Why you should be afraid of the Demon Zozo

Just in time for the new ouija board range being released here at boogeymanparadise.com. I’d like to share with you a story about zozo the Ouija board Demon. That will make you sleep with your bedroom lights on for at least a week. You’re very welcome! It’s the same kind of fear that’s instilled in me from simply writing this. The fear that by being aware of something will somehow conjure it. Why am I doing this? Simply because I don’t want to be alone with my fear after finding out what exactly this so-called Ouija board demon Zozo is. Which has become somewhat of a internet phenomenon in recent years, despite being terrifying.

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Zozo the Ouija board Demon

I know, it sounds like a weird name for a terrifying mythological demon “Zozo.” But that’s the name, and trust me, it gets way more terrifying once you read the numerous stories on message boards and Reddit from folks who claim to have come into contact with Zozo during a Ouija board session. See, Zozo is a “demon” that’s said to communicate with people via Ouija board. According to Thrillist, it was first introduced to the internet via a 2009 public message board post written by an ex-Ouija enthusiast named Darren Evans. Since then, it’s been covered on numerous sites including ThoughtCo. and even been the subject of an episode of Ghost Adventures on The Travel Channel.

Darren evans zozo the Ouija board demon
Darren eveans

Terryfying traditional Christmas legends.

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, you have to admit, the story is creepy. At first, according to Evan’s account, the interactions with Zozo were seemingly harmless. Eventually they became more and more malevolent. According to Evans, he would experience flickering lights, moving objects, sounds in the night, scratches on his skin, and multiple brushes with death.

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The post, which Evans said on his site he shares not to scare others. But to warn them of the dangers in underestimating the power of a Ouija board. Evans details series of events that followed, ranging from demonic one-on-one interactions. To demonic curses placed on his family. At the time of posting, Evans believed he was the primary person to have an interaction with the malevolent spirit. But after posting the story, others came forward with similar experiences, making Evans wonder if perhaps Zozo’s reach was beyond his own personal torment. “I am writing this as a warning to people that bad things can happen because of these portals. ” Evan says, referring to the Ouija board.

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Since Evan’s initial post, Zozo has become a sort of cult internet phenomenon. There are tons of message boards with people claiming they’ve conjured Zozo by using a Ouija board. Others claiming that the mere mention of the demonic spirit’s name has the power to summon him. The aforementioned episode of Ghost Adventures brought Evans back to the home where he first encountered Zozo. In an attempt to bring him out for “educational purposes. ” and multiple voices were recored on the episode. Subsequently freaking out everyone at home, too.

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Zozo the Ouija board demon
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In 2012, a horror film called I Am Zozo was released. Followed by a book that Evan’s co-authored which looks into the potentially deeply-rooted history of the “demon” that so many claim to have encountered.

Darren evans book cover

The history of the Ouija board.

If you like to be scared, you’re in luck. You can watch I Am Zozo online. If you’re already anxiously turning on lights and wishing you didn’t read this article, you’re also in luck. you can avoid this demonic entity by avoiding a Ouija board entirely. If you don’t believe in the supernatural, you’re also also in luck. You probably think this whole Zozo business is a load of s**t.

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On the other hand. If you’re the kind of person who is already pulling out the Oujia board, keep this in mind. If you do conjure a spirit who spells his name as Zozo, drag the planchette to “Goodbye” and end the session immediately.

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