The most haunted Castle in the world

The most haunted Castle in the world

The haunted leap castle (pronounced “lep”) in Coolderry Ireland, Is the worlds most haunted Castle. Over the years, many paranormal investigation teams have visited the haunted leap castle. To document evidence as to why its known as the worlds most haunted Castle. 

The most haunted Castle in the world
The haunted leap castle

Paranormal investigation teams that have visited the haunted leap castle include. most haunted, ghost Hunters and scariest places on earth. The most recent paranormal investigation team was travel channels, ghost adventures crew.

In 2014 ghost adventures held their Halloween special at the haunted leap castle. Which is said to be haunted by a sinister elemental spirit known only as “it” amongst many others.

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A Brief history of the worlds most haunted castle

The worlds most haunted Castle

The castle can be dated back to the early 1500’s. Ruled then, by the notoruis and deadly O’carroll clan. Of whom, John O’carroll constructed leap castle. The castle was passed down through generations of the O’carroll clan, witnessing many brutal murders. Some of which were within the clan itself.

In the 1600’s the Darby family held ownership to leap castle. Until the Ryan clan, another vicious family became inhabitants of the prestigious castle.

The disturbing history, of murders and deaths in battle. Have all lead to this becoming the worlds most haunted Castle. In 1922 the castle was burnt down by Irish locals, because of the remembrance and pain it brought with it.

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The hauntings of  leap castle

The ghost of the priest

She'll of the burnt leap castle

The bloody Chapel, within the burnt out shell of the haunted Castle, is where the worst hauntings are found. A bloody awful murder occurred in the Chapel while the O’carrolls reigned. Its said, that one of the O’Carroll sons killed his brother in order to gain power. However the murdered brother was a priest, performing mass at the time of his death.

Today, and for many generations. There have been reports of light streaming from its barren windows at nightfall. The smell of burning rubber and even the spirit of the murdered priest, lurking in the stairwell.

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The priests derilict haunted house

The priests haunted house

Since the burning in 1922, the Priest’s House remains nothing but a derelict ruin. Apparitions, however, have been sighted for long before it was set alight.

Even Mildred Darby, a former resident of Leap Castle cites the paranormal activity.

“There is something heavy that lies on people’s beds, and snores, and they feel the weight of a great body pressing against them, in a room in the Priest’s House.”

“A monk, with a tonsure and cowl, walks in at one window and out another, in the Priest’s house.”

Haunted leap castle

Emily & Charlotte

The ghosts of these two little girls can often be spotted playing in the Main Hall, of the worlds most haunted castle. They are said to have lived on the estate during the 1600s.

Emily died aged 11 after falling from the castle’s battlements. Today, there are still sightings of a little girl falling from its great heights. Only for her to disappear before reaching the ground. Charlotte is seen dragging a deformed leg in tow.

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The Murdered Woman

Again, this story is told to relate back to the O’Carroll rule. The ghost of this woman wanders the haunted leap castle today. Having been murdered by a member of the brutal family during the 1500s.

Sightings usually account for a terrified woman who is spotted wearing little clothing. She screams twice before disappearing into thin air.

The Governess and The Old Man


These two apparitions are seen sporadically in separate instances. The governess (also referred to as the nanny) is seen often alongside Emily and Charlotte.

The old man has been spotted on occasion sitting in a comfy armchair enjoying the heat in front of the Main Hall’s grand fireplace.

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The Red Lady

Another apparition found within the worlds most haunted castle, to this very day, is the Red Lady. There have been sightings of this creature for centuries. She is said to roam in a long red dress, tall and lean with long flowing brown locks. The Red Lady is always seen carrying a dagger, hand raised in a menacing manner.

The story goes that the woman was captured by one of the O’Carroll clan, raped and became pregnant. On delivering the baby, the O’Carroll’s killed the child with a blade. In absolute despair, the woman grabbed the knife and also ended her life.

Another account states that two O’Carroll family members were fighting over the woman and when she tried to flee, they chased after her and stabbed her to death.

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The Elemental “it”


This spirit predates many families of Leap Castle. Some suggest the apparition named “the Elemental” or “it”. Potentially date back to the time of the Druids when sorcery would have been used to protect the sacred land, on which Leap Castle was then built.

Others say that Gerald Fitzgerald Earl of Kildare. An accomplished magic practitioner is said to be responsible for this spirit. Either way, it is said the Elemental is a menacing and sinister presence. Who only makes itself known to those who provoke it.

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The Murder Hole Room

The Murder Hole Room is yet another place in the haunted Castle, which has been deemed haunted over generations. Although the exact location of this room is disputed, claims of supernatural spirits are not. It is said that the “Murder Hole Room” was also the site of an O’Carroll family murder in the worlds most haunted Castle.


Visiting Leap Castle

Today Sean Ryan and his family privately own the castle. Although they greatly confirm the supernatural presences which reside in the home, alongside them. They also have expressed that no sinister apparitions have been experienced during their tenure.

Those with an interest in visiting the worlds most haunted castle. You can contact Sean Ryan directly, and get private tours of the haunted Leap Castle.

Address: R421, Leap, Roscrea, Co. Offaly

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