there. In my mind there was no real harm, I mean, I knew it might be unaccepted but what the hell.see how it goes.

Upon checking my post the next day, I saw that it had not been very well received. You’d of thought I’d just stolen a poor homeless kids only Christmas present. The outrage it caused was unreal. If they could of had me arrested for it, I’m pretty sure they would of. I’ll never understand why everyone was so defensive of the sub reddit. And to be honest I don’t really care, It’s just the weirdest thing. That one encounter really got me wondering. Why is reddit so toxic.

More examples of why reddit is so toxic.

After posting one maybe two more, not very well received posts about clothing. Like a tshirt with a link back to the source, on a tshirt sub reddit *confused*. I decided to give up on the whole self advertising on reddit, the reddit community really doesn’t take to Kindly to it. They’re very outspoken and defensive people, to put it nicely.

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So after dealing with all the insecure, defensive and small minded reddit users. I decided I’d just get involved. By that I mean just post a few memes etc, usefull comments. Kind of use it abit like quora. Except reddit is abit bland, and mainly used for boredom, like memes or cat pictures. There’s nothing educational on reddit, in my opinion.

Anyway, I made a meme and carefully looked for somewhere it would be accepted. I found a sub reddit, Which I’ll call ‘A’ for this article. I read the rules and it said, only posts about ‘A’ are accepted. Even in the title it says sub reddit ‘A’ for all things ‘A’. So I posted my meme, which was all about ‘A’ and totally acceptable. As anyone would, being a new person to a toxic community, I was eager to see a positive comment for once.

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However this so called, ‘A’ sub reddit for all things ‘A’. Was misleading, or atleast the users of the sub reddit were very narrow minded about what ‘all things’ meant. I was swiftly told by the toxic users of the reddit community, in a not so nice manner. That my post should be in the sub reddit ‘A memes’. Which yeah, I can’t argue with that, sounds like a perfect place. But I didn’t know about this sub reddit, I only knew about, ‘A’ for all things ‘A’.

By this time I was pretty fed up with reddit. it seemed like everything I post only brings negativity. I allways left reddit angry because every sub reddit had some weird self appointed defence army. I really didnt understand, why reddit was so toxic.

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Final post on the toxic reddit

For my final post on reddit, which was a couple of weeks later. I thought I’d try some more self advertising, but this time do it properly. I have a store on depop, that is ONLY for depop. They allow links and actively promote users sharing their depop store on the sub reddit. Perfect, so I posted my store using the ‘share to’ feature from the depop app to the depop sub reddit.

Within seconds, one smart fellow commented, and the interaction went as follows.

Smart fellow: dropshiper alert MODS MODS HELP

Me: and? I’m not promoting my website, I’m just doing as everyone else does. posting my depop store.

Smart fellow: dropshipers are not permitted to promote their stores here, your bound to be not very well received.

Me: I’m not promoting my website, no nut November’s over. Go and have some me time.

After that, the comments were deleted by the Admin but not my post. Confirming to me, that i was in fact OK to post there. After all depop get a percentage of all sales, they don’t give a hoot who’s selling it. It was just another small minded, self appointed toxic sub reddit user.

But, this pushed me over the edge, I don’t want to be involved with such a disgraceful and toxic community. If you want to ask questions, and get an actual response use quora instead.

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